Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cupcake Swap, Now in Progress!

I'm alive! Yes, it seems like I was MIA, and I was , but I was not dead. And for that, I am grateful! LOL! I'm getting ready for my trip to TX (two weeks of family bonding, watch out girls, here I come!) and now that almost all the details are ironed out, I just have to wrap things up at the Pumpkin Patch! It's really the first time I've left my pumpkins, so I am a little nervous that my customers might ditch me and forget to come back after my return. But I guess I'll have to take that chance, eh? Oh, the stress of it all.
On a lighter note, I'm also finishing up other pending items I had to clear off my list before I made a run for the border. Here are some Cupcake blocks that I made for the Baltimore Bunnies group I belong to. They are tiny, 5.5" sq. The wall hanging, Party Cakes is only 30"x34.5" ...you can see it here. These are my Primmed Up blocks (no lights, brights or whites for me, thank you very much!) Aren't they cute?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Wonder, Done!

My Newsletter subscribers wont have a problem identifying this little quilt. It's this week's Weekend Wonder! I did it! I completed my quilt yesterday and it is sooo cute! I wanted to make it a year round quilt so I switched up the letters . I can't wait to show you! But this one is for the star lovin' Birthday Girl... Sandy!
I'm mailing it tomorrow and as soon as I hear it has arrived, I'll post a nice big pic. Maybe next weekend I'll make one for me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We did it!
GP and I went out and voted for the next president of the USA! Woo-Hoo!
See how I got a little sticker too? =)
Hope you all went and did your duty...

Vote, Today!

I'm too old to let others decide what's best for me therefore, I VOTE!
Have you voted today? If not, get out there and do it.
Tomorrow will be too late, don't procrastinate; Vote, TODAY!

I won, I won, I WON!

If you are ever in need of some serious reading material, then this is the place to go so you don't waste your time reading junk!

If she says it's a dud... you can bet your sweet bum it is. Sometimes I just go through the blog looking for anything rated b or better and run with it. I just know that if she says it's good, I'll enjoy reading it. Anyway, when I read that she had reviewed a new book and given it an A, I was psyched to have something to add to my "must read" list.

Ok, so I read the review "score" before I read the review, I'm like that... why bother with the duds?
Well, in any event. It turn out that she liked this book so much she
decided to buy a copy to share and had a little giveaway; and I WON! Woo-HOO!Can you think of anything better than a good book for a snowy Winter's Day? I'm psyched!
Thanks Sandy for the great drawing and for all the great books you
review for us crafters who need something good to listen to while we make our treasures!
Click on the image of the book to read her review, I'm sure anyone looking for a good read will appreciate it =)

A Belated Winner!

Ok, so I had a serious setback and am way behind in everything... can you say "Unexpected three WEEK visit by MOM?" Hello!
But fear not, she left this morning and I am catching up; one thing at a time. My Halloweenie Giveaway will be a Fall giveaway now and I will surely follow through with my promise to make it a fun surprise.
Now for the winner...drumroll please....
Random.org chose#17,Timestamp: 2008-11-04 06:24:30 UTC
and that would be:everythingquilts
who said... I would like to be enter in the give away. I"ll post a link to the give away. I haven't ever won anything in my life but you never know. I am currently in 2 other giveaways also. They are on my blog if you are interested in them.
Remember that I had extra entries for those that posted on their blogs so she is not the 17th comment but she is the winner according to the post#...JIC anyone needed an explanation. =)