Saturday, November 17, 2012

What to Give, What to Give? That Is The Question.

As the holidays come upon us (Hey, Thanksgiving is just a few days away, folks. After that you KNOW it's HoHoHo all the way!), the question of what to give comes to the forefront of everyone's minds. No matter how much you want to think "you've got this", I know you, like me,  have had to mull  it over. You know it's NOT about the present, it really isn't. It's  the thought behind it. Once you know what you want to give, finding it is not that hard. Use google, trust me, they can find anything! 

Now, if you could ask for anything, anyTHING at all, what would you ask for ??? Within reason, of course. How about thinking of what you would never have thought to ask for but received anyway. What were those? I'll tell you about two gifts that changed my life.

First, on my second wedding anniversary my husband bought me a cordless screwdriver. I swear, he did. I can't believe he did that! I almost cried (He actually bought me a sapphire and diamond ring too but it was being custom made and was delayed so all he had to give me was the stinkin' screwdriver, I didn't find out about the ring until a few weeks later because even as I "gave it to him" for his unthoughtful gift, he didn't tell me about the ring until he presented it to me... shame on me. I know) But here is the lesson I learned. It's NOT about the gift, it's about the thought. 

What Gino tells me, as we laugh about the stinkin' screwdriver (yeah, I will forever pay for my ungratefulness), is that the reason he bought me the freakin' thing is that he noticed that I liked to fix things (I never thought that I LIKED to fix things, I thought that I NEEDED to fix things which is TOTALLY different from liking, in IMHO!), and he wanted to make MY job easier by helping me work smarter, not harder. GASP! OK, so that just shut me right up. I was young, I was stupid, and many years later, almost twenty to be exact, I have to admit, it was the best freakin' gift he ever gave me. Yes, there were trips, there were diamonds, there were watches, there was a house, BUT the best gift is the one that that that tells you that this person KNOWS you and knows what you do. I FIX things, and once I had that stinkin' screwdriver I was the Queen of DIY!
There was nothing I couldn't fix with that baby. LOL

But wait for it, just a few weeks ago Gino brought me something in a Home Depot bag and gave it to me, telling me, "I know  you hated the last one I gave you but this one isn't as heavy as your new one and and you said your wrist hurts, so I bought it for you anyway. Don't hit me with it!" 
Yes, it was a new cordless screwdriver!
Mind you, we are now divorced but he still gives me the most amazing gifts... 
Lesson here? It's not the gift, it's the thought behind the gift. So before you go out buying crazy expensive gifts, think about what to give. I'm working on that question myself. 
What to give, what to give?  that is the question! LOL
I'll tell you about my Second gift in my next post... that one also changed my life, and I would have never thought to buy it either.


marie said...

I like your new screwdriver in it's lime green pouch. I like having my own tools, as DH always tells me that I don't put his back in their proper place.

WoolenSails said...

I prefer a craft product over a ring, any day, lol.


Terry said...

I'd love to have a good cordless drill! You're a lucky woman! :0)

Strlady said...

I remember the screw driver! It was almost as bad as Ryan's batteries! But as you said.. it's the thought behind the present that counts.

trash said...

I wanted to put an electric sander on our wedding list but CK vetoed it saying everyone would think it was him.

Jenny said...

Oooh. Oooh.

Ahhhh. Ahhhh.

Neat screw driver!

Jenny said...


Forgot to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!