Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Xmas Surprise

Every now and then something wonderful happens, an unexpected blessing, a little gift of friendship, a reminder that somewhere, someone was thinking of you and wanted to make sure you knew it. How wonderful is that?
Very wonderful indeed! This week I received such a blessing, and unexpected, Non-Bill, Non-Junkmail Snail Mail Surprise, woo-HOO! Don't you just love when that happens??? I received this little treasure from Carrie this week. Isn't it cute???? No, I don't know what's inside. But I am sure that whatever it is, I will love it because it was sent with love. Thank you so much Carrie for thinking of me; your generosity means more than words can say. =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Olie, Done!

Talk about cutting it close, eh? With only two days to go before our Holiday Hiatus, the fourth Quilted Quickie has been completed and the kits have been posted. Woo-HOO! Are you lovin' Olie? I think he is sooo cute! I even gave him rosy cheeks...well, doesn't everyone get rosy cheeks in the cold? The background is flat cotton but Olie is wool and flannel. All the buttons are handmade of polymer clay by Just Another Button Company (except the eyes which are hand dyed by Hillcreek Designs), and the fringe of his scarf is made of hand dyed embroidery thread by The Gentle Art. He is a little work of art, if I should say so myself!
You can order a kit to make your own HERE! I will ship weekend orders on Monday, then we're officially closed for the Season, HOORAY!

Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Counting The Days...

Only Five Days to go... Woo-HOO!
We're going to TEXAS!
GP wants me to start packing... last night we were running errands and he informs me that we have to buy a new suitcase. I tell him we are only going for two weeks, we'll be fine with the ones we have. He mulls that over and then says, "But we need a big one for the Tree!". I'm thinking, "That's not good!"
Picture this... Me, GP, Pepper the Puppy Dog (yes, she likes TX too, y'know!) and our carry-on, the Big Fat Xmas Tree... see what I mean? Not good! And how, oh how does Santa KNOW he is in TX? Well, let's just say that I think GP is giving himself an ulcer. Poor kid...the stress, the stress! LOL!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's Bad, and then there's BAD...

And THEN there's Harry & David's Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake! OMG! I've been REALLY BAD!
It all started innocently enough. I wanted to buy a cheesecake for my Dad.
Y'know, it's Xmas... your parents probably have everything they ever wanted and probably everything they'll ever need; so why not buy them what they would never buy themselves... an indulgence.
I sorted through a few websites (you really didn't think I was going to leave my house to do this, did you??? I'm an online retailer, and there's a reason, y'know? I like shopping in my jammies! LOL!). After what would have amounted to a few days of paving the pavement so to speak, I gave up.
Seems like nobody wants to deliver to PR, except Hickory Farms but I sent them HF goodies last week...we need something new, and yummy!) so I thought of Popcorn (as in a good movie, chocolates and popcorn, hello?!) . I'm so good, I make myself proud...or so I thought; until I had the same issues. Now what's up with the no food to PR? I actually had one customer service rep tell me that they delivered to Hawaii because Hawaii was in the CONTINENTAL USA. Of course, when she said that I said "OH, thank you" and hung up. Talk about the blind leading the blind..."Why don't they deliver to PR and yet they deliver to Hawaii? That is even farther away!" "Because Hawaii is part of the Continental USA", LOL! Now that was funny.
Yeah, geography was not her strongest subject...
But anyway; I decided that once I found what I wanted to buy, I would go and buy it and then ship it myself (Priority Mail Flat Rate box...gotta love them!), but I was NOT driving around like a maniac. I was going to shop it online and buy it where I found it all in one place.
Turns out that my favorite site for all food that is bad for me is Harry & David. I don't know how the heck I got on their mailing list (could be my husband sending me chocolate covered strawberries and velvet cakes from all these fancy food places (mind you, when he gets home and sees what has come in he is happier than a cat on catnip, which really makes me wonder if he meant to impress ME or himself, LOL!) But anyway, I was soooo done, I had a list a page long and thinking they were nearby I printed my list and searched for directions. MAN! I had to drive over an hour to get to my nearest one. UGH!
I drove to Wrentham. and with my list in hand, I was in and out before my Prince even flinched; but not before I threw in a token Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake for myself. OK, so now I really feel guilty for not only buying it and moaning while eating it, but because the Fancy chocolate covered Moose Crunch and Pineapple Macadamia Cake seem like consolation prizes for those who didn't get the real prize, the freakin cheesecake that will make you moan like you're doing something fresh on the kitchen table ...OMG! whatever you do, do not eat this in front of your children...it's rated XXX! It's creamy, cold, gooey, chewy and crunchy all in one bite. I am NOT kidding. It's sooo yummy. It's like you've died and gone to heaven.
That's until you wake up and realize you've had more than one piece and will now have to spend the next four hours on the treadmill to work it off.
I'm awake now, but I tell you, after I walk around the block I'm coming back for the next piece. Maybe I'll get to meet all my neighbors before I finish off this little gem, but I have to tell you, if you want to give a little piece of heaven (or a little piece of hell to that skinny little ***** on your list), do not underestimate Harry & David's Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake; you will not be disappointed.
Oh, I have no connection w/ H&D, no kickbacks, no discounts, nothing. I don't even live near one...Thank God! Now if they'd only take down their website, close their store and stop sending me catalogs I would be safe; never to fall into the cheesecake trap again, LOL!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Tree, Done!

