Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Favorite Snowmen Are Made Of Wool

As you may or may not know, I am not snow's biggest fan. I appreciate the need for snow and understand that my garden has a crush on it but I personally, well... not  a fan. 
I prefer warm days and crisp nights as opposed to cold days and freezing nights.  I hear snow is coming and I feel a chill up my spine. I get so stressed, "What if the power goes out? Do I have enough wood? Do I have enough groceries? Are my flashlights where I can find them?"  UGH, There's so much drama in my head, you'd think it was a Tsunami alert. Yeah, I'm bad, LOL
Having confirmed that the pantry is full, that I have a stash of batteries that rivals Home Depot's inventory stock, I can now move on to how I spent the last few nights. I spent them making this cute little snowman pocket.

It's made of wool, lined in flannel, embellished with hand dyed buttons and even has a little painter's blush to complement his embroidery smile. A fast, fun and easy weekend project... or snowstorm nerve calmer.
Hope you're staying warm and crafting up a storm while you wait for Spring. Be well! B=)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Doesn't Last Forever

As another snowstorm threatens the peace and quiet of our Winter landscape I have to ponder the age old question, why the heck do I live in NH if snowstorms send shivers up my spine? Why, oh why, don't I just move to the hot and spicy southwest like the rest of the women in my family?
Oh, it's the crisp Fall days and the sunny Summer afternoons that go on forever. It's the fresh apples picked straight off the trees and the blueberry picking, I love blueberries! NH has a lot to offer; and if I loved the cold I would be in heaven. Instead, I will whine about the weather and dream about the clear blue water that lies beneath that white chunk of ice in my backyard and remember that the best part of Winter is that it doesn't last forever....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to  Donna of Mia's Cottage
She is the winner of the Scissor case drawing.
Donna, drop me a note at and I'll mail it right out. You're going to love it!
Thanks to all who joined in the fun. Brenda

Monday, February 18, 2013

If the case fits, then it could be yours!

I made something! I did! It's been so long since I actually started and finished something in a weekend that I'm giddy with excitement.
This past week I went away and before I even packed my undies, I pulled out all the kits that I had purchased this past year (which gave me a great selection to choose from, mind you) and chose four of my faves and stuffed them in my bag. Then, I proceeded to pack. It's all about priorities folks, get with the program! 
I spent the weekend stitching away, and slowly but surely my little scissor case was completed. The outside and appliqué are all made of hand dyed woolens, the inside is flannel. I used Valdani, Cosmos and The Gentle Art threads, then I added the wonderful hand dyed buttons by Hillcreek Designs and TADAAAAAA!  Isn't it the bomb? I love it! 
Now for a true confession... I know I will never use it. I do. I have a gazillion scissors, all over the house, in every place I could possibly think that I might need one... but this case is sized for dressmaker shears. Ummm. I don't have ANY of those. WHAT? Yep...none, zippo, ninguno. It might be the only size I don't have. Soooooo, you guessed it, I'm giving it away.
Do you have a wonderful scissor that you would love to sheathe in this beautiful little case?
 Then, leave a comment and it could be yours. 
I will choose a random winner on Wednesday. 
Good luck!