Monday, September 22, 2008

NH World Quilt Show

I went to the NH World Quilt show this past Saturday with Joana and of all the hundreds of quilts we saw this was my absolute favorite. Isn't it gorgeous?
I did a little shopping for weird fabrics; I bought some Kaffe (I know, I know, It's Joanna...she's got this thing for Kaffe and it's contagious!) . Pics tomorrow, no pics at night...the camera is weird (or is it that the photographer is to blame? HMMM)
I found some great pattern designers to join Pumpkin Patch Primitive's Pattern Index... and a new wool distributor. Well, you just can't beat that for one day's "work"... LOL!
On Sunday I worked on my Weekend Wonder project,
Bunch of Pumpkins but I haven't taken a pic of it; stay is sooo cute!
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend...more pics coming soon! B=)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Blogging Award for MOI?

Well, look at me! Julie gave me a blogging award! Woo-Hoo! How exciting is that? I now must pass the torch onto five of my favorite blogs:
Applique Today
Joanna loves to craft and has three great munchkins that keep her busy. She's even started sharing some of her culinary talents. How's that for multi-tasking?
The Pigeon Loft
Charlie is a bit "cooky" but I know with absolute certainty that it's from hanging out with Mr. Pigeon.; Oh my gosh, I love this blog... LOL! BTW, there is a waiting list for Mr. Pigeon's sibblings...and I'm on it!
Country Folk Keepsakes
When I grow up I want to make dolls like Kim's. Her primitive dolls are nothing short of little treasures.Once I saw this pic on her website I just had to keep coming back for this attention to detail or what?

Weekend Wonder, Done!

Well, if you are on my Quilt Shoppe's Mailing list you recognize this cutie. It is this weekend's Weekend Wonder, Buttermilk Basin's Autumn Bag, done! I send out weekly project suggestions and make up kits for projects that can be completed in a weekend. This week's project was this awesome woolly bag.
It measures 8"x 18", a full inch less on both sides than the pattern but I thought the pattern was too long and too wide for "my spot", so sue me! I lined it with the same homespun fabric I used for the back to cover up my stitches (not that anyone would see them inside the bag, but I had the time so why not?) I started and finished her in a day, between chores and she was on display by Monday. Proving once again, that this bag is indeed a Weekend Wonder! TADA!
I always feel so accomplished whenever I finish something, no matter how small or how simple. And I really needed to feel like I accomplished something this weekend, so while I was making up the kits for my customers I made one for myself. I just love the way it turned out. I even painted the rusty wire so it wouldn't get the rust on my wool, fancy- eh? LOL! Now I have to go to AC Moore to get some fake Bittersweet to fill it. The natura Bitterweet I collected last year was everywhere. The berries kept falling off as they were drying...what a mess! I think I should have sprayed them or something....but anyway, this year it's plastic or bust! I'm shameless, what can I say!?Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Homeschool has it's priviledges!

OK so I left GP doing his work and when I came back this is what I saw: "Pepper" had somehow managed to get onto the ottoman, push the board table out to the side, and
butt the ottoman right up to GP's chair...HMMM. Now that is one smart dog, eh?
Now I must stop wondering why it takes GP so long to finish his work...could it be all the redecorating that goes on while I am bringing up the laundry? Could be!
Just had to share ...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

There's More...

I wanted to show you why, oh why, I just had to buy those magazines....
First, ME's Home Companion had this:
OMG! It's a home filled chuck full of Halloween decorations that made my heart skip a beat. I wanted to see if I could find out where this place is locate so I can move in! And in the worst case scenario where they didn't share the house location, at least I could put myself there in my can dream, it's free!
Then, I came across that awesome Halloween magazine by BH&G; well, look what that one had:

Aren't these great? We can cut them out from construction paper during Homeschool and GP can scatter them all around the house, (cutting with scissors is good to help develop fine motor skills which in turn helps him control pencils and pens when writing!), how cool is that? Woo-Hoo!
OK so now for Fons & Porter...well this one is such a cute quilt, and so true to my skill level , LOL! that I said "oh, I have to make that!" so I brought it home...there are many great quilts in this one but this is really the only one I am likely to make in this lifetime...hahaha...
OK more mag projects in another post...I have to get back to work now...
Are you heading to Barnes and Noble? LMK if you find a magazine I didn't buy, LOL!

Homeschool, Now in Progress!

Yep, it's that time again and Homeschool is now officially underway!
With a new school year come new books and after seeing GP struggle with the new curriculum I thought it was time for a more "student friendly" dictionary. The regular dictionaries have small print and much text and to an autistic child that can become overwhelming (he had to look up so many new words this week his little hands did more flapping than writing! Oh, he does this little flapping and hand-scrunching "thing" when he gets stressed out, and Boy! was he stressed out!). Well, we can't have any stress around here...homeschool is for learning not for off we went to our favorite non fabric store; oh, I meant MY favorite non fabric store, it's GP's favorite non electronics store, LOL!
Well, I found one awesome dictionary, two thesaurus' and two misc.
"must have" grammar books...BUT, that's not all I found, hello!
Look what I found!
Well, as if that didn't break the bank (why, oh why, are these Australian magazines SOOOO expensive?)....I came across these!
which brings my sept reading list to something close to this:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it National Witch Month?

I'm thinking that this month is all about the Flying Divas in my place. I made this wonderful new addition this weekend. all wools and flannels on a flat cotton background. A primmed up version of the Mt.Redoubt Designs pattern, which is made up in Batiks (a little too "fancy" for my little Pumpkin Patch!) . Now when I started off on this project I didn't know it was this big, 23.5"x26" (don't laugh at me, this is way bigger than my cutting mat!) so I had to trim it to fit my mat...well, does someone know how I was supposed to make sure it was square if it didn't fit on my mat's grid? Hello! A-nyway, I have it all finished and now because it so big (stop laughing at me!) I don't know how I'm going to quilt it so it doesn't get all distorted. I might just have to hang it like this...with the little basting pins and all. It's already fused to the backing, the pins are just for reinforcement, LOL! Can I just send it to Sandy and she can "fix it"???? I might have to bribe the woman but who knows... I might get lucky if I grovel, LOL! Wish me luck!