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love made for me...A Holiday Tree Quilt Kit?
Nah! I can make my own, I'm holding out for some jewelry!LOL!
But while I wait for hubs to get a clue, I've finished my third Quilted Quickie. Three down, only three to go! Woo-hoo!
Kits are now up and ready to ship, you can order yours HERE!
I am sooo lovin this cutie. The pic just does not do it justice...it's gorgeous... if I should say so myself, LOL!
Hope your week has been productive too....B=)
This kit has Sold Out! Sorry!

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Black Friday...

How long have YOU been awake, LOL!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

My Prince & The Big Guy Himself!
So GP goes out w/ Gino and comes home in a flurry of absolute delight; he is giddy with excitement and just looking at him I think he is looking more and more like a cat who has just eaten the Tweety Bird. After a bit of prompting he spits the bird out...
GP:"I talked to HIM!"
Mom: "Who?"
Mom: "Who is HIM?"
At which point he is stimming , he is flapping like a bird about to take flight, and smiling so much I could not see his eyes. He is so excited I just could not help being excited for him. He continues his retelling of this adventure. He tells me he told HIM; he told HIM what he wanted for Xmas. Then I ask him," And what DO you want for Xmas?" To which he says, "NO! I already told HIM!" and he leaves me standing there, holding his coat, while he proceeds to pick up his dog and go straight upstairs to his room. LOL! I ask Gino, "What did he say to Santa?" and Gino, in typical male fashion says, "I dunno!", to which I reply, "That's not good!"
Let the holiday guessing game begin! LOL!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Around Town BOM

They're here!
The All Around Town BOM patterns have arrived! Remember that I found this gorgeous quilt at A Quilter's Gathering? I just love it. I have to make it! If you wanted the pattern only, you can order it here. The set has twelve patterns with full sized templates. =) No kinko's! Woo-HOO!

Homespun Holidays, Done!

Another Quilted Quickie completed, HOORAY!
I really had to focus to complete this one. I tell you, I'm just daydreaming of turkeys....don't laugh at me! I LOVE turkey~! With a serious commitment to make SIX new kits I hunkered down and TADAAAA... Homespun Holidays is now complete.
I only made five kits (ran out of Rusty Snowflakes) so hurry over and claim one for yourself. You can order it here! The kit includes all the embellishments; the rusty star, the rusty snowflakes and the hand dyed buttons. The applique is all flannel except the star tree topper which is wool. It's soooo cute.
Two down, four to go... Six mini's before Xmas;
You can do it (this is what I tell myself, so you should too...LOL!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Kit Alert!

