Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Have TWO Winners!

The winners of the two Busy Bees kits are, drumroll please,
Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts and Lola @...and Sew On
Thanks to all who joined in the fun and shared their great gardening tips. 

Nature Waits For No One

 This morning I was sweeping the patio when I came across this beauty. 
I stopped and stared, and came in for a closer look. 
It's so perfectly round and absolutely beautiful... and it's stuck under a net in an "abandoned" pond. I felt sad that I had not found someone to clean out the ponds before the plants  "woke". Then I realized that it's already July. I've been so overwhelmed with all the things that have gone wrong with this house, that I just haven't made the time to make a list and prioritize things that are "time sensitive". 
I could beat myself up about it or I can forgive myself and try to do better next year. I choose to live and learn. Nature has once again reminded me that she waits for no one. 
A gentle reminder that time passes, even if you're not "ready"...