Sunday, April 29, 2012

April is National Autism Awareness Month

One in every 88 children in the US has some form of Autism. I can't write anything positive about Autism, not a single thing, so please do take the time to make yourself  "AWARE" of what it really means to live with Autism... 
I'd tell you if I could, but it's just too hard. 
If you know someone with a new diagnosis or someone who needs information, 
this is a great resource: Autism Speaks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Steps

Three weeks. Has it really only been three weeks since we unpacked those trucks? It feels like a lifetime. A lifetime of challenges, struggles and tears. It's been so hard. I would have never imagined that once I found the house I would have to work so hard to settle in.
Things are finally coming together though. In time, all things will find a place. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my Love Shack. It took sixteen years to make that house a home so to think that this one will become a home in three weeks seems unreasonable. I am coming to this realization a bit late, but it's finally sinking in. My niece, Nyshma, suggested that I modify my unpacking schedule to avoid becoming overwhelmed. She suggested I take one week for every year I lived in my home. That's sixteen weeks to unpack sixteen years. Now why didn't I think of that?! I think that at the end of week sixteen, the boxes that have not been unpacked should be loaded into the car and driven to the dump.. and then we'll be "all in". Call it a day and fire up the grill!
So there you have it, my plan. Three down, thirteen to go.
Here's some of my progress:
The LR is still piled high with storage containers, although the boxes are almost all gone. This is what I see everyday as I come downstairs... it's a mess!
The least messy spot in the house is GP's Game Room.
and there is a reason for that:
Yes, that sign REALLY is on the door. LOL! Note how he scheduled his business hours around Homeschool and weekend outings. He's good like that...
And here is GP in his room. Still a few boxes in there, but as you can see, he seems to be working around them.
I think it'll be a while before everything has its place but there is some progress. Dozens upon dozens of boxes have been unpacked, and even if it doesn't look like home just yet, I know that these baby steps I am taking, will eventually lead me to where I want to go, home.