I just posted this cutie on my site.
It's a brand new pattern, hot off the press. Isn't it wonderful? I've kitted it up in and wanted to let everyone know before they are gone; they are moving really fast so if you want one,
you best order yours now! At $29.99 they will not last.
Kit includes all the woolens, the floss and even the pattern!
You can't go wrong with this one, it's a cutie! B=)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Partridge In A Pear, Done!

On one of my recent wool buying trips to Door Mills I saw this wonderful stacked pumpkin pattern by Kathy J. Gaul that I loved. I finally managed to track down the designer and wouldn't you know it? She had some other patterns that I loved too. Well, they came in this week and you know how that goes, "a funny thing happened on the way to uploading the new patterns to the website..." LOL! This is what happened:
A Partridge in a Pear Pincushion!I made it from Raw Silk and lined it in muslin over cotton batting. I used only hand dyed woolens for the applique and stuffed it nice and snug with wool strips (the kind used for rug hooking. I chopped them into tiny little pieces and packed them in tight). It's the cutest little thing. I quilted it on both the front and the back too with Weeks Dye Works variegated thread. It's the bomb... and yes, it already has an owner... who has been waiting for a while now so as much as I love it, I have to let it go... It looks so big in the pic because I really wanted to show all the details but it is only 4"x5".
Here are some of the other patterns I picked up :
Table Salts:I love handpainted crocks, and I might just have to hone those embroidery skills to tackle these wool interpretations. Aren't they wonderful? =)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Sometimes folks wonder what a quilt Shoppe owner could possibly buy at Quilt Show. Well, I can't speak for them all but as for me...well, I just have to tell you that I
go to quilt shows for the socks, LOL! Here's one of the THREE pairs I picked up at A Quilter's Gathering...LOL! I'm so bad!
Don't you just love goofy socks? When I wear goofy socks it's like I have a secret that no one knows. I am no longer "MA'AM", I'm just "Me". I don't care if they don't match my clothes, they are hidden for only me to see. They need not be conservative, serious or businesslike; they can be as silly as my PJ's and no one will ever know.
If you don't own a pair of goofy socks, well, it's time you get some. You will be amazed at how happy your heart will be . I bet you'll shed ten years...sorry, weight loss is not one of the benefits but you might feel energized too with the added spring in your step! Look for these at your next quilt show, LOL!. =)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Feel Like a Rock Star when...

I drive into Boston and find off street parking on State Street! Oh, yes I do!
If you have never been to Boston you just would not understand, LOL! Here's a picture, a bad one but I just could not help myself. It took half an hour to find it, and it was hidden behind a beer truck that was double parked behind another truck with a one car space between them;(Oh yes I did, I did back in from the THIRD lane, butt first, through the one car space right into the spot that was behind the truck that was unloading beer on State Street.... thankyouverymuch, LOL!
GP was so happy. I told him that we could not eat at Faneuil Hall unless we found off street parking because I was not going to pay $20 to park to buy a $5 slice of Pizza... yes my friends, it costs $20 to park at the Public Parking...it's outrageous. Hence, you just have to feel like a rock star when you find the spot hidden behind a big fat truck and parallel park your SUV from three lanes out right between the big bad trucks. HA!
It's the little things that make me happy! LOL! Oh yeah, I didn't save $20, GP bought a $30 stuffed bear at Build A Bear...but at least the bear will last longer than the two hour parking! =) I love off street parking. I can't help it, LOL! Now if only Gino had seen me park...man, that would have been priceless. hahaha!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a BIRTHDAY Celebration!

