Monday, February 18, 2013

If the case fits, then it could be yours!

I made something! I did! It's been so long since I actually started and finished something in a weekend that I'm giddy with excitement.
This past week I went away and before I even packed my undies, I pulled out all the kits that I had purchased this past year (which gave me a great selection to choose from, mind you) and chose four of my faves and stuffed them in my bag. Then, I proceeded to pack. It's all about priorities folks, get with the program! 
I spent the weekend stitching away, and slowly but surely my little scissor case was completed. The outside and appliqué are all made of hand dyed woolens, the inside is flannel. I used Valdani, Cosmos and The Gentle Art threads, then I added the wonderful hand dyed buttons by Hillcreek Designs and TADAAAAAA!  Isn't it the bomb? I love it! 
Now for a true confession... I know I will never use it. I do. I have a gazillion scissors, all over the house, in every place I could possibly think that I might need one... but this case is sized for dressmaker shears. Ummm. I don't have ANY of those. WHAT? Yep...none, zippo, ninguno. It might be the only size I don't have. Soooooo, you guessed it, I'm giving it away.
Do you have a wonderful scissor that you would love to sheathe in this beautiful little case?
 Then, leave a comment and it could be yours. 
I will choose a random winner on Wednesday. 
Good luck!