Sunday, November 28, 2010

Squeezing In Some Work...

This morning I was up at 5am working. Talk about cutting it close, eh? I decided I would work until 10 am and call it a week. Anyway, I was able to clear the que, pack up the BOM blocks for the Settler's Pride ladies and make up a new kit, woo-HOO. I am so good, HAHAHA.

I cut twelve kits of Ginger Family... I have a thing for Gingerbread, I love them and I really wanted to have this ready to go when I got back. The kits wont ship until I return but if you love it and want one, better go now, I have only five left. They are adorable. Here's a link to the kits so you can read all the details,

Ginger Family Kits HERE!

OK, now I have to go to take a shower, gotta stay on schedule. The countdown to Disney has begun! YIKES!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Living on the Edge

I'm once again taking a leap of faith and taking GP on a Happy Birthday vacation. I know, I know, his BD was in Oct. but after much deliberation and planning we singled this week as being the most likely to be "less crowded" at his chosen destination. As if last year's trip to Disneyland had not been hard enough (it always sounds easier than it really is, and he never seems to realize how hard it is to make HIS vacation fun), this year he wanted to go to
Disney World. Oh yeah, the BIG one. So, off we go on Monday to show him the magic. He is sooo excited and I am so worried. My sister will once again be my wing man; I am so blessed to have an extra set of hands to help me on this adventure. I know I could never do this alone. These trips are not for the weak of body or spirit. They are hard work, they require lots of planning, lots of scheduling and lots of foresight. You have to be aware of GP and what is happening in HIS surroundings at all times.
It's hard to explain but here's a visual, when walking through a crowd, one person must go in front, GP in the middle and one behind him. The person behind him is in charge of blocking people of walking in front of him or bumping him off course, the person in front of GP is in charge of making way for the two others to follow in single file. You must make sure that you don't walk too fast, lest you lose the followers, or two slow causing a pile up... you must find the shortest distance and make the fastest time (Because of the noise and crowd) because the folks behind you can't see anything... UGGG. It is sooo stressful. If you get caught in a mob (aka parade, fireworks, or just people standing around watching the water show) can get ugly fast, real fast. We were lucky that by our fourth day we had a system that worked like an assembly line but by them we were exhausted too. These will probably be the longest days of the year for both of us, but more likely than not, they will be the highlight of Gene's.

I swear, if his is not living on the edge, I have no idea what that is!

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like ....

Black Friday marks the official start of the Holiday Season in my little world. I give myself permission to whip out the decorations and just go nuts. One thing I do every year regardless of how I am going to decorate my home, is buy ornaments. I will never confess to how many I own because like Longaberger baskets, they should never ever be counted, LOL!
So, today being Black Friday and all, I had to do a little shopping and guess what I bought. Oh yeah, I bought myself two new ornaments I had on my "Wish List". I was sooo good. I only bought the two, they were on sale and they had free shipping; I mean really? What more do you need to put those babies in the cart and run for the checkout? HAHAHA. OK, so I could have logged off or closed the tab but it's Black Friday, you just have to stimulate the economy! LOL!
I just love Pottery Barn! I'll post a pic when they come in.
As if on cue, my Crate and Barrel moose ornaments came in on Wednesday.
I shall blame my sister for my little wooden moose obsession. She gifted me a set of these cuties a few years ago and I check for new additions every single year. They don't make them every year so you have to watch for them because they are all different. They're out for that year and then they "retire" and good luck finding them. This year they issued a new set and as soon as I saw them I was on them like bees on honey. Are they adorable or what? This year's theme was Winter Sports so the little guys are snowboarding, ice fishing, skiing and of course, playing ice hockey. Aren't they cute? I love them. I have a few sets, they make my heart happy.

I also have a thing for Mercury Glass ornaments, these are tiny, about 2".

and oh yes, I heart candy canes

Now I shall sit and wait for my new wooden finial ornaments... Oh, it most certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! =)

If you could ask HIM for anything, what would you ask for?

For every letter received, Macy's will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation,
up to $1,000,000.
Help make wishes come true by writing your own letter to Santa!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Like I Said, No Rest for The Weary!

