Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Please, Don't Ask Me To Buy You An AC Adapter!

Ever been given a wish list that bores you to tears? 
I have a few of those on my shopping list and I just cannot bring myself to "add to cart". OMG! I am so bad. I know, I know...the whole idea behind the wish list concept is to help the gift giver score BIG with the recipient but I just cannot see anyone jumping for joy over an ac adapter, if you know what I mean. I mean, really? Seriously? C'mon!
Since you already know about the best present I've ever received (my first cordless screwdriver; new visitors please refer to previous post), I'll tell you about the second best gift I've ever received and this should shed some light on why the wish list items are just not doing it for me. 
My sister gifted me, many,many years ago, a GC for a painting class at a local craft store.  I thought this was a super fun idea, something I would have never done for myself, something that led me on a path of healing and changed my life forever...
After a day of struggling to catch up with the ladies in the class I thought I would never paint again but I took a few more classes after that, and discovered it was all about practicing. Then, just when I was getting the hang of it, GP was diagnosed with Autism and my life stopped; and our battle began.
Painting helped soothe my soul when I couldn't read one more sentence about autism. It helped me loose myself without leaving my house. It was peace amidst the chaos. For years I painted in the wee hours of the night when sleep wouldn't come. I practiced, practiced, practiced... and while I taught my son to write during the day I taught myself to do scroll work at night. Painting has been a blessing in my life, and it came to me as a gift. A gift that forever changed my life. "Give the girl a painting and she will hang it on her wall, teach her how to paint and she will learn to soothe her troubled soul".
My husband's gift taught me that I could fix anything, and my sister's gift taught me I could survive anything. Now those are the kinds of gifts I want to give. 
Somehow the ac adapter cable just doesn't measure up.
This is a dining room chair that I painted way before I could quilt, and the desk was also among the first pieces of furniture I painted.  Now GP uses them as his gaming station in my office.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What to Give, What to Give? That Is The Question.

As the holidays come upon us (Hey, Thanksgiving is just a few days away, folks. After that you KNOW it's HoHoHo all the way!), the question of what to give comes to the forefront of everyone's minds. No matter how much you want to think "you've got this", I know you, like me,  have had to mull  it over. You know it's NOT about the present, it really isn't. It's  the thought behind it. Once you know what you want to give, finding it is not that hard. Use google, trust me, they can find anything! 

Now, if you could ask for anything, anyTHING at all, what would you ask for ??? Within reason, of course. How about thinking of what you would never have thought to ask for but received anyway. What were those? I'll tell you about two gifts that changed my life.

First, on my second wedding anniversary my husband bought me a cordless screwdriver. I swear, he did. I can't believe he did that! I almost cried (He actually bought me a sapphire and diamond ring too but it was being custom made and was delayed so all he had to give me was the stinkin' screwdriver, I didn't find out about the ring until a few weeks later because even as I "gave it to him" for his unthoughtful gift, he didn't tell me about the ring until he presented it to me... shame on me. I know) But here is the lesson I learned. It's NOT about the gift, it's about the thought. 

What Gino tells me, as we laugh about the stinkin' screwdriver (yeah, I will forever pay for my ungratefulness), is that the reason he bought me the freakin' thing is that he noticed that I liked to fix things (I never thought that I LIKED to fix things, I thought that I NEEDED to fix things which is TOTALLY different from liking, in IMHO!), and he wanted to make MY job easier by helping me work smarter, not harder. GASP! OK, so that just shut me right up. I was young, I was stupid, and many years later, almost twenty to be exact, I have to admit, it was the best freakin' gift he ever gave me. Yes, there were trips, there were diamonds, there were watches, there was a house, BUT the best gift is the one that that that tells you that this person KNOWS you and knows what you do. I FIX things, and once I had that stinkin' screwdriver I was the Queen of DIY!
There was nothing I couldn't fix with that baby. LOL

But wait for it, just a few weeks ago Gino brought me something in a Home Depot bag and gave it to me, telling me, "I know  you hated the last one I gave you but this one isn't as heavy as your new one and and you said your wrist hurts, so I bought it for you anyway. Don't hit me with it!" 
Yes, it was a new cordless screwdriver!
Mind you, we are now divorced but he still gives me the most amazing gifts... 
Lesson here? It's not the gift, it's the thought behind the gift. So before you go out buying crazy expensive gifts, think about what to give. I'm working on that question myself. 
What to give, what to give?  that is the question! LOL
I'll tell you about my Second gift in my next post... that one also changed my life, and I would have never thought to buy it either.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guilt is Not The Way Into My Wallet!

