Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wool Bundles, Now in Progress!

I'm cutting up wool bundles today! Don't you just love the yummy feel of hand dyed wool? OMG! It's so soft and yummy. I started nice and early and haven't even made a dent in the pile. Hello?! OK, so I am setting my goal to making five bundles today, that's it... (Hey, a girl needs some time to rest, to do non work related things; even if it is to actually make something with the wool you're "not working" with, LOL!!!) So far, I've managed to cut one, a Spring Mix Bundle. Aren't they cute?
More pictures later, now I have to get back to cutting. Woo-HOO!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Crossed Over To The Deep End!

So how do I know this? Well, I received an email from one one of my distributors and when I saw these earrings I thought, "OH, those are so cool!" LOL! And then I thought, "Jessy would die if I wore those!" hahaha. Yep, that's how I know.
Jessy is my gauge as to "What Not To Wear"... and trust me, I have no doubt she would turn me in to the What Not To Wear show people in a heartbeat, she'd sleep like a baby after she did me wrong too. She's a cold hearted Fashionista, that baby sister of mine... and these might just push her over the edge, LOL! But I can't help it...
OMG! I'm one of THOSE quilters! Unlike socks with little quilt blocks that read "I 'heart' quilting", you just can't hide these dangling blocks, LOL! It's like coming out of the "Quilter" closet.... I don't know....I'm going to sleep on it... and I wont answer the phone when Jessy calls me. hee-hee...
PS...Maybe I could just wear them when I'm at the Pumpkin Patch...only GP and the UPS guy would see me.... =) Oh, but the ladies at Brighton might not approve of my Non Brighton accessories... there's the brand loyalty thing... LOL!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart & Soul Fat Quarter Bundles!

I just posted the Heart & Soul Fat Quarter Bundles on the website. After filling the initial orders and making the kits I could only cut four bundles so don't procrastinate! Two fabrics are already sold out and at $2.39 a piece I'd say they are priced to sell! 28 pieces in all. Woo-Hoo!
Just wanted to post it here first...I'm working on the Newsletter folks. Oh so much work, so little time!
I'm thinking of hoarding one the FT bad would that be???? I'm so bad. I grow attached to gorgeous fabric, so sue me! LOL!
OK, now I really have to go... Back with a fender bender update . Man, I really am a chatter box!!!! I really want to tell you about the second one because the insurance guy came today but I have to go.... don't forget, the FQ bundles are posted...
Update: These FQ Bundles are now Sold Out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a Small World!

Meet my blogging buddy Lynn. I bet she looks familiar... yep!
That's Lynn from Painting Thyme Needfuls, hahaha!We met for a late lunch on Saturday ... and we closed down the mall! What a great afternoon we had. GP had to call me to summon me home because we were just chatting away and next thing you know, was past my Mommy curfew, LOL!
But he was mighty impressed with what I brought home...look at the wonderful Bunny that Lynn made for me! He is so cute.. and he is huge. Well, they both are, GP and the Bunny, LOL!
Lynne makes the most perfectly primitive treasures you could ever want for you home. And this is just one of her latest creations. My loot included wooden carrots, and baby bunnies too. Oh, Lynn, I love them all Thank you so much! GP likes the big bunny the best, as you can see.
I was thinking today of how when we meet people in cyberspace they seem so far away and sometimes these people who we befriend turn out to be our neighbors. It so happens that Lynne is just a short drive away from Nashua. How cool is that? It's such a small world, it really is.
I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Lynn, and can't wait for our next get together. Maybe we should do brunch so we can leave before they close the restaurant, LOL!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heart & Soul by Whimsicals Has Arrived!

My Mom always said that there will be sun after the rain... you just have to be patient. Well, I have to say that the same is true for the Snow. Well, you just can't be too literal, LOL! There has been a little bit of sunshine dropped into the Pumpkin Patch this morning and it looked like this...
OMG! What a great day... Red Rooster just sent me a great big chunk of lovin'!
I can't wait to finish uploading them. I love this line.
It's called Heart & Soul and yes, it is by Whimsicals...
Gotta run, just wanted to share the great news! Woo-HOO!
All Heart and Soul fabrics have been uploaded! HOORAY!

