Wednesday, July 28, 2010

With A Little Paint

You can fix anything! This is the back of the pot... (well you didn't expect me to put that great big chip in the front , did you? LOL!) Oh dear, but there was a chip on the other I "fixed" that with another little saltbox.
And in true trash to treasure style I put the unscathed part forward and added my favorite, the the apple orchard. Note the cows, the chickens and the cute little weathervane...
If farms were not so much work I would live on one. HAHAHA.
And my little chipped pot sits happily in the Pumpkin Patch holding patterns.
Can you spot it in the picture? I bet you can't see the chips! =)Hope you day is filled with wonder. Give those old chipped pots a chance...
with a little paint.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What would you do with a wonderful clay pot that bit the dirt??? Would you say, "Oh well" and turn it to the other side? Would you pretend you can't see the chip? Please don't tell me you would toss that baby. At the very least you could pull out your kids' stamps and stamp on some stars... right?
As soon as you tell me what else you would do to your broken pot I'll show you what I did with mine. And if you don't tell me, I wont tell you...'cause I'm like that; I'm into blogger participation, LOL!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Chick Flicks for GP!

As you may or may not know, GP goes to the movies every Saturday and every Sunday. Rain or shine, snow or Northeaster, it matters not. The only thing that matters is that the movies be rated G (as in Gene Paul), PG (as in Parent and GenePaul) or PG-13 (Parent and Gene Paul when he is 13 or older, which he now is). He is NOT under any circumstances allowed to watch rated R (as in Rudeness) or rated NC-17 (as in NO Chance GP is ever watching that before he is 17!).
Sometimes finding new movies can be a challenge when you go to the movies as often as he does. Some months it seems like every new release is rated R or rated G (I mean really, how many times can a 14 year old watch Toy Story 3? C'mon!). So needless to say, he ends up watching the same movies over and over in any given month. This week was one of those "not great at the Box Office" weeks. He's seen them all...except Ramona and Beezuz.
This morning he is already up and as we are having breakfast I ask him if he is going to watch R&B (He watched Salt on Friday night and Inception yesterday, again!) , to which he replied ,
"No, that's a girl movie!" OMG! I can't believe he said that!
I think Gino has some explaining to do! LOL!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Use Your Imagination, OK?

Just imagine it's not on its side, LOL!
two pincushions down, one to go! =)
Remember, there's a full album of images (not on their side, thankyouverymuch!) w/ captions on my FB page. You don't need to be a FB member to see the pics so follow the link after you take the Motrin for the creak in the neck, LOL!
If you click on the images you can see them larger too! Enjoy!
Update: T emailed me instructions and I did it! I fixed the picture! Woo-HOO!
Thanks T, You're the best!!!

Oh, C'mon!

I've tried to upload this darn image three times this week and when it pops up sideways I say a few words in Spanish which cannot be translated because this is a family friendly blog and just abandon the post. Seeing how it seems that I am never going to be able to share my cutie pie with you here, I'll leave you a link so you can see what it looks like when it's not flopped over. ARGH!
See it and read all about it HERE! I wish I knew how to store my images somewhere. When my sister comes in the Fall I'll ask her to teach me. I don't want to leave Blogger. I'm bummed that this image thing is ruining my blogging experience. Who the heck wants to read a crafting blog w/o pictures? Hello? Ok, no more whining...anyone have some cheese? LOL!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's All About Wool Around Here!

If you live in the United States you've probably been roasting like a chicken these past few weeks. NH has not been the exception to this horrid weather. It's hot, it's muggy and the Puertorricans are melting (yeah, I'm one of them, LOL!).
If you don't get that reference it's from one of my favorite movies...Fools Rush In.
Anyway, you KNOW I'm staying cool and dry inside my little Love Shack. The AC is blasting, the kiddo is happy. I gotta tell you, unless we have a power outage, we're pretty much all set here. That said, I'm playing with wool. I know, your hands might melt if you try to work outside with wool right about now but if you stay inside, it's just fine.
I'm working on a New Wool Crazy Round Robin. This is a brand new group of friends and we're all having a great ol' time. Our project is a pincushion and I just received my second one last week. This one belongs to Sharon Yeager (Yeah, she's the nutty one from Red Geranium Cottage...LOL!). Her theme (we all have themes. You have to stick to the "theme" when you work on someone else's project) is Summer and although I'm not ready to show all I've done, here's a little peek so you can see that I have not been slacking!
Are you lovin' the flower? You better be! Sharon put that one there and she'd be mighty upset if it didn't get rave reviews, LOL! I just added the teenie weeny little bee. hahaha. The leaves were added by Anna Romaine Fogg (I'll have all the links soon so do check back for them. Anna makes gorgeous stuff), who is also in the Round Robin.
I made this cute little butterfly (it's really quite small but I wanted you to check out my super spiffy stem stitch) I hope you're ooohhhh-ing and aahhh-ing. It's OK to gasp a little at my fancy work too, y'know? Now you might as well go on a break because that's the only fancy stitch I know and you've already seen it, LOL!
I'll see you back here in a couple of days, for the great reveal.
I'm off to YouTube to see if I can find a tutorial for another fancy stitch. I can't believe I threw down my best card first! I could never play poker...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Mini Quilt, Done!