Is it only Tuesday? What is it about Thanksgiving week that is sooo draining? I know! It's the fact that the day after Thanksgiving we are officially IN the Christmas Season. That is definitely it for me anyway. I feel everything needs to be done before Thanksgiving or it will "ruin" the holidays. It's sabotage, I sabotage myself. It's not like anyone cares; but still... it's one of my "quirks", LOL!
Anyway, in keeping with my "pre-holiday" OCD, I HAD to have the studio shelving delivered BEFORE Thanksgiving, (God forbid Santa should come and find all the new fabric on crappy looking shelves, LOL!). So what happens? Yep, they come on a Monday. Don't even get me started on Mondays (someone needs to tell my son that there are worse things than Mondays and he should just cut me some slack already!)...argh!
But after pulling an all nighter, what do I have to show???? I have this, TADA!!!!
And why do I have to go to the gym now? WHY? Because it's on the schedule, that's why! LOL!
Love my new shelves and I think Santa will love them too... hope he doesn't expect a quilt because after all that lifting I just want a nap! HAHAHA.
Hope your little love shack is getting it's holiday makeover too. Nothing says Christmas like a spruced up home. You can do it!!! =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

No Rest For The Weary...

I decided I have to make a Tree Bird Quilt, I just have to. With this little cutie as my goal I am stealing time from my crazy schedule and getting it done. The best way to "steal" time from myself is to carry my project around and that's what I have been doing. I traced and cut these while waiting for GP to get out of the shower...he takes LOOOONG showers, so I was able to get all the leaves cut out and traced, and the rest of the applique traced (onto fusible web). On another short break I got all the other stuff cut out. I think it was while I was waiting for something else. I feel like I spend half of my life waiting, on hold or in line. Is that just me???Oh now I remember, I was watching the news at noon...that's what I was doing. Lunch break!
Anyway, I finally have everything cut and while ironing a shirt I fused on the pennies and the wings. Hey, the iron was hot and I was already there...So this is what I have so far.
Well, almost, because last night while I was watching TV I was able to start the actual stitching... and loo! I have a wing, one wing is done; woo-HOO!

OK so that's not much progress, but will have you know that I am a woman on a mission. I am going to complete this kit this week. I know I will . Then I will have one of these in my studio:
I can't wait to have it up. It's so cute!!!
You can order the patterns to make your own, HERE! Fast, Fun and easy...just what any busy Mom needs, because God knows we have no time.
There is no rest for the weary!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painting Makes My Heart Happy!

If there is one thing, just one thing you could do for yourself... what would it be?
I would spend the day painting. That's what I would do, and that is exactly what I did yesterday. I spent the day painting this gorgeous cabinet. Mind you, this is a photo taken with my Blackberry so it's kind of blurry and dull but I thought I'd take the pic while I wait for the varnish to dry... multitasking, it's my new thing, LOL~!
This design by Cynthia Erickson. She is an amazing primitive folk artist. I am never disappointed in her Seminars. The actual projects we will work on are revealed the day of the workshop. When you sign up for the class it will say something like "jelly cupboard with maritime scene", and you either take it or leave it. Which is great fun for those of us who can't be bothered with the details like what color is it? What size is it? In the end I have decided that it doesn't matter. It's a day of painting fun. No phones,. no laundry, no drama. You go, you paint, come home with a wonderful piece that will blend in somehow, somewhere, in your home. It's just awesome.
So yesterday I drove to the seacoast (Newburyport, MA) for one of the two seminars I signed up for months ago. Oh, I was giddy with excitement and when I walked in and saw this piece I was in heaven. So I spent the day painting and woke up to varnish this baby and later tonight to find it a "spot" in the little love nest.
I gotta tell you, sometimes a day of "ME" time is just what you need to get over the challenges of everyday life. Hope your weekend was fun and that you did something that made your heart happy. If not, we're painting a Santa Dummy Board in December, wanna come? It'll be great fun and I KNOW it will make your heart happy! =)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes You Need to Talk to The Guy Who Is In Charge!