You can order them by just using the link above, in red! B=)

A New Kit...Almost Ready...

Almost a whole week and this is all I have to show for my sad is that?
Well, It was a crappy week, what can I say? LOL! Seriously, ever have one of those darn weeks when you take one step forward and two steps back? That was my week in a nutshell. As things began to brighten up...GP took ill. Hello?! Instead of having a long weekend of crafting bliss GP decides (Yes, he did it on purpose! I told him to keep his hands in his pockets when he stepped outside our germ free home, I told him! What was he thinking holding on to the handrail on the escalator? EWWW!) Anyway... there you have it, a germ riddled kid in my house. A sure sign that there will no crafting, painting, sewing or even resting in this place until the long weekend is a thing of the past. =(

I had high hopes for this great loooong weekned. I was counting the days till I had three afternoons of ME time...but it was not meant to be. Instead I was nursing the germ-y one, LOL! I'd give you details but it might be TMI, and it "might" gross you out, just a tad.

Anyway, I did manage to trace and cut two sets of applique pieces for an upcoming kit. I am cutting the kits as I find the perfect fabrics and decide what to use where. You know how that is, the right fabric for the right spot... I'll see if I can get it done before the weekend.
Did I mention I had a car accident too? Hello!? I told you I had a crappy weekend! yes, I slammed into a car that decided she should park behind me as I was pulling out of a spot at the Nashua Post Office. After I finished all the paperwork I called Gino and told him that I am trading in the Murano for a Hummer...because if I'm going to have to do so much paperwork and listen to so much whining (from the other driver who just happened to decide to park her little car behind my big fat truck) I might as well make sure I cause some serious damage...and I mean, like I should just freakin' total her car, LOL!
Seriously folks, the policeman told her the damage to the vehicles was too minor to file a report and the woman almost broke into tears... I wanted to say, "Maam, I'm sorry I didn't hit you hard enough to file a police report!" My bumper has a ding...and GP was in the car and didn't even notice. Yeah. I just love a good drama. Anyway, he noted our insurance information and sent us on our merry way. I expect a call from an injury attorney any day now...whiplash or something. And THEN I'm getting a Hummer! No more fender benders for me!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valdani Threads Have Arrived!

I'm so excited!
The Valdani Threads have finally arrived!
I have read great things about these threads and Kaaren swears by them so I ordered them and they arrived just this afternoon. Woo-HOO!
Still packed as you can see, I will have them posted sometime tomorrow.
If you are making the Wool Crazy quilt you'll definitely want to give these a try... I can't wait to try them myself! B=)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Patriotic Santa Dummy Board, Done!

I did it! I finished my Santa Dummy Board! It was finally warm enough outside (OK, so it was only 30 but it was "warmer" than it's been all week, LOL!) and I ventured outside to varnish him and take a pic.
Isn't he the bomb? The pic has a little glare but otherwise the colors are pretty true. Hope you can get a close up of that beard. I was thinking Willie Nelson, so I went all out, hahaha. OMG! Hope I don't get coal in my stocking for that!
Anyway, Now he's ready to hang. I wish I had a covered porch, he looks so good outside. ... but he'd get wet and warped. Oh, well... Inside he goes.
But he's so cute; I'm sure to find a spot for him soon. B=)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Have A Winner!

GP says, "Oh, we don't have time for this!" as I intersect him on his way to bed in his Jammies; bowl in hand and camera in tow. I had to laugh. I said, "Only a quick winner, you can do it!" so he rolls his eyes and follows me back to the kitchen to pull the winner and pose for the handshot, LOL~!
Marie, who spent her weekend playing with wool and working on her Wool Crazy Background is the Winner of my "ME Time Giveaway!" And her prize you ask? Well, I painted this Treenware Scoop a little while back. It is an adaptation of a John Sliney (another one of my Favorite Folk artists!) pattern. The Sheep stands on hills of Pumpkins and her saddle reads "Pumpkins for Sale". I hope she loves it....
Congratulations Marie! I'll have this in the mail in a day or two. Thank you to all who shared their weekend fun with me. B=)
Update: Marie, your Treenware Scoop has shipped. It should be there soon, enjoy! B=)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love Painting!

