Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Xmas Surprise

Every now and then something wonderful happens, an unexpected blessing, a little gift of friendship, a reminder that somewhere, someone was thinking of you and wanted to make sure you knew it. How wonderful is that?
Very wonderful indeed! This week I received such a blessing, and unexpected, Non-Bill, Non-Junkmail Snail Mail Surprise, woo-HOO! Don't you just love when that happens??? I received this little treasure from Carrie this week. Isn't it cute???? No, I don't know what's inside. But I am sure that whatever it is, I will love it because it was sent with love. Thank you so much Carrie for thinking of me; your generosity means more than words can say. =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Olie, Done!

Talk about cutting it close, eh? With only two days to go before our Holiday Hiatus, the fourth Quilted Quickie has been completed and the kits have been posted. Woo-HOO! Are you lovin' Olie? I think he is sooo cute! I even gave him rosy cheeks...well, doesn't everyone get rosy cheeks in the cold? The background is flat cotton but Olie is wool and flannel. All the buttons are handmade of polymer clay by Just Another Button Company (except the eyes which are hand dyed by Hillcreek Designs), and the fringe of his scarf is made of hand dyed embroidery thread by The Gentle Art. He is a little work of art, if I should say so myself!
You can order a kit to make your own HERE! I will ship weekend orders on Monday, then we're officially closed for the Season, HOORAY!

Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Counting The Days...

Only Five Days to go... Woo-HOO!
We're going to TEXAS!
GP wants me to start packing... last night we were running errands and he informs me that we have to buy a new suitcase. I tell him we are only going for two weeks, we'll be fine with the ones we have. He mulls that over and then says, "But we need a big one for the Tree!". I'm thinking, "That's not good!"
Picture this... Me, GP, Pepper the Puppy Dog (yes, she likes TX too, y'know!) and our carry-on, the Big Fat Xmas Tree... see what I mean? Not good! And how, oh how does Santa KNOW he is in TX? Well, let's just say that I think GP is giving himself an ulcer. Poor kid...the stress, the stress! LOL!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's Bad, and then there's BAD...

And THEN there's Harry & David's Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake! OMG! I've been REALLY BAD!
It all started innocently enough. I wanted to buy a cheesecake for my Dad.
Y'know, it's Xmas... your parents probably have everything they ever wanted and probably everything they'll ever need; so why not buy them what they would never buy themselves... an indulgence.
I sorted through a few websites (you really didn't think I was going to leave my house to do this, did you??? I'm an online retailer, and there's a reason, y'know? I like shopping in my jammies! LOL!). After what would have amounted to a few days of paving the pavement so to speak, I gave up.
Seems like nobody wants to deliver to PR, except Hickory Farms but I sent them HF goodies last week...we need something new, and yummy!) so I thought of Popcorn (as in a good movie, chocolates and popcorn, hello?!) . I'm so good, I make myself proud...or so I thought; until I had the same issues. Now what's up with the no food to PR? I actually had one customer service rep tell me that they delivered to Hawaii because Hawaii was in the CONTINENTAL USA. Of course, when she said that I said "OH, thank you" and hung up. Talk about the blind leading the blind..."Why don't they deliver to PR and yet they deliver to Hawaii? That is even farther away!" "Because Hawaii is part of the Continental USA", LOL! Now that was funny.
Yeah, geography was not her strongest subject...
But anyway; I decided that once I found what I wanted to buy, I would go and buy it and then ship it myself (Priority Mail Flat Rate box...gotta love them!), but I was NOT driving around like a maniac. I was going to shop it online and buy it where I found it all in one place.
Turns out that my favorite site for all food that is bad for me is Harry & David. I don't know how the heck I got on their mailing list (could be my husband sending me chocolate covered strawberries and velvet cakes from all these fancy food places (mind you, when he gets home and sees what has come in he is happier than a cat on catnip, which really makes me wonder if he meant to impress ME or himself, LOL!) But anyway, I was soooo done, I had a list a page long and thinking they were nearby I printed my list and searched for directions. MAN! I had to drive over an hour to get to my nearest one. UGH!
I drove to Wrentham. and with my list in hand, I was in and out before my Prince even flinched; but not before I threw in a token Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake for myself. OK, so now I really feel guilty for not only buying it and moaning while eating it, but because the Fancy chocolate covered Moose Crunch and Pineapple Macadamia Cake seem like consolation prizes for those who didn't get the real prize, the freakin cheesecake that will make you moan like you're doing something fresh on the kitchen table ...OMG! whatever you do, do not eat this in front of your children...it's rated XXX! It's creamy, cold, gooey, chewy and crunchy all in one bite. I am NOT kidding. It's sooo yummy. It's like you've died and gone to heaven.
That's until you wake up and realize you've had more than one piece and will now have to spend the next four hours on the treadmill to work it off.
I'm awake now, but I tell you, after I walk around the block I'm coming back for the next piece. Maybe I'll get to meet all my neighbors before I finish off this little gem, but I have to tell you, if you want to give a little piece of heaven (or a little piece of hell to that skinny little ***** on your list), do not underestimate Harry & David's Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake; you will not be disappointed.
Oh, I have no connection w/ H&D, no kickbacks, no discounts, nothing. I don't even live near one...Thank God! Now if they'd only take down their website, close their store and stop sending me catalogs I would be safe; never to fall into the cheesecake trap again, LOL!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Tree, Done!

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love made for me...A Holiday Tree Quilt Kit?
Nah! I can make my own, I'm holding out for some jewelry!LOL!
But while I wait for hubs to get a clue, I've finished my third Quilted Quickie. Three down, only three to go! Woo-hoo!
Kits are now up and ready to ship, you can order yours HERE!
I am sooo lovin this cutie. The pic just does not do it justice...it's gorgeous... if I should say so myself, LOL!
Hope your week has been productive too....B=)
This kit has Sold Out! Sorry!