Can you believe it's that time of the year again? WOW! Seems like just yesterday when GP announced he had talked to HIM, "for the last time" (because he knows that Santa only brings gifts to the "children" and not the teenagers). But as you can clearly see, he has had a change of heart and has decided that those rules do NOT apply to him.
When I asked GP what he wanted for Christmas (again, because WE -not Santa, would be buying him his gifts this year), he informed me that he wanted a computer program. Woo-HOO is what I thought, and then I started searching for said program. Well, it turns out that you can buy a laptop for less than the cost of this program. OUCH! Hmmm.
I need to discuss this w/the big guy (AKA Dad, LOL!). So, I say nothing and decide how I'm going to approach the husband with this "situation", because of course GP has only told me. Anyway, GP drops me another reminder when we go to the Apple store and tells me that "THIS" is not the program that he wants for Xmas, and that the one he wants is only available online because it is a "Full version". But Oh, I am ready with..."GP, we'll have to see if we can buy that one because it's VERY expensive, and we might have to save for it". He looks a little crestfallen but not upset so I think, whew! That wasn't so bad...
OK, now brace for it... GP goes out w/Gino on the Saturday and once again comes home like the cat that swallowed a tweety bird and tells me, "I talked to HIM." and what did Santa say? Yep, you guessed it...he will bring him Final Cut Studio, the full version edition! ARGH!!!!
Note the look on GP's face, that's called Satisfaction...
Yep, sometimes you just have to go straight to the top to get what you need!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A SALE, just because I can!

Did you see my new slide show? Gotta love those Remembrance fabrics.
I heart Brannock & Patek. Their fabrics are just gorgeous.I uploaded the complete collection of Remembrance last night and to celebrate I've decided they should go on sale, woo-HOO! There are forty prints to choose from and at $7.99 you just have to add some to your stash... but hurry, sale ends on Sunday! B=)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm such a Techie, NOT!

"Tree Bird, a new kit coming soon to Pumpkin Patch Primitives"
So you know my computer is having a hissy fit and I have no intention on putting any more time, energy or resources ($$$) into it. I decided that I needed to go Mac and I did...almost three weeks ago, thankyouverymuch!
Well, while my new baby sits and waits for me to unpack and learn how to use it, life and business must go on. Today I had to post a pic of a kit I have on the cutting table that I will be listing later tonight and I had a Techie "moment". What if I put the little camera card in the little slot on the computer tower, like Sandy does? HMMM. Will it swallow my card? (OH stop it, you know you have that question too but are too chicken to stand up and say so!)...
Well, I'll have you know that it does not swallow the card, it pops up a window and OMG! Your pics are there. HAHAHA. How amazing is that?! Don't laugh at me! I'm trying to teach you something here!!!
OK, now that the pic is in the computer (and because the computer refuses to do any work on its own), I found a program online that crops, tags and resizes everything. so you can save the image exactly as you want it. TADAAAA. And it only takes 45 minutes to do one image, LOL!!!
OK, so it's not the fastest way, but I just had to show you... I'm so on my way to becoming a bonafide member of Best Buy's Geek Squad, NOT! HAHAHA.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Alive but My Computer is Dying!

I'm Alive! HOORAY!
That was the good news...the bad news is that although I have TONS to tell you, I am a graphic person and I need pictures to tell my stories. If I can't get my pictures up, I just lose my mojo and don't want to share. Yep, I'm like that. No pictures, no story.
And so, there you have it. I am a no show because my computer is sucking the big one and it refuses to let me do anything. I would tell you where and how I got this image but I refuse to incriminate myself so let's just say, "I found myself" online, LOL!
This is a brand new pattern I picked up at market and will soon have in stock...
Oh yes I did, I went to market... Don't even get me started. I had my sister taking pictures left and right and now they are zipped up tight in a folder I cannot access on my computer.
Anyway, I have sooo much to say, and no pictures so I'm leaving now before I have a meltdown.
I just wanted to let you know that I just bought a new computer and as soon as I get it up and
I finally have access to my pictures I have a BOATLOAD of stuff to share.
Oh, and my handsome Prince turned 15. Can you believe it? I can't believe I have survived the past 11 years, I think it's just God's mercy but there you have it... eleven years of Autism and I am still here. Moms with new DX's take note. If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger!
I have a story to share..but not without a pic.
OMG! I'm taking GP to Disney. Next week. I feel like I'm about to stand on a ledge and jump. Yep, it's another scary adventure and when my dear friend Michelle (Rocking Chair Stitches) asked me why I was taking him there if I was so terrified, I told her the God's honest truth, because he wants to go and I want to make him happy. So there you go. Send me your prayers 'cause you KNOW I'm going to need them. I have a great pic of GP on his BD. It's on Facebook because I can upload it directly from my phone.
I'll be back soon folks. Please know that I have not deserted you .
My computer is running on fumes, LOL! Big hugs, B=)