It's T-Sandy's Birthday! It's a Special day in our family, and I wanted everyone to join in the fun. It's my sister's birthday, T-Sandy as she has been dubbed for the last 14 years (as in AunTie-Sandy), is turning 30 (or was it 29? Ummm, I forget!We're trying to stay consistent with this number but my mind is going so I keep forgetting which one we decided on, LOL!).
Here she is , The Birthday Girl Herself! Happy Birthday T-Sandy! May this year and those that follow be filled with Health, Happiness, Love and Laughter!
We love you! B & GP=)
She's the REAL quilter in our family. You can see her creations and works in progress...here... you can also wish her a Happy Birthday too!
I think you'd make her heart happy! =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's a celebration!

Dec 25th kit, DONE!

Let the QUICK QUILTING begin! I am a woman on a mission. I intend on making no less than SIX new kits from now until Xmas . I will lead by example, so if you want to make six minis before the holidays you have come to the right place.
The kit comes with everything you'll need to complete this cutie, and there are four up for grabs. You can order yours HERE! It will not be restocked before the holidays; so if you love it, don't procrastinate!

The one pictured is going out to the Birthday Girl who does NOT like Xmas quilts for Xmas (she wants them BEFORE Xmas...she's so picky! LOL!)... =)

A Quilter's Gathering

The lovely Ms. Joanna invited me to join her on her annual trip to A Quilter's Gathering. I being sooo hard to persuade, agreed on making this treacherous journey that took us about five minutes from the Pumpkin Patch to the Radisson in Nashua, NH. LOL! Here I am, all sad to be among the quilts on exhibit...this was one of the three non-purple ones...LOL!
These were the only two quilts that I wanted to take home... maybe because they were the only ones that I could dream of making? Maybe! LOL! The things we saw, OMG! I tell you, nothing is as demoralizing to a beginner than going to a quilt show with row after row of quilts that you know you will never be good enough to make. UGH...it was a sad day...but then there were these two cuties; so I put them on my bucket list. =)

In case you were wondering...

OK, so the camera died and then when the battery was charged GP was a gonner. He had done his job and he was "outta here!" So without further delays I am happy to announce the winner of the $100 GC. Drumroll please, the winner is Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Quilts! HOORAY!Congratulations to Dawn! =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drumroll, please!

The entries have been tumbled, the winners have been drawn... are you ready??? Drumroll, please!
The First Fat Qtr Bundle Winner is:
The Second Fat Qtr Bundle goes to:
Yes, you read that right...TWO Carries!

OK, so we had one more ticket to pull and the camera died. I kid you not. The Bonus prize shall be revealed...TOMORROW!
Oh, stop moaning...I bet you got T-o-Treaters , not that THAT's a sore spot or anything, LOL!
Carrie#2 has just informed me that her last name begins with P; therefore BOTH WINNERS ARE CARRIE P. Freaky, eh? LOL!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Winners, YET!

GP is the official Judge in the giveaway; he will pull the three lucky winners....woo-hoo... but not today, Sorry. GP will not be home until tonight, and after a day of male bonding I'm not sure he will be in the mood for giveaway winner selection; so better just hold off until tomorrow.
GP is having a "Gentlemen Only" slumber party in Waltham with Gino (I think it had something to do with them not wanting to help out with the Trick or Treaters...but that's just me, thinking "bad" thoughts. It just seems odd how the "family slumber party" we had on Friday night was turned into a "Gentlemen Only" event! Do you smell a rat? I think I do... MEN! >=( Even Pepper was send home...wonder if she would have been invited if she didn't squat to pee, HMMM,. LOL!
Well, they should have just come along for all the turnout we had.... I had ONE Trick or Treater, ONE! And, mind you, I did go out and call him over "Hey, we have goodies here!" LOL! I can't relive the nightmare, I was brushed off my dozens of T-o-T who walked right past my house. =( Was it because I did not have a hand carved Jack? (T-o-T snobbery?) , maybe because I didn't pull out the Lanterns? But, I was working alone here, hello! My helpers jumped ship and I was left to fend for myself... I'm so sad.... I made 30 gift bags and bought two boxes of 40 individual size popcorn...not to mention I bought six sheets of free ice cream cones from Friendly's, AND I only bought chocolate, no junk fillers....HELLO! I feel like I had a party and no one came. =(
It's the boys fault, not sure how, but it is; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Now off to eat some more chocolate (with a side of Popcorn), before I get dressed and go to Friendly's to have me some ice cream cones! LOL!

