Sunday, April 7, 2013

Follow My Heart Fabrics Have Arrived!!!

Seems like a lifetime ago when I ordered these wonderful fabrics and they have finally arrived. 
I love them so much I have even decided to cut some fat quarters because it's one of those lines where you just need to sample all the prints.  They're whimsical without being cutesy... 
ou can order your yardage or a Fat Quarter Bundle (while supplies last) here:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing with the Big Girls

Just a few weekends ago I went on my second retreat. Yes, that would be my second QUILTING retreat. I went to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild Retreat in Kennebunkport, ME with my niece and the new pumpkin in our patch, Jessy. 
I had such a great time just hanging out without a care in the world,  just stitching the day away while the machines hummed my nerves into a craftiness coma that I only managed to wake from on Sunday, when it was time to come home.
I managed to complete (well, almost complete), ONE project. This one.

Now I know you feel joy for me and my accomplishment. I mean, you're all so supportive and you know how hard I work at my craftiness perfection (or lack thereof) so I'd like to share with you, what I like to call my I spy pictures. 
I spy my quilt on the FAMILY wall (these are my niece's blocks, made at the retreat for a quilt she is working on. She worked on other projects too, but these are her "completed" blocks. And there under my "project" are Jessy's blocks, which she cut and stitched at the retreat. She cut TONS of these, but these are the ones that were "completed" and made into strips. This will be her first BIG project, and she was on a roll. She also made a knitting needle case for her mom while I worked on my one project... did you find it in the picture? 
Oh, I did finish the stitching around my Wool & Needle January mat too. 
I was so productive!
Oh, but there were other projects that were pretty impressive and as all girls do, I had to compare mine to theirs and see how I measured up in the productivity department. Soooo, I went on a little mission after hours... seeing how my guy "measured up" to the "Big Girls" quilts. Here's what I found.
Here I spy my project next to a hexagon masterpiece that had me wishing I had a love for piecing...
check out those block! Holy smokes! Yeah, she fussy cut the center blocks too. Sigh. 
Mine was "almost" as nice as hers...
 But not feeling as accomplished as I hoped I continued my quest for my equal, and although I thought this wouldn't be a fair comparison, I did try to measure up to this one....
but the scale was all wrong. Can you even see my project in this picture? 
Yeah, the little spot on the big quilt, that would be mine, LOL...
Quilt after quilt I saw that each one was unique and ever so beautiful but none was quite like mine. Which made me think of how lucky I was to be welcomed into such a talented group... 
 and to have my little guy playing with the Big Girls!
Can't wait to do it again next year. =)