This holiday season I will NOT buy local, I will NOT eat local, 
I will NOT give my money to ANY business just because they are LOCAL.
I will however, shop at any and all shops that acknowledge that my business is why they are in business (and  by MY business I mean the walk in customer who is interrupting their conversation or that busy work that they can finish when we have left their store, which should be in two minutes flat if we can't find someone to help us, duh!), and treat me with attentiveness and respect. I will eat only at restaurants where servers do not talk down to me, or my son, and who understand that good service is more important than the food. I can probably cook just as well as they do, but I'd really like it if someone else did the dishes for a change...

I will not be guilted into shopping locally. I work hard for my money, and so should they... that's all I'm saying.  It'll be hard to beat the service at Longhorn's where the servers know our names and have never asked me, "You know we don't use regular lettuce to make our salads, we use fancy greens" (true story, local restaurant), or have tried to excuse the 50 minute steak with "at fancy restaurants it usually takes longer to get your food because it's made to order", (I SWEAR this IS a true story, This happened to me at a local restaurant. I can't make this s*** up!, Main St rest in downtown Nashua!)... I will eat where the food is made well, the servers are attentive and I can still have money in my wallet after I pay the check... 

I will not shop local just because it's local. I will only shop local if local is better than the chain or the online retailer. I do not expect anyone to shop at my shoppe just because I'm an online retailer, what makes them think I should shop with them just because they are on Main St.? 
Not gonna happen... My two cents.

By not shopping local I am still very much supporting my local economy, I am still keeping my neighbors employed, I am still keeping my city viable. 
Do you think I have seen one too many "Shop Local" ads? I think so. 
And although my local farm is wonderful, $5 for a pint of Strawberries in June seemed a bit excessive to me; and the $1.50 for the tiny pumpkin I picked up at the spmkt for 69cents also seemed a bit much, so I had to leave those and shop "not local", sorry...  
The folks that work at the Hannaford's need jobs too, so I'm supporting them. And man, I can't remember EVER seeing a special needs person working at ANY of the local shops in Nashua, and that alone is a good reason for any mom with a special needs child to shop at Walmart! Just sayin'...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Not Again!

Yep, it's that weird time between Halloween and Christmas where we're not really sure if we should be embracing Fall or just going full steam ahead towards Christmas. 
Just last Sunday GP came home with this picture (where he is concealing his  braces, mind you). I almost had a stroke. Where did this guy come from and who told him he could be agreeing to anything GP asks before discussing it with me? Note the thumbs up, folks!
 Talk about bypassing the middleman. Geez! Give a Mom a break already! I think the little white envelope on the counter containing these damaging images might be why Gino dropped off GP and called me while on his way home to ask me if I had found the envelope on the counter... coward. Men have no backbone, I tell you. It was like a hit and run. Drop the kid off, and run for the hills before Mom (who is responsible for finding out what was discussed and what sort of damage "HE" will cause this year is left to wonder, "Who told you you could take him to talk to Santa? What were you thinking????" LOL. Yeah, we've been trying to wean him off Santa but he's having none of it. Mom has the "we'll see" and "He" nods and says he'll talk to the elves. This is the third year he pulls the "I talked to Santa, for the very last time" script. AHEM... All I have to say, is "Santa, you have some 'splaining to do!" 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Stand Up For What You Believe, VOTE!