He's Home!

My wonderful new Green Gourd is home. My heart was dancing when I arrived last night to find this little treasure in my mail basket, just sitting there patiently waiting for someone to carry him over the threshold and into the Pumpkin Patch...where he was so at home he "just blends right in". It's not The Haunted Swamp Designs studio, but he is adjusting nicely. As long as he doesn't try to scare anyone he will be welcome (if there is any suspicious activity he will be stored away with the other Halloween Goodies that are only allowed up for October...poor babies), LOL! But he does look harmless enough, he is the size of an egg. I kid you not, he is so tiny and cute. And rattles from the seeds. I'm so happy I won this little treasure. He makes me heart happy! =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Delivery...

Sometimes the only way to visualize a quilt that is depicted on a pattern cover in another fabric is to see it. Hence, here's another cutie in the works. A new kit for the holidays coming to life...
The background is a plaid from Bonnie Blue Neutrals and the flannels are from Snow Wonderland and Woolies. I can't wait to show you the completed quilt ; but for now all I have for you is this little teaser. Stay tuned for more! B=)

Do You See What I See?

There are well over 500 entries in the Happy Halloween Giveaway! Oh, my. How exciting! I've been writing them up as they come in. Here's the basket so far. They're all squished in there, 500+ little pieces of paper, all handwritten by me. =)
I will transfer them to a large basket and give the a whirl to make sure everyone get a fair shot but ultimately GP will chose the winners and Trash is looking to be far ahead of the rest offering him candy from the UK if he picks her name, LOL! I hope he can be counted on the do the honorable thing , but I will check his pockets for "extra" entries, lest he fall prey to temptation (hey, it happened to Adam! LOL!). Some women, yeah, I'm talking about you Ms. Trash over there, hahaha~
Bad Blogger, Bad!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Kit, Done!

Isn't it cute? Gotta love starting something you can actually finish in an afternoon! LOL! My Fall quilt is ready to go off to its new home in TX....I think T-Sandy's cube is going to be much improved with this little guy, wouldn't you say?
I used some of Meme's Homespuns for the background, the applique is all flannel (Woolies by Maywood and others) and the black is a South Seas print I can't get enough of...I love the black squiggles on the pumpkin fabric; it reminds me of stippling (which I have yet to master)...it's kind of a feast for the senses, this little guy. He's a touchy-feely kind of quilt. I think she's going to love it. Can't wait to ship it out today!

I have two of these kits up for grabs, you can order yours HERE!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Won! I Won! I WON!

I won one of these wonderful handpainted gourds! Yes, I did! HAHAHA! Lynda over at Haunted Swamp Designs was having a giveaway which "I knew I would never win", so I commented on her giveaway asking her to please add some to her Etsy shoppe (Don't you just love handmade stuff?). Well, Lynda counted my plea as an entry and I won! Can you believe that? If I was trying to enter to win, I wouldn't have won...that's just the way it is, LOL!
I'm giddy with excitement. I love Folk Art! Hope you 're having a lucky day too! Woo-HOO!

What'cha Working On, HUH?

