Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Witch is in!

No rest for the Wicked! This is the 3rd and last quilt from the Halloween quilt pattern I started last weekend (can't remember the name, it's from my Bucket List!). Anyway, she is pressed and already hangs in a special spot. Don't even THINK about saying it's not time to start decorating for Halloween. "I'm all over that" is what I think is the right phrase; oh and do you see me just shaking my shoulders and waving my finger? LOL! Yep, I am officially decorating for Halloween. I just have to keep the candy from coming in....maybe bolt the doors?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GP goes shopping!

Tonight I had to make a "quick stop" at Hannaford's on my way back from dinner at Boston Market w/ GP who sat there and ate his Taco Bell tacos without taking a breath between them (boy , he loves those things!) Anyway, I had a craving for some fresh fruit (I think it's because it's in season and it's all good. Haven't met a peach I didn't like; the trick is getting them before they go to cardboard, YUK!) and asked GP if he would wait in the car while I went in and picked up some fruit. To my surprise he said "No, thanks. Just come in with Mom." So off we went. I didn't pick up a cart as I wasn't really "shopping" just picking up some fruit...well, no sooner had I stopped in front of the peaches than GP declares,"we need a cart" and I said, "It's ok, we just need some fruit" and he says "no, don't forget the cereal!" I didn't even KNOW we were out of cereal so it's a good thing he's on top of that. Anyway, I'm all over the place tonight...sorry! Well, i went and got the cart and sent him to pick up the cereal, and all was good until I was getting ready for checkout and here comes GP carrying FIVE boxes of toothpaste and a small box of cereal. I asked him if we need toothpaste and he said "we're running low"...which means we only have about five tubes left! LOL! I had to laugh. I asked him why we needed a small box of cereal and he said "to share with Mom and Pepper", so I asked "what about the large one?" to this he replies with a puzzled look "That's Gene Paul's!"
I just thought this was so funny. GP hasn't been speaking very long and his conversations are always music to my ears. I find him to be such a funny guy. I still don't understand his reasoning sometimes but I know that if there was a hurricane tomorrow I would be all set with toothpaste and Listerine... did I mention we aren't "running low"? That's because he buys the stuff by the gallon, LOL!!! Oh, and how much Age Repair toothpaste does a 12 year old really need? He said it's new and he 'just going to try it". Hey, he could be trying some new chips, so I'm not complaining, I just think that they should have a toothpaste free isle for mom's like me... that stuff is not cheap at the supermarket! LOL! Oh, and he picked up a new battery powered toothbrush too... to use with his age defying toothpaste!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Show and Tell, again!

I debated and kept this little quilt to myself for two full days, and have decided to show it and keep it. Hahaha! I was thinking I should really save it for my Fall Swap Buddy, but then thought I should make her something a little bit bigger...nope, not telling but I have a bright idea! =) This is two of the three Halloween quilts I am making for my collection this year. Oh gosh...not sure where I'll put it since even the spot under the toilet roll in bathroom is now taken, but I will find a good spot for it. Hee-hee!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess Who I Met Today...

I met Joanna, and her crew! Three darling munchkins that were on their absolute best behavior at the Library. I thought I might need to adopt them! GP was on his best behavior too; he gave us plenty of time to chat up a storm and even make plans for future outings!
Can you believe it? I'm totally excited and so happy that our paths have crossed. Who would have guessed I'd meet someone who lives less than ten minutes from my house, in cyberspace? I love Blogger! Oh, and Joanna brought the cute little framed Fall cutie I won over at her blog and some unexpected prim goodies too. It was such a great day! Thanks Joanna, you made my day super special! =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just a Little Quilt

I woke up this morning and thought I would make something fun for myself. I went into my "to do" bundle (patterns to make before I kick the bucket!) and went through my private stash of Vintage fabrics and pulled out these little scraps of black stars I've been saving forever (literally, years...just saving these little scraps, not even's so sad, but I just could not part with them) and mixed them in with some scraps from a newer stash and whala! A little quilt is made.
It really is tiny. It's 7"x12" or close to it...just one of three from that pattern. Isn't it fun? I love it. And, it's already ready to hang!
Woo-Hoo! I love little quilts!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sept Sew Along!

I'm having a September Sew Along to complete Autumn Market, a Fabulous Fall quilt! I just LOVE this pattern and although it is super easy to make I know that I will only complete it "with a little help from my friends" measures 47"X62"... and if you live nearby (ahem, Erin, all) we could get together in person (woo-hoo!) and work on this. Online progress will be posted, along with pictures, encouragement and some tips & tricks (jokes anyone?) Join my Yahoo Group for more details and of course, to join in the fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Celebration! (See Update below!)