I finished a little Summer quilt this week. It was a week of starts and stops, and many challenges (Life just seems to get in the way of my craftiness, what can I say?) but I did it, I have a finish for July...woo-HOO!
This is a super fast, easy peasy quilt. The applique is all flannel (my personal favorite) and the star is wool. The button is hand dyed so it's a "mystery shade" of wheat. I wish we had show and tell and you could all see it up close. It's sooo darn cute, really. The pic is well, as good as the camera could give us given the photographer, if you know what I mean...
Hope your week has a great finish too. It's the weekend so if you haven't started something, get to it! Chop-chop! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Thursday?

I lost a day, don't laugh at me. I lost a day of my life!
Has that ever happened to you? I actually made GP pull out my cellphone and show me that it was Wednesday yesterday when he casually informed me that we were going to Hampton Beach "Tomorrow". I said, "No, we're going to Hampton Beach on Thursday. You have to check the schedule so you can see, it's on the schedule for Thursday." To which he replied, "Tomorrow IS Thursday!" and I, in typical Mom fashion said, "Show Me."
Needless to say, I spent the next thirty minutes mumbling,
"OMG, I lost a day...I can't believe I lost a day." How is that possible? One day it's Monday and the next day it's Wednesday. And what the heck? UGH...
I want a do over of this week, so I can reclaim it!
I need more time to get ready to take that child to the beach; I'm not emotionally prepared! I woke started at 3AM this morning thinking, "Oh No, it's Thursday... it's Hampton Beach day!" I might have a nervous breakdown before he gets out of bed.
Please say a little prayer for me, I need all the help I can get!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Country Pumpkins Needlecase, Done!

I had a very productive weekend, I made a needle case.
I just received this wonderful applique pattern and as son as I saw it thought it would be just perfect for a weekend project. Then I thought, well what the heck would I make with it and after talking with Kaaren and seeing a gorgeous needle case she designed, I thought I could make a "beginner" needle case. One without any complications. And so it went, I made a needle case. And if you think mine looks anything like hers, well I'd say, "You better lay off the vino." =)
Yeah, my needle case wants to grow up to be like hers but it's gonna take some time, hahaha.
Anyway, I KNOW the applique is gorgeous because Pam Minch has pumpkins down to a science, and I've never seen one of her pumpkin patterns that I didn't like, and this one is no exception. Isn't it awesome? Love, love,Love it!
Oh but for my show and tell I did encounter some technical difficulties, so if you're feeling dizzy you best skip the next picture.
Would you be so kind as to pretend this image is not flipped on its side, and just try to see the "beauty" of my needle case? LOL! This is the inside of the case the pocket is actually on the left, not at the top of the case. I wanted to make it large enough to hold an extra rotary cutter blade in the little plastic case. It fits perfectly and there's a snap to make sure once it's in there, it's not going to fall out. Unless you flip it as picture here. See? Blogger wanted me to show you how NOT to hold the needle case!
In the middle I used a piece of hand dyed wool to match the cute Buggy barn fabrics I used . Oh, all the applique is flannel. I just love working with flannel.'s so soft and yummy...
Now looking at the back of the case we have two cool little pockets where you can stuff extra needles, an embroidery scissor or even extra skeins of thread. I "test drove" all these options, mind you... or you can just leave them empty... whatever works...
That's it for my weekend crafting. Did you get anything done? Hope you did, and if not, I hope you had fun just goofing off! I'm all for goofing off... =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Rides for GP!

It's that time of year when we make our monthly pilgrimage to Canobie Lake Park. I've seen GP go from staring at the rides, to riding the kiddie rides, to now riding the young adult rides. It's amazing how much he has grown and how this wonderful park just seems to stand still in time (Of course there are new rides, but they do creep in gradually, almost as to not disturb the ones that have been there forever).
This year GP has been to the park four times so far, April (twice), May and June. Each month he has tried a new ride and it has been the most exciting Summer yet...(or so I thought). On our last trip he walked by the The Giant Sky Wheel and said, "Let's give it a try!". My thought was "Let's is a lot of people... more than ONE! Oh NO! He wants ME to ride on THAT???!!!"
I want to make it perfectly clear that I am all for GP trying new things. I am his biggest fan, I am his cheerleader, I am his "team", but I am not, and will never be, a good riding partner.
I really wanted him to take a chance, to step out of his comfort zone...but not with ME! LOL!
But I did get on the ride and as soon as that thing started to climb I started to pray, silently at first, then a little louder and then when we hit the top, I almost had a stroke and started to yell, "Get me off this death rap, LET ME OUT!" OMG! I was terrified. But what was really interesting was that GP looked at me and in the calmest voice asked, "You're afraid of heights?" Maybe it was the mumble of my prayers or the colorless cheeks, maybe it was the tears welling up in my eyes as I stared death in the face but the point is, he saw that I was going to die of terror on this he said, "It's not too scary." HMMM. For some reason, this turned my panic button off an by the fifth time we were up in the clouds I was able to breathe. Mind you, by then, this is what GP was doing...reading the map and seeing where he wanted to go next; and here I was risking life and limb for him! LOL!
I hope he doesn't want me to go on the coaster next. He might have to take a cab home after that one, LOL!
Update: Note that there is no wire around the basket... the Giant Ferris Wheel at Disney has a cage that keeps you nice and safe inside. I heart Disney!

Monday, July 5, 2010


It's hard to post when every time I try to post something goes amuck.
Blogger is flipping my images. What is Up with THAT!? I am sooo frustrated!

I'm so done, stick a fork in me, I'm done!