Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Another LQS has closed in my area. It was only six years old and a very cute place. I feel the loss because it's one of the few LQS's that I actually visited more than once a year. The owner was generous with her time and her staff was always very attentive, which made it a nice destination on a warm sunny day. The reasons for closing are unknown to me, but the fact is evident. It is now closed. But as they say, when one door closes another one opens; and a new LQS has opened, ever so tentatively in our area. It's been open for months, I just recently discovered. It's right down the street from my house, literally, and I didn't even know it was there. How sad. When I went to visit it I thought it was a charming little shoppe and found it to be full, of KNITTERS! Yes, it's a knit shoppe/ quilt shoppe combo. Very light, bright and modern for all those modern quilters that have been neglected in our area. Sadly, I'm not one of them. Happy for my niece, her friends and a few of my own bright and beautiful friends, who now have a place to peruse their very light, very bright, and very modern looking fabrics. It's kind of funny that when I leave a modern quilt shoppe I always feel like I've been to Ikea. Excited by all I've seen, yet knowing none of it works for me. Gotta love that. It's like going to a candy store and not feeling the urge to indulge. You feel the thrill, get excited and never gain a single pound. WooHOO! But then again... there were all those amazing knitting threads. I wonder if I could make a scarf for myslef. HMMM. Better check out their class schedule. I have time for just one more hobby. 
To find out more about Modern quilting in the Boston Area, check out the Boston Modern Quilt Guild,  these ladies know all about, light, bright and and beautiful. You can find them here:
I'm a member of this guild because I love spending time with my niece, and just like I sat through hours upon hours of Disney Movies just to have some "quality time" with her, I am happy to share in her vision of quilting.
As light, and bright as that may be. =)


Jocelyn said...

This is what has happened in our area. Most of the quilt shops have gone exclusively to modern fabrics and novelty prints. I, like you, am very sad, because I mostly quilt with traditional patterns and I love Civil War fabrics.

paulette said...

Ohhh I hear you!! I so wish I had a QS in my neck of the woods that sold Civil War Fabric and wool...sigh...At least I can come down south every year and buy...and thanks goodness for on-line shopping!!