In this day and age when there is a rampant sense of entitlement, many women forget that the right to vote was EARNED, not given to us. It was a right we had to fight for. It was less than a hundred years ago, ninety-two to be precise, when women were finally granted the right to vote in all the states of the union. It took a constitutional amendment to give us that right, yet so many squander it. It baffles me when women say they are not going to vote. When they use the "It doesn't matter who is in office, it's all the same" adage.
I just don't get that thinking. 
I cannot understand people, especially women,  who do not value the democratic process enough to get involved. Democracy is what makes this country so great. It gives us a say in how our country is run. It's your "two cents".  Your contribution to the decision making process.  Don't you have an opinion? Don't you KNOW where you stand and what you stand for? I sure do. 
I make it a point to vote in every election. My candidates may not always win, but I know that my voice is heard. I know that I did not stand by the sidelines while others stood up for me. I stood up for myself. I put in my two cents and let my vote be counted among those who had a say in how their country was run.
Tomorrow is election day and I truly hope that you too will stand up for what you believe in and get out there and vote for your candidates. The people who you feel will do right by you, for you. Don't let others talk for you. Don't squander this right that so many women fought so hard to earn...
get out and vote!
And may my candidate win! =)

Friday, November 2, 2012

"You have a blog, but you haven't blogged in a long time!"

I just got back  from market on Wednesday. I know, I know, market ended on Monday but for those of us in the Northeast getting home was a bit of a challenge. You've heard it all over the news so I'll spare you my ordeal. Suffice it to say that by the time I left, I was on a first name basis with the concierge at the Hyatt. We're like "THIS", (crossing fingers, as in "tight", LOL)
I found tons of great stuff at market and the goodies have started  to arrive (more on that on another post), but I wanted to check in this morning because my Facebook feed is loaded with Market recaps and it reminded me that I too have a blog that needs a recap, and more importantly, that I wanted to check in and recount the meeting I had with someone at market.
Here goes; Me: "Hi I'm Brenda, from Pumpkin Patch Primitives." Stranger: "Oh, I know who you are. You have a blog, but you haven't blogged in a long time." Me: (eyes like deer in headlights) yeah, I guess you could say that..." >>Awkward<<<
So, here I am blogging. See???? I'll try to work on my blogging. 
Man, I can't believe she called me out like that... 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't Sell My Son Short!

I read an article today that brought back to light the fact that parents of children with autism must never give up. We must advocate for our children, we must fight for them to have the things that other people take for granted. Including, but not limited to basic health care.
It's a sad reality that in this day and age when it's all about choices,  and alternatives, I had to go to THREE orthodontists to find one, that only after telling him that he had been my niece's orthodontist, and that he should not sell my son short because he did not know me (yes, he too did tell me that he thought GP "would not respond well to this treatment", as if anyone "responds well" to people yanking on their teeth, hello!?) He stopped short of telling me "He looks great with those fangs!" but was ready to escort me out before I gave him "the speech"and reiterated that my son does not stand alone, I stand with him and I KNOW that he can and will do, what he is taught to do. I told him that I had braces and that that orthodontic treatment is not rocket science. Oh, yes I did. I told him that my son brushes his teeth on his own, and he is SIXTEEN years old, and has never had a cavity... and THAT alone, should tell him how seriously we take dental health in my house. I told him that he was selling my son short and yes, I stopped just one sentence away from telling him, "You are discriminating against my son because he has autism!"After twenty minutes he said he would  consider the treatment and meet with me again in three months.... at which time he finally agreed to take him on as a patient. You'd think I was asking for charity, asking for free health care, or special considerations. I asked for none of the above. I asked him to stop prejudging my son... and he did, and for that I am grateful. I still see the reservations in his eyes when we go for follow ups but it's not a popularity contest, it's dental care. 
GP hates his "new look", but he no longer has fangs...AKA crowding. 
I wondered then (when I was arguing my case for treatment), and I wonder now, how many parents of typical children actually have to convince a doctor/ optometrist/orthodontist/etc. to provide basic care for their  child. I bet that not too many. Something as basic as braces, I mean, really? I took GP to two optometrists who told me he didn't need glasses.. and the kid is blind as a bat! REALLY? 
It was the THIRD optometrists who finally said, "It's not an autism tick, he needs glasses!" and just like that, he no longer squints... hello?
Yes, special needs children have "basic" health care problems, but did you know that autism is a "pre-existing condition", like heart disease, when we change health care providers?  Holy cow, I almost flipped when I was told that we might not be covered for some services because of GP's "preexisting condition". He has autism, not heart disease... but what if it was heart disease??? I could be in this Mom's shoes. Karen Corby has a story to tell, and you just have to have strolled in the special needs healthcare path to see that this could happen to any of us who have children (young men, as they are growing older by the minute!) with special needs. 
In this day and age, I am sickened to think that this could happen to my son; but I know it could, because I've already told more than a handful of healthcare providers, "Don't sell my son short!", and they always do. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Have TWO Winners!

