Friday, November 9, 2012

Not Again!

Yep, it's that weird time between Halloween and Christmas where we're not really sure if we should be embracing Fall or just going full steam ahead towards Christmas. 
Just last Sunday GP came home with this picture (where he is concealing his  braces, mind you). I almost had a stroke. Where did this guy come from and who told him he could be agreeing to anything GP asks before discussing it with me? Note the thumbs up, folks!
 Talk about bypassing the middleman. Geez! Give a Mom a break already! I think the little white envelope on the counter containing these damaging images might be why Gino dropped off GP and called me while on his way home to ask me if I had found the envelope on the counter... coward. Men have no backbone, I tell you. It was like a hit and run. Drop the kid off, and run for the hills before Mom (who is responsible for finding out what was discussed and what sort of damage "HE" will cause this year is left to wonder, "Who told you you could take him to talk to Santa? What were you thinking????" LOL. Yeah, we've been trying to wean him off Santa but he's having none of it. Mom has the "we'll see" and "He" nods and says he'll talk to the elves. This is the third year he pulls the "I talked to Santa, for the very last time" script. AHEM... All I have to say, is "Santa, you have some 'splaining to do!" 


WoolenSails said...

Now you have to hunt santa down, lol.
My kids skip the middle man and come straight to the source for their wish list, haha.


Sheila said...

What's that saying"
~When you stop believing, you get UNDERWEAR.~ I'm sure that's the last thing GP wants for Christmas!
Good luck Mom.....ahh I mean, "Santa!"