Is it just me or is this Fall just full of "life"? Nothing wrong with life mind you, but it somehow seems to be getting in the way of my crafting! LOL!
I am cutting Fall kits today and you know what that means, sample time! Woo-HOO! I've decided to make two samples because this is not a Halloween quilt and I've already made two of these in the past, and I know it is fast and fabulous cutie. Sooooo, I'm sharing!
You know those lovely pictures of the giveaway fabrics that have been flashed on over 400 blogs so far? Well, TSandy took those when she was here on a business trip in September, and I think they are wonderful. I'll be sending her one of these cute little Fall quilts for her cube on Monday. You see, T-Sandy's cube wants to be like TChoco's cube when it grow up, and she needs a little help...you can see TChoco's cube HERE! LOL!
What are YOU working on? Have you been sharing your
talents with those you love? I hope so; trust me, sharing will make your heart happy! See you soon with my updated pic... you can see one of my finished ones in TChoco's cube pic, B=)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Houston Quilt Festival

Sandy (if you're new...that would be T-Sandy,
my sister, "The REAL quilter".),
has posted photos of her weekend trip to Houston's Quilt Festival...I for one can't get enough of that one... wish I had been there! I'm so jealous! You can see her pics HERE!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's a Happy Halloween Giveaway! CLOSED!

This Giveaway IS CLOSED!
I forgot all about GP's BD trip when I planned my Freaky Friday Giveaways, so I skipped a Friday but I think this one will make up for it.
I am drawing it on Sunday but entries will close at midnight EST on Saturday, October 31st. That is Halloween!
The loot? A Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals. Hello! Yes, that's 27 fat quarters. Every fabric in the line with the exception of the panel. Sorry folks, the panels were sold out on arrival... even I didn't get one of those! LOL! Here's the stash; are you drooling yet? The picture doesn't do them justice, this is a primitive lover's dream. They are earthy, muted and whimsical...You will LOVE these! Sunflowers, pumpkins, checks, stripes; this collection has it all.
This Giveaway is CLOSED!
There's a catch though, not everyone can enter. If you want in, you will need to have a blog AND post a link to the giveaway. I will check every entry for the link. To count your entry you must have a link to this blog... not a blogroll, an actual post about the giveaway . Now for everyone that comes to the drawing from your blog AND posts about the giveaway in their blog you will get an extra entry.
If the entries reach 250, the second one goes in the pot; and GP will draw TWO winners, one bundle for each!
OMG! I must be nuts... LOL! Oh dear, I'm posting this now...I can let go, I can share, I can do it, I can do it. Maybe there will be only a few entries and I can keep the second one. Yeah, but what if I have 350 entries? How about a $100 Gift certificate to the Pumpkin Patch? HUH? That could be fun... what would you buy with $100 gift certificate to
Pumpkin Patch Primitives? Well, we'll see how many folks share my enthusiasm... One Giveaway with three winners? HMMM.
How awesome would that be? Very awesome, indeed, LOL!
Remember, to enter you must POST an entry on your blog with a link to the giveaway. I will check, and will only count those with actual posts; no cheaters allowed!
Now go post about the giveaway and start thinking about what you're going to make with this stash. It could be yours in less than two weeks time!
Twelve days till the winner (or winnerS, depending on how enthusiastic you all are) is announced! Woo-HOO!
Happy Halloween!
I will give away the first bundle regardless of how many entries are posted. If only three people post about the giveaway, that's a one in three chance you have to win, so Spread the word...and Post about the Giveaway if you want in! Trust me, your odds are real good on this one! =)
I will delete all entries that are not qualified!
I just do not have time to email everyone that says they posted and then forget to post, those that are posting the giveaway on their sidebars where their Blogline and Google readers will never see them... The instructions are clear, the prizes worth the effort. Please make sure that you are following the guidelines. I wish I had the time to email everyone but I don't. I'd say if you're following directions your odds of winning just got better, LOL! Best of luck!
I might just have to part with the second bundle...oh, boy!
This Giveaway requires that you POST it in your Blog, Not Add it to your SIDEBAR!!! Sidebar Ads do not count as entries!

We Have A Winner!