Today I drove down to Newbury to paint with one of my favorite instructors, Cynthia Erikson. After only six hours this is what I drove home with, a Patriotic Santa Dummy Board.
He isn't finished yet, there is still linework to do and some shading but all in all, a good show for a few hours work. I am hoping to finish him tomorrow. Nothing like a completed piece to remind me of how much I love painting.
I hope you spent your day doing something that makes your heart happy...nothing makes my heart happier than a day of painting! If you've never given the brush a try....well, you just wouldn't understand! LOL!
A better pic will follow once it is complete. Stay tuned!
So what did you do today? Anything FUN????
No, laundry does not count as a fun activity; and cooking, nope, that's a "no go" too....LOL! Only fun, "I did this for ME!" stuff counts...c'mon, think hard...what did you do for yourself today?
If your answer was "Nada!", then remeber, there's still one more day this weekend that you can claim as your own. Go ahead, take the day and do something fun. You know you want to.... so do it! LMK what you're up to! B=)
PS..I will have a painted piece to giveaway. No, not my Santa... a secret piece! I will ask GP to draw from among those who share what they did for themselves...only selfish, "I did this for myself" entries qualify. LOL! Yeah, I encourage "Me" time, what can I say???LOL!
OOps. I'll draw a winner tomorrow night. You have one more day to do something for go ahead and do it, and then tell me about it....I can't wait to read all about it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Own little Pumpkinhead!

Meet Pebbles the Pumpkinhead and Hershel the cat. They've decided to move into the Pumpkin Patch and have traveled here from
Countryfolk Keepsake in NY. Aren't they the cutest pair? No, not GP and Pebbles , Pebbles and Hershel! LOL!
They are one of a kind but you can see some of the other lovelies looking to be adopted at the Countryfolk Keepsake website... OMG! They are all adorable... This one just had to come home to us. I think she was just lost over there. Thank goodness we found her!
Welcome home Pebbles, welcome home!
Oh, and I think GP likes her...I better watch her closely lest she wake up in PPD's bed!
You can see her "Professional Portrait" HERE!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Working Here!

OMG! Is it Thursday already? Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Geez!
Well, here's what I have been doing. I'm working on my own
Scarecrow Jack In The Pumpkin PatchThis is a new kit I've added to the shoppe. I'm so sick and tired of the cold; I am dreaming of warmer days and bright orange pumpkins while making this adorable little mat.
Look at my little Jack, isn't he the cutest? I am lovin' this project. So far, I have all the applique pieces cut out. I have yet to cut out the background...maybe tonight. In the end, I am hoping my little mat looks like this one from Cath's Pennies. I have only kits for this one, but if you'd like just the pattern, you can find it HERE!
My pic's colors are off, I will try to get an outdoor, true color pic posted when I'm done. I just wanted to share my progress, lest you think that I am slacking off or something, LOL! Trust me, I'm working here!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Addition...

Finding the right piece of furniture to add to a tiny house is no small feat. It takes hours of searching, measuring and planning. Then along comes a piece that makes you say, "HMMM> I can find a spot for that!" and "WHAM!" Next thing you know you're crossing your fingers and hoping that it's all you expected. The wait seems interminable, the days long after the UPS man has made his stop.... and you just sort of forget why you were so psyched.
I've been waiting for this piece for well over two weeks and once I unpacked the two HUGE boxes, it came to me in a flash why I had to have it... Oh, It's just perfect! Handmade in the USA by the same folks that made my red cabinet, this piece is stunning. I have to look them up to share their information. But for now, I just wanted to share my newest addition. The Pumpkin Patch has a new doughbox w/ stand that'll knock your socks off! I'm so excited!!! Isn't it awesome?
PS. The colors are off... it's a distressed Buttermilk.