The winners of the two Busy Bees kits are, drumroll please,
Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts and Lola @...and Sew On
Thanks to all who joined in the fun and shared their great gardening tips. 

Nature Waits For No One

 This morning I was sweeping the patio when I came across this beauty. 
I stopped and stared, and came in for a closer look. 
It's so perfectly round and absolutely beautiful... and it's stuck under a net in an "abandoned" pond. I felt sad that I had not found someone to clean out the ponds before the plants  "woke". Then I realized that it's already July. I've been so overwhelmed with all the things that have gone wrong with this house, that I just haven't made the time to make a list and prioritize things that are "time sensitive". 
I could beat myself up about it or I can forgive myself and try to do better next year. I choose to live and learn. Nature has once again reminded me that she waits for no one. 
A gentle reminder that time passes, even if you're not "ready"... 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bees Are A Gardener's Best Friend, A Giveaway!

Where would your garden be without the Bumble Bees, huh? You gotta love these guys who just come along and pollinate your little garden and ensure that you will have seeds after your blooms, for free! 
If you're anything like me, you collect seeds and scatter them in the hopes that you will score some free plants. Hooray! It doesn't always happen, but when it does it's literally a gift from above.
I can't give you blooms or ensure that the bees will visit your garden but I am happy to share my love of gardening and appreciation of Bumble Bees with all who love these little guys by giving away 
TWO Busy Bees Wool Felt Runner Kits. (10"x26")
Kits include the pattern, all the wool felt you will need to complete the top, the backing and I'm even adding the the embroidery threads and needle to ensure that all you have to do is remove the sizing and start crafting. 
It's a sweet pot  and all you have to do to be in the drawing is leave a gardening tip in the comments. Thanks for sharing your tips, and joining in the fun. Good luck!!
Winners will be drawn next Friday 7/6/2011

All anonymous posts will be removed. 
You know who I am, 
what makes you think I don't want to know who you are? 
Check the backlink on your post to make sure it goes to your email address or your blog.  You should be "linked" to your comment, in some way.  I appreciate all your comments but I will not hunt you down to give you a prize or post a "looking for" . I will contact the winner via email. Sorry

