Monday, February 25, 2008

Swappers in Action!

Here's a pic sent to me by Marie Beers,
a Lost Socks swapper.
She made a load of socks this weekend...
are they cute or what?
Way to go Marie!

Sharing the Love!

My youngest sister sent me a wonderful Valentine's Day Surprise; a Hallmark Spring Bulb basket! It was so unexpected it made my heart sing. It just started blooming and it's just something bright and beautiful to look forward to when I come downstairs in the morning. I can't wait to see what else comes to life from day to day. It's like the Energizer Bunny; it keeps going and going. I love it!

More Socks!

This weekend I chose to do prep work for my ongoing projects.
I fused and cut eleven small socks and I hope to have the blocks stitched up sometime this week.

These are for the
Lost Socks Block Swap,
of course!

I used a great Thimbleberries flannel for the blue socks but I'm still debating on brown or green toes and heels...
I'll have to try them both before deciding.

Postcard Cuties Catch Up

Sew many projects, Sew Little time! I'm playing Catch Up with my friends from the Baltimore Bunnies Yahoo Group. Those ladies are stitching up a storm; I'm just trying to catch up. I was so far behind I spent half a day just fusing and cutting to make up all these blocks. They might not look like much now but when I stitch them up they will be transformed into mini masterpieces, LOL! This is the Spring Postcards Cuties pattern I posted about a little while back. Are these cute or what? With any luck I'll be caught up before they are finished, LOL! Hey, I'm slow but consistent! Or is it consistently slow? HMMM

Friday, February 15, 2008

Swap Blocks

I retook a picture of the olive socks and this one looks a little better. Not really TRUE in color but definitely closer than the gray posted below.

Snow Angel

What a great find~! I feel like I hit the lotto of quilting treasures when I found Handmaiden Designs; these patterns are absolutely precious. I decided to make my Shoppe Sample as soon as they came in and wow, it's a cutie! This is the January wall hanging Angel quilt, Snow Angel. There is one for each month and they will all be posted soon for all who want to create these treasures for themselves. They are very easy to make, simple piecing, easy applique....just the way we like it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Socks,Socks and More Socks!

Another great day to stay home and make up some socks; I made 13 today! I'm hooked on socks, what can I say? I realized I could make 9 socks from just one fat quarter. I would suggest using fat eighths to make an assortment of blocks to swap.
Today I made some Blue socks from Benartex's Charms collection (I bought this years ago and had been hoarding it, just waiting for the perfect project...which now came along!) The red is from Whimsicals' Cottage Garden Collection by Red Rooster and the Black is from Andover's Quilt Museum collection (I LOVE that collection!) I love the little pennies.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Olive Socks today!

These socks are actually Olive green w/sage green toes and heel, on a golden plaid of red and sage stripes. As you can see, my pictures keep getting worse...I don't know what the heck is going on! The beautiful print has tiny red roses to match with the dark rose socks I made yesterday and to bring all my colors together or simply to avoid a color clash!
I am so excited to have completed 10 small socks in two days! Not that that's that many socks, but I am doing this in my "spare time", LOL!
I used one fat quarter to make all six socks and had enough left to make a long one, which I will tackle after I have all my short ones made.

Lost Socks Block Swap

Wow, I finally got around to working on my socks for the Lost Socks Swap! Not really sure what goes on between the time I take the picture to the time the images are actually uploaded but I know that there is a color issue that I have yet to figure socks are
not really the colors pictured. This is just the color that
most closely resembles the colors of my socks, LOL! The backgrounds are tan and light gold tone....well, at least I was able to share the general "look"! Aren't they awesome? After making pumpkins these are a walk in the park. I made these in less than an hour, from choosing the fabrics to ironing and stacking them. I'm so psyched! I'm making twenty sets and have so many great flannels it's hard to choose which ones to use. I do save every little scrap of fabric I have left from a project and these were made with fabrics from my scrap bin. The backgrounds are from a Sweet Sixteen Bundle and the socks are from Thimbleberries and Maywood Lights flannels. I use flannels for almost all my applique work; hence I do have a nice stash. One of these days I will learn turn under applique and my flannels will dwindle but until then, Heat & Bond and Flannel are my constant quilting companions!