Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lost Socks Block Swap

Wow, I finally got around to working on my socks for the Lost Socks Swap! Not really sure what goes on between the time I take the picture to the time the images are actually uploaded but I know that there is a color issue that I have yet to figure socks are
not really the colors pictured. This is just the color that
most closely resembles the colors of my socks, LOL! The backgrounds are tan and light gold tone....well, at least I was able to share the general "look"! Aren't they awesome? After making pumpkins these are a walk in the park. I made these in less than an hour, from choosing the fabrics to ironing and stacking them. I'm so psyched! I'm making twenty sets and have so many great flannels it's hard to choose which ones to use. I do save every little scrap of fabric I have left from a project and these were made with fabrics from my scrap bin. The backgrounds are from a Sweet Sixteen Bundle and the socks are from Thimbleberries and Maywood Lights flannels. I use flannels for almost all my applique work; hence I do have a nice stash. One of these days I will learn turn under applique and my flannels will dwindle but until then, Heat & Bond and Flannel are my constant quilting companions!

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