Summer Blooms

One of my favorite Summer pastimes is gardening. It had been years since I ventured out into my garden at our old house. Mostly maintenance work since I quit smoking and being in the garden was my "trigger". My flower beds were mature and some of my plants grew to almost six feet tall. I had a small garden and my motto was, "If it doesn't bloom, I'll dig it out!" Pretty straight forward. 
When I purchased this house, one of the most overwhelming tasks I knew I would have to undertake would be landscaping. If you have ever been to Lowe's, Home Depot or God forbid, your local nursery, you know that gardening is not inexpensive, and that shopping for plants takes on a whole new meaning when you are going through pot after pot looking for plants that have "babies" that can be divided in the fall and net you the largest bed. Getting a bang for your gardening buck takes work!
Before I could start planning my garden renovations I had to wait and see what was actually planted in my space. I knew that with two Koi ponds in the backyard and a  stone wall this was no ordinary garden. This must have been a gardener's garden, at some point. With that in mind, I waited patiently for the garden to come alive. 
The Winter Landscape looked bleak. Only the hardscape told me this garden would be magnificent.
It seemed to take forever but eventually Spring arrived and it brought Bearded Irises, flowering trees. Tons of Lily of the Valley but no tulips. Sigh.....
The Irises were beautiful but what I really wanted to know was what color the Daylilies would be.
 Summer brought beds of Original Orange Day Lilies. Yes, that is their real name  (Hemerocallis Fulva). I am thankful they are not pink. I am thankful they are plentiful and I am thankful that unlike the Hostas, they bloom big and bright, and I will not feel the need to dig them up. LOL. Yes, I have been digging up plants... lots and lots of them. I have started replacing plants I don't care for with plants that remind me of home, my old home, my first home. A backbreaking job for sure, but one that has already started to show promise.  
I found Catmint, Salvia and Jacob's Ladder at Lowes. My first thought was "Oh, they're so small!" but alas, I know they will soon grow to rival the ones I left behind... and they have taken off running. I feel hopeful that my garden will soon reflect not what someone else left behind, but the love and care that I put into it. One plant at a time.
Hope your garden is blooming and calling to you. Have fun!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crate & Barrel at The Burlington Mall Could Use Some "Awareness"

The problem with autistic children is they grow up to be autistic teenagers and then, autistic adults who no longer seem so cute when they are stimming, avoiding eye contact or simply displaying any autistic traits that they have not outgrown. They might not screech, walk on their tippy toes or line things up (although some children never outgrow these, others do), they are still socially awkward and very much autistic. All you have to do is approach them and you will soon discover that "something's just not right". You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. It's as clear as day.
Before I tell you about my experience at the Crate and Barrel at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA; let me tell you that I have been shopping at this store for years. GP knows this store, and he is free to browse independently, as long as he does not leave the store. He carries an iPhone so I can call him if I can't see him, or he can't see me. Before we enter the store we have a set amount of time to "browse". Say twenty minutes, and when time is up, I make my final selections and check out, or just leave without making a purchase. This is not a routine specific to C&B, this is a routine we follow to ensure that GP is comfortable with the schedule. It is an adaptive behavior that I have taught him to reduce his stress while being out, doing necessary things; grocery shopping, shoe shopping, whatever. A time of departure is necessary at the time of arrival to ensure good behavior. It reduces anxiety and gives me the time I need to get things done. This brings me to yesterday's trip to the Burlington Mall.
I have a gift card to Crate and Barrel and I love their stores. The one at the BM is the closest one to us, and hence, the one we go to a few times a year. GP knows the store and is free to roam independently while I shop (usually for 20 minutes... sometimes I get a whole 30, but a quick stop is only 20. Beggars can't be choosers!). Yesterday, while I was browsing the furniture upstairs I spotted GP on the other side of the room. He was actually holding up a wood ball and using his peripheral vision to look at it. He was stimming and after a couple of seconds he just put it down and walked away. I moved on to the end of the room and he came to check on me, and remind me that it was almost time to go. I agreed and told him I was almost done. He left me there, and a few minutes later I went downstairs and was getting ready to make my final selections when a gentleman in a blue jacket approached me, and asked me if "That young man, is with you?" and I looked at him and smiled and said, "Well, yes he is. He's my son." and I thought nothing of it, but the man approached me again, and then he said, "Oh, so he is OK?" I looked at him and asked, "WHY? Did you ask him something? (GP is autistic, he is not the most social child, if you know what I mean...) Gene Paul..." GP comes over and I ask him, "Did you speak to this gentleman?" and GP says, "Oh, no. He's a stranger! I'm sorry, stranger. I'm Gene Paul." OMG! I had to laugh... and I did. I told the gentleman that GP is autistic and he doesn't talk to strangers. and I am getting ready to move on when the man says to me, "I'm mall security and was called over from the mall to check on him. I'll just go tell the ladies at the desk that he's with you, what's your name? Just so I can tell them." 
WHAT?  Are you kidding me? I said to him, "My son is not a danger to himself or others. I do not see how anyone can feel threatened by a young man who is minding his business and not being disruptive. He is alone because he is learning independent living skills!"which include, being in a store without someone hovering over you. He said he would tell the ladies at the desk, who when I looked over, seemed to be huddled together looking at us and chatting. 
Holy smokes! Now, does that mean that if I return to Crate and Barrel at the Burlington Mall (not that I ever would), I should check in at the desk and let them know that my autistic teenager, who paces the store alone, and does not talk to strangers while waiting for me, is not a shoplifter or terrorist?? Would they like me put a kiddie leash on him, or simply prefer that I leave him at home when I shop at their store so their employees don't feel threatened??? It's not like he appeared to be a hobo wandering around. He is dressed in chinos, shoes and a henley.. he is clean shaved and has a fresh haircut to boot. His shirt is tucked into his pants, he is wearing a belt and he doesn't even have a jacket. Did they suspect he was going to stuff a fork in his pants and make a run for it? Really???? What exactly seemed so threatening that they needed to call over MALL SECURITY ??????? Not the store security, the MALL SECURITY!!!! 
I would have walked over to the ladies and given them a little bit of "awareness" seeing how April is National Autism Awareness Month and GP displays textbook autism characteristics; stimming, social awkwardness, repetitive behaviors (pacing the store)...but I was too shocked to do anything other than leave. 
I believe that Crate and Barrel's employees could use a little sensitivity training. Seeing how one in every 88 children that walk into their stores is likely to have some form of autism, maybe they can be taught to spot the obvious characteristics. Stimming is pretty obvious, maybe that could be a good starting point. If they don't want to invest in training maybe they can put a little basket by the door with neon bracelets so parents can tag their kids when they walk in  and they can shop in peace knowing that mall security won't be called to the store to track their kid, who is minding his business but "acting strange" (He's autistic; he ALWAYS acts this way! DUH!) One in every eighty-eight children will grow up to be an autistic teenager who will then become an autistic adult. Would someone please tell Crate & Barrel that being autistic, or pacing in their store is not a crime and it is VERY offensive to be followed around because you act like someone with autism when you are autistic! 
A little sensitivity training would go a long way in this store... maybe a few autism awareness pamphlets with their paychecks would help too. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April is National Autism Awareness Month

