Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a Regifting Giveaway!

'Tis the season for regifting. Fa La La La La
Oh, you know there is a that one gift that you wish had never been under the tree. That gift that you cannot bring your self to throw away because you know it was given with so much love... but man, where are you supposed to put that thing? Or why did she think you were two sizes larger than you really are? Do you seriously look that fat? Ouch!
I believe that regifting can be the relief to your troubles. You can regift a heartfelt gift and never feel guilty about not appreciating the gift because you know that someone else will enjoy it. It might not be your color, but you know someone who would absolutely croon over it... ah, the joy of giving. 
It never stops. 
While unpacking one of my sister's moving boxes we came across this cutie. It's a hand painted box I gifted her many years ago. It was one of the first pieces I painted and it is far from perfect but wicked cute. However, she has had it and loved it for many years and doesn't have a place for it in her new home. My idea was to purge it and she agreed, but then SHE came up with the idea that it should go to a new home, so here it is up for grabs. Let the regifting begin!
This little box has a black over red distressed body and its compartments are lined in red wool. 
The top is painted mustard and has a gentleman carrying a pumpkin. It's painted in the Peter Ompir style. I have no idea whose pattern I used (It was a long time ago) but it is not my original design.
 I just painted it. It has been used and loved, and looks just like it did the day she received it.
It's so cute. 
To enter the giveaway just leave a comment and tell me what you could not bare to purge and decided to regift. Can't wait to read it. I will choose a random winner tomorrow. See  you then! Brenda

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Love Handmade Gifts

As I was helping my sister finish trimming her tree before the big day, I spotted this little cutie already tucked in and hanging on it. I had to stop and touch it. It's so soft. It reminded me of the hours I spent making it (along with a few others because it's actually part of a set) that I made for her a few years ago. I remember having to ask my other sister how to make french knots for the eyes and berries because, at the time, I just could not make a knot for the life of me... In the end they all turned out well but it was a labor of love. 
I love gifting handmade. It requires A LOT of forethought, a lot of planning and discipline. You have to be sure your keeping the recipient in mind and you have to hope they'll love it enough not to regift it, and you have to be sure that once you make it you'll let it go. I can't believe that some people actually gift with a disclaimer,  "when you die be sure to leave it to XYZ". It makes me think the person who gifted it is actually "lending it". Either it is gifted, or not. I thought my friend's relative was weird but then someone else told me a similar story so I guess the practice is rampant, LOL. What is up with that? That's crazy!
Anyway, I truly believe that if you gift you need not lay claim to it after the recipient has died. That's just me and my thought on that matter...I always assume my "collections" will end up in a yard sale anyway so I am enjoying them now. 
I hope that next year my life will have settled down enough to make some lovely new treasures to gift at Christmas. I love handmade gifts, don't you???

A New Home, A New Journey...

I am in TX visiting my dear sisters this month. One of my sisters has moved to a new house, and has spent many weeks making it her own. It's been a long process but she's finally in it, with only a few unopened boxes to show for her struggles, but those too are on their way to becoming just a distant memory.
As I sit at her dinning room table listening to Christmas music and consuming that mighty Chai Latte that will give me the courage to face the chair assembly that is on my schedule this morning, I am so happy for her that I catch myself smiling and reminiscing of when I was young-ER and single, and childless... oh, it seems so long ago. I can't believe how time has just flown by. I used to change her diapers and now I sit in her house, at her table. It just amazes me how life goes on and it's like a book full of chapters. Some happier than others, but all integral parts of the plot of our lives.
I wish I lived closer to enjoy this new phase of her life with her. But like all birds, they spread their wings and they fly away. I wish her love, laughter and a table full of friends to warm this lovely new place....
Oh, but what's a table without chairs?! I better get cracking on this assembly before she comes home and finds me still sitting here on my tenth latte. LOL Hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter, and wonderful gatherings. 
I'll leave you with  a view from my perch at the dinning room table.
and a peek at her lovely new living room.
Isn't it lovely???? I think she has found herself a keeper here. 
Anew home for a new journey. Let the next phase begin!

Happy Holidays!