The Trio of Fall Stars will be heading to Canada! Woo-HOO! Yes, they have a new home. GP just pulled the winning entry from the basket...and Kaaren from The Painted Quilt was the lucky winner! Hooray! Congratulations to Kaaren and Thank you to all who entered the Giveaway!
The pattern for the Trio Of fall Stars is available for purchase on my website, you can order it here! Sorry but the kits were for Newsletter subscribers only and have sold out. Are you on my mailing list? If you are not, just email me and I will add you ...write Newsletter on the subject line!
Don't miss the next Subscriber only kit....sign up now!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fright Night Kit, done!

Look what I made last night! It's a Fright Night cutie! It was not on the schedule and I had a gazillion things I should have been doing but I just thought, "Hey, it's Friday Night. I should be having some fun..." so I made a little quilt. It's 6"wide by 19.5" high. It looks so big in that pic...but it's not. I just love the little bat buttons. They are handmade, one at a
time, baked to absolute perfection by Just Another Button Co. They are so darn cute, I used all three sizes, Large-Small-Tiny. I also used one of their Folk Art Star buttons. Love, Love, Love it! I think I'm a button adddict. I especially LOVE polymer clay buttons. If you have never seen buttons by Just Another Buttons Co. "you just wouldn't understand"... and I cannot explain it, you really have to see them and touch them to appreciate the details. And how about that cute little hanger? Hello! Those were on backorder for four months, no kidding! They were so worth the wait. You can order a set of 2 for $4.99, here.

Just thought you'd like to see my "Quilt Fix" for this weekend. So...what did you make this weekend????

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trio of Fall Stars, A Belated Giveaway!

OMG! I totally forgot about this giveaway, and it's almost time for the third one, DUH! OK, so I'll ask GP to draw a winner tomorrow. I still have to cut the entries and add the extra entries... I'll do that tonight. =)
Thank you to all who entered; This giveaway is now closed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where's GP?

I'll give you one guess...yep, you guessed it, Disneyland!

My Prince wanted to go to Disneyland for his Birthday and after many, many prayers, many many sleepless nights and the best helping hands I could ever have wished for, off we went with T-Choco in tow to the magical world of Disney. And oh, how magical it really is.

My Prince Is Fourteen!

It's GP's birthday today. The end of a long Birthday celebration that began last Thursday, and gratefully, ends today with the official Birthday, HOORAY!He's a big boy now!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"There are too many disqualified!"

We have a winner! Yes, Diva Kreszl is our new winner. BUT, I'll have you know she was our FIFTH winner of the second chance drawing, LOL! GP said, "We have too many disqualified-S" LOL! I was thinking he was going to give up. We pulled two annonymous and two no blogs, no emails...and THEN...Diva won, and GP sighed, dropped the paper and went back to his business, LOL!
Who knew it was so much trouble to GIVE away stuff, geez!
Congratulations to our new lucky winner, Diva.
I'll have to mail it when I get back...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shall we do this???

OMG! I feel so bad...
OK, so we'll wait until NOON and THEN, that's it!
GP will draw a new winner.
Let the countdown begin!
Barbara, where are you???? Hellloooooo???

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giveaway Update!

Still no Barbara... If you know Barbara please do tell her to claim her prize today! I will draw another winner tomorrow if she doesn't come forward today. Hope she doesn't miss out on this wondeful prize.
Hey, stop hoping she doesn't show up! That's not nice, y'know! LOL! Man, you guys are bad!

Williraye Studio Harvest Collection

Just a quick note to let you know that the New Williraye Harvest Collection is now posted on the website. Woo-HOO!
They are sooo Cute! I wish we had 3-D blogging because the pictures just don't do them justice!
Sissy Pumpkin has posed all over the Pumpkin Patch already...y'know how you just have to find that perfect spot but the darn thing looks good everywhere? I'm so bad...
And Willy? OMG! The little pumpkin dangling from the sign is teeny. It's adorable!!! You just have to go take a look... See more HERE!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Chain Letter By Any Other Name...