One in every 88 children in the US has some form of Autism. I can't write anything positive about Autism, not a single thing, so please do take the time to make yourself  "AWARE" of what it really means to live with Autism... 
I'd tell you if I could, but it's just too hard. 
If you know someone with a new diagnosis or someone who needs information, 
this is a great resource: Autism Speaks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Steps

Three weeks. Has it really only been three weeks since we unpacked those trucks? It feels like a lifetime. A lifetime of challenges, struggles and tears. It's been so hard. I would have never imagined that once I found the house I would have to work so hard to settle in.
Things are finally coming together though. In time, all things will find a place. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my Love Shack. It took sixteen years to make that house a home so to think that this one will become a home in three weeks seems unreasonable. I am coming to this realization a bit late, but it's finally sinking in. My niece, Nyshma, suggested that I modify my unpacking schedule to avoid becoming overwhelmed. She suggested I take one week for every year I lived in my home. That's sixteen weeks to unpack sixteen years. Now why didn't I think of that?! I think that at the end of week sixteen, the boxes that have not been unpacked should be loaded into the car and driven to the dump.. and then we'll be "all in". Call it a day and fire up the grill!
So there you have it, my plan. Three down, thirteen to go.
Here's some of my progress:
The LR is still piled high with storage containers, although the boxes are almost all gone. This is what I see everyday as I come downstairs... it's a mess!
The least messy spot in the house is GP's Game Room.
and there is a reason for that:
Yes, that sign REALLY is on the door. LOL! Note how he scheduled his business hours around Homeschool and weekend outings. He's good like that...
And here is GP in his room. Still a few boxes in there, but as you can see, he seems to be working around them.
I think it'll be a while before everything has its place but there is some progress. Dozens upon dozens of boxes have been unpacked, and even if it doesn't look like home just yet, I know that these baby steps I am taking, will eventually lead me to where I want to go, home.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Movers Are Coming, The Movers Are Coming!