Joanna is celebrating her blog's anniversary and her 100th post! She has created this lovely framed Fall applique piece to give away to her readers. I positively love her blog and would like to invite everyone to hop on over and wish her many more years of blogging happiness. She lives in NH and as it turns out we are almost neighbors; yet we met through Blogger! How cool is that? It really is a small world. Oh, don't enter the drawing while you are there... you'll ruin my chances of winning! I am just pointing the way so you can see her cool pics and funny stories. =)
I won, I won, I won! Can you believe it? I won! WOO_HOO!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frightfully Funny Friends!

I found some "Frightfully Funny Dudes" on my last outing and thought I'd share the new additions. They are nameless for now but surely not for long; here are two of the three...Last but not least is the plumpest one of them all...
isn't he the sweetest thing ever?

A Rotary Cutter Holder?

Yesterday I made up a really cute kit for one of my U.K. customers, Primitive Pieces by Lynda's Rotary Cutter Holder. Well, after making one for her I was all psyched up and thought, "What the heck! Let me make one for me too! LOL!" hey, I was already way past my elbows in wool so why not, eh? It was such a fun project to make, I just couldn't put it down and get to bed until I had it finished. I made it a few inches longer and wider than the pattern called for because my RC is an Olfa and it has the 60mm blades. Only after I had it finished and ready to use did I realize that even with the extra wool it was still too small for my cutter...I'm so bummed! Oh, I even added a hanging loop ... it's so cute!
Now I have to make one the right size for my cutter.

Monday, August 4, 2008

An Afternoon at Canobie LakePark!

In an act of what I can only describe as pure desperation and panic, I promised GP that if he was on his "best behavior" during his first visit to our family dentist (his first visit as a patient, having graduated from his pediatric dentist to our family one), I would...ummmm...(see the light bulb on the top of my head going off?)..."take you to Canobie Lake Park!". His reply "When?" (He's autistic, not stupid! He wants a date before he makes a commitment... ) I say "Next week", he replies "When, next week? What day?" I start to panic (I can feel the sweat on my back now!) ...I say "Monday!" He says "OK" and just like that, a deal was struck!
Well, he was a great patient and I had to "pay up!".
You gotta do, what you gotta do!
Of course, my thought after the panic had worn off was
"What was I thinking?!"
Only someone with an autistic child would understand this, but venturing into any crowded environment where any number of unplanned incidents may be encountered is like "begging for IT!" IT being a full blown-no holds barred-totally violent and absolutely unpredictable 911 emergency. No kidding! One minute he's fine, the next minute it rains and he is in total distress. If it's not on the schedule it better not happen because
it can get ugly, real fast!
But with many prayers and many pills all these things can be endured, LOL! So off I went (loaded with St. John's Wort,Humphrey's#3 and Red Bull) with my Prince to "pay up"....
All I can say was "WOW!" What a difference a year makes!

Gene Paul promises to be on his BEST behavior as Mom, in yet another act of desperation, promises Season Passes for next year! God help us all!

Gene Paul wants to document Mom before she starts to cry because now that he's at the park he wants me to watch him get on the rides! As if getting to the park weren't enough for my poor little heart!

Well, the Rowdy Rooster was the first ride and seemed innocent enough until the blasted thing took off eight feet into the air with my Prince in it!. "HELLO!" who thought of this death trap?
Not that GP even flinches and he barely hangs on with one hand on the sail and one just draped over the passenger side of the cockpit!
Next came DaVinci's Dream AKA A Mom's Nightmare! All I can say is it's a good thing I didn't see this thing in motion before GP rode it. I would have had a stroke right then and there! You see the little blob on the top right? That's my Prince as he soars through the skies secured by nothing more than a crappy lap belt! After this ride (just ride #2, mind you!) I was ready to go home...but GP had other plans...

Can you say Skater? OK, this is yet another death trap that was so scary GP was yelling "Someone Help Me!". Followed by "MOM!". And just as I was getting ready to kill the operator and halt the machine he starts yelling "YaHOO!" and laughing...this thing is swishing him way up the treetops and swinging him back, and twisting and turning like a skateboard on a half pipe...and I am sweatin'-like-a-pig, in panic mode...and he is laughing? All I can say is if this trip didn't end soon I was going to die! Oh, did I mention he went on it FOUR TIMES!?I would share some more pics but after this ride he went on a roller coaster and I was too busy praying to take pictures...

I'm off to a hot shower; I'll be calling it an early night. I need to recover from this adventure!