Is STILL a chain letter, LOL!
So I receive this letter from a fellow quilter who was in a swap I had a while back and I think,"That's strange" but I leave it in the mail pile with all my other mail to be opened. Today I remember the letter and go pull it from the stash and what do I find? A Chain letter, wait, it's called a Purple Charm Quilt letter. Don't laugh at me! LOL! Man, I cannot believe my luck. And, Joanna will get a kick out of this one... it's a PURPLE charm chain letter. Can you guess what my least favorite color is? YEP! Purple, hahahaha! But, always the pleaser I dutifully pulled my purple fats and cut up the required squares and watch out there are FOUR "LUCKY" ladies who will be receiving them in the mail. LOL!
Why you ask? Because someone thought that I would enjoy this, because someone took the time to look for my address and send me two little pieces of fabric that she thought I would like. Because when someone thinks of you, it's a good thing! Because I would hate to be the one that breaks the chain and then someone's quilt is one block short because I was a party-pooper, that's why! So I had a good laugh, cut the charms and if there are no partypoopers on the list, everyone will have a crapload of purple to make a quilt! LOL! I don't know what will happen if I don't make the quilt but I think I will make it (if I receive more blocks) just because I have had such a good time laughing at myself. Thanks Buddy for thinking of me, your letter made me laugh today. A good laugh is priceless! B=)
OOps, mine are the two blocks on the right, the two on the left came in the letter, so my "quilt" has four blocks...four PURPLE blocks, so far. hahaha!
And I have to PIECE IT??? What is my least favorite part of quilting? The piecing! Let the laughing continue! LOL!

We have a Winner!

The entries were printed, then checked, then the extra entries were written and added to the pot. Then, they just sat there... yep, they sat in their little bag all day waiting for GP who has a Sunday schedule that includes only Dad (something you will NEVER hear me complain about, thankyouverymuch!).
When GP arrived home after the movies and dinner he was very excited to choose this week's winner. He gave it a shake, then he did some more shaking and then he chose his winner.... Drumroll, please....
TADA! It's Barbara and as Gene Paul said "just like my cousin!" hahaha!
So Barbara, you're the lucky one. Congratulations!
Thank you to all who entered the giveaway, Brenda=)
UPDATE! Barbara did not leave an email address and does not have a blog. Now I'm bummed... If she has not claimed her prize by Tuesday we will draw another winner! Sorry, I said I would not hunt anybody down... Barbara, where are you????

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaky Friday Fun Giveaway, WK# 2

This week's giveaway is a special treat. The lucky winner will receive a wonderful Trio Of Fall Stars woolen kit. This was September's Subscriber's Only kit. (Are you on my mailing list? If you're not, then you're missing out on special kits & special savings available to Newsletter subscribers only...I'm just sayin'!) This kit is not availble on my website, it was only available to subscribers of my Newsletter, and is now sold out! The kit includes wool felt for the stars and all the yummy hand dyed woolens for the applique. Also included, Fall bowl fillers to add to your display!

This giveaway has rules; sorry but as we get closer to the Grand Finale the prizes are getting bigger, better and more exclusive (yes, that's because I'm fancy like that!). They are not too trying but here they are;

1. You must have a blog, and active blog with entries!
I want to foster friendships and and that means you know me, And, I should know you! I have met the most amazing people in Blogland, and I treasure all the friendships I have made. I look forward to reading your blogs and tagging along on your journey through life, as I invite you to tag along on mine. It's a two way street people! =)

2. Please, oh please, make sure you have contact information on your profile, on your blog, or on your post. I will not hunt you down to give you a prize, c'mon! You want the prize or not? LOL! If you win and I cannot find your information your prize will go to to someone else, now wouldn't that be a bummer? So check on that, OK?

Want more than one chance to win? Add a link to this post on your blog by using the link below: Go to Links to this Post, then Create a Link and then Publish Post. Yep, that simple.
I will add FIVE extra entries for each link to this post! Spread the word.... and get credit for it. Good luck!
This giveaway closes on Friday October 9th!