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take the plunge into oblivion. You cannot procrastinate forever and although you might want to, you have to
"Just Do It!".
I started preparing GP for this transition almost a year ago. I walked him through house after house with me in the hopes that I would see something in him that told me "this is the house", and it never happened. His house is here, where he grew up and where he stores his "precious memories" (yes, that is a direct quote, straight from GP's mouth), and no house will ever measure up. No matter what it has, how big it is or how much I try, this is his house and I cannot change that. It is what it is. It's taken me a long time to "man up" to this, but I am so there. I am too tired to try to believe otherwise. I cannot change this, and I must accept it.
I've delayed calling the movers for weeks. I closed on the house and started packing and moving over bits and pieces of furniture. A table, chairs, baskets.... every single piece was a struggle. A tug of war with GP who will not ease up on my exhausted body and weary soul. It's as if I am shredding his life to pieces and breaking apart his home. It's not just a relocation to him, it's a loss of security and a plunge into the depths of the unknown. To me, it's "room to spread out", "room to grow" and to him it's almost as if the grim reaper has parked himself at our doorstep and he must stave him off. Except the grim reaper is mom and he must fight and argue his point of view until he beats some sense into me. It is EXHAUSTING! I close my eyes and I can almost hear his anger laden voice telling me, "We're NOT moving!" and see him taking the boxes out of the car. UGH! It's a tug of war. Every single day...
How long can I do it? Not much longer.
Yesterday I had the last estimate for the movers and they are coming to pack up what is left and haul it all into the new house. ALL OF IT! Yep, like a bandaid ripped to stop the pulling, I contracted movers to pack us up and just get it over with; in two days. GP was off with Gino and with Sharon helping me (it takes more than one beat up Mom to have a backbone) I did it, I signed on the dotted line and said, "Stick a fork in me, I'm done!"
In two days my house will be swarming with people, paper and boxes, and in complete chaos; but on Wednesday we will be in our new home (piled high with boxes, I'm sure), finally.
There will be tears for my handsome boy and for me, I'm sure. His of sadness, mine of relief... but it will be done. What a hard road I have travelled, and I am not "there" yet.
Baby steps, and lots of movers will help me across the threshold... I am so ready.
Here are some pictures of the new house.
This is the back of the house from the yard. The lower level has a game room that leads onto a mahogany deck. It is surrounded by a lovely little garden and a Koi pond. There are loads of plants coming up in the garden but I can only guess as to what they will be. It's like a gift that cannot be opened. I just have to wait and see what is there.
The upper level is screened porch where I dream of hanging a hammock.
Maybe after the dust has settled I will, but for now it's just a cute little room overlooking the backyard, the pool and the cute cabana which GP has dubbed, "The Clubhouse, for members only!"
The coolest feature of the clubhouse is that it has a little window, like a tiki bar, that lifts up so you can sit at a stool and chat with whomever is inside. You could order a drink, if it weren't completely empty (kind of like most of the house...). I think I will need a few drinks by the time this "clubhouse" is open so I am looking forward to becoming a "member". LOL
I'll share more pictures soon.
Today I am taking the day off and heading away from this half packed mess to clear my mind.
My heart skips a beat when I think of the chaos that awaits us on Monday but I am truly excited that it will be over soon... I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ten Days of Mayhem

My search for a new house has finally come to an end.
How long and arduous a task it has been.
When I began my search almost a year ago I thought that by Fall I would have been in my new house and almost a year after starting this full time endeavor, it has finally happened. I've purchased my house and I am now packing up almost sixteen years of my life, and preparing to move it across town to our new house.
Wow, what a challenge lays ahead as the packing begins in earnest. My goal is to have moved in by the end of the month. Ten days from today. Please say a little prayer for me as I put on my big girl undies and begin this journey. This is no small task, but with the help of family and friends, I am hopeful that it will be as uneventful as possible.
We shall ignore GP's pleas to "Stop packing my things!" and his daily mantra of "I'm not moving" and pray for him to come around and love this wonderful new house that I will work diligently at transforming into a home where wonderful new memories will be made. Pictures to follow soon!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Remembering Mama Billa

This morning my beloved grandma, Mama Billa as we all called her, passed away in her sleep. She had been in the hospital for a week now and I started mourning her loss then. We all knew it was inevitable, and there was nothing to be done, therefore the goal was to make her parting as painless as possible. Although it really doesn't make it less sad, the fact that she died peacefully in her sleep is of some comfort to me and those who loved her.
My grandma was no wallflower. Married at 14, she was the mother of 15 children. She was the matriarch of her family. Growing up I can remember her at the head of the table leading the rosary. I remember her sitting in a chair braiding tobacco while all the children deveined it. My grandfather was a farmer, and all his children worked the farm until they left the house. None of that, "I'm not doing that!" If you lived there, you worked... you sat at the table, you had a bowl of beans to shell, you sat on the porch, there were peanuts to shell... busy hands are happy hands... work,work,work. Funny the things that one remembers. When my grandfather died many, many years ago, she kept her family in check. She was a small little woman, under five feet tall, and when she spoke we stopped and listened. She was sweet, caring and soooooo loved by all. She lived in her home, assisted by her daughters until last week, she was 92 years young.
I will always love her, and miss her.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Changes In An Instant

Pepperdog on 02/28/2012.
Some days are harder to face than others... our beautiful Pepperdog suffered a ruptured aortic valve yesterday (just 24 hours after this pic was taken), and I chose to euthanize her rather than put her through open heart surgery. She was 12 and in her golden years. She was half deaf, half blind and had developed a thyroid problem; then her little heart just decided it had had enough so it gave way, just enough so we could say goodbye. What a hard day it was. I thought today would be easier, but it hasn't been. I miss her.
I'm so sad...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Have A Winner!

The ever so crafty Terry Giet has won the Girls in the Garden pattern bundle. My most sincere thanks to all who joined in the fun, and to Traci Marvel of Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. who so generously donated the patterns for the giveaway. You can see all of BBCC's patterns on their website, HERE. For those who did not win but would love a copy of any of Pat Sloan's Girls in the Garden patterns , you can find them there. =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A Giveway!

Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Mine started slow but I'm picking up speed as it goes along. It's so hard for me to slip out of holiday mode... I think I might still have a sugar high from all those darn cookies and Fruit Cake. I still have the tree up, mind you. GP has decided we shall keep it up until MARCH! Hello! Oh yeah, and the lights are still on...all the time! I asked him if we can at least turn off the lights and he said he liked it with the lights on so ON they shall remain, until March...or until we move, whichever comes first. LOL. His reason for keeping the tree up was simple, "I like it!" and since I like it too, I don't see a problem. Well, unless you're trying to get creative. I think my brain has been on a crafting hiatus for too long and finding my mojo has been a challenge.
I know I am not alone in my quest to find my mojo and when Traci from Bigfork Bay Cotton Co called to ask if I wanted to join her Girls's in the Garden Giveaway I was delighted. She sent me the entire collection to give away. Thanks Traci!
There are four pattern, one for each season and the winner takes all. Can't beat that.
These are designed by Pat Sloan and they are fast, fun and easy weekend projects. You can make up any of these in a weekend, even if you're a beginner. Really.
Again, winner takes all four.
To enter the giveaway leave a comment and tell me if you have a garden, and if you do, what you plant in it. Dreaming of warm days spent in the garden always make my heart happy, maybe it will make your heart happy too! Winner will be selected randomly from among those who post a comment. Please do not leave your comment on FB only entries here on Blogger will be counted. Thanks for joining in the fun!
Retail Value for the set is $50, and they ship free to the lucky winner. If you're having a hard time be sure to close the Networked Blog tab at the top right of the page (when arriving from Facebook). That should do the trick.
This giveaway is closed! No more comments are being accepted.