Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Months to go!

Can you believe Halloween is only two months away? OMG! We need to get cracking around here. I did a little search in my kits pile (the one that is waiting to be uploaded, yeah...that one, LOL!) and found some awesome kits. I started listing them this morning but there are more to come. They are mostly one of a kind, and sooo cute!
The one on the left is Bunch Of Pumpkins. I have the pattern sets with Buttons but only one kit up for grabs. It has the exact fabrics pictured (although the pic is a little off, the background is a buttermilk color)...This one hangs in the studio. It comes with the pumpkin Hanger too!
I'll show you more as I upload them. I made the one pictured... I'm so good, LOL! Yes, those are all flannel fabrics on the applique. It's really hard to walk by and not touch's so yummy, hee-hee.
Update: This kit has sold!

Spring Runner, Done!

I'm working here!~ I dont know how I could have possibly forgotten to take a pic of this Table runner before I shipped it out, but I did. This picture was sent to me by Sandy (AHEM, who just happened to make it look really dark and dreadful), but somehow managed to send me some really bright and beautiful pictures of her own quilt! HMMM. Foul play? I have a sneaky suspicion.... I'm just sayin'... go take a look at her pics and then come'll see!
Anyway, This is a quilt I started in TX, in the Spring and then was set aside as Life just smacked me down with crisis after crisis, after crisis.
Well, as I reclaim my life back I am working diligently at using my "free" time to complete the projects that have been waiting since the Spring crisis began. This is project #2, HA!
I would give credit to the designer (even if I did make it much wider than the pattern, to fit my sister's table...hey, there's another could be quilt envy! This one is TJessy's and Sandy could be jealous. HMMM. What do you think??? Yeah, Sandy could be making mine look bad because I didn't gift it to her...bad sister, bad!) LOL! But for the life of me, I can't find the pattern to see who designed it, duh!
I think it's precious, It really is cute...the colors are not bright or bold, but simple and sweet. TJessy cut the strips and I pieced it, quilted it by hand and appliqued the flowers by machine. I really love it but next time I am machine quilting, even if it turns out wonky. This is the quilt that peeled my prints off. LOL! Now it's done and home at last...Woo-HOO!

Friday, August 28, 2009

HoHoHo Kit, Found!

OMG! I am so excited... I was restocking the Noel kits (Finally!) and when I went to put them into the basket I got clobbered by a big bag that came tumbling down from the top shelf...and look what I found;
A HoHoHo Kit!
This is the cutest penny rug ever. It has everything in it to make it as soon as it arrives, even the floss is included! It must have gotten lost at some point because I had no clue it was there. Isn't it great when you find stuff you didn't know you had? If I had the time to make it I would hoard it, I would... so shoot me! LOL!
I wont be making up this kit again so I am sad to see him go. Isn't it gorgeous? I love it; but I know he'll find a good home.

I just had to share, I love finding unexpected treasures... don't you?
This cutie has found a new home, Sold! =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing With The Big Girls!

I have to tell you something: I do not know what kind of Bernina I have. I was recently "confronted" yes, I was not asked, I was "CONFRONTED" by a quilter who seemed outraged when I told her I didn't know what sewing machine I had. As if...hello?! I don't know, it's a Bernina "something or another" that was more than my mortgage payment. Do I really need to know the name? So, I gave her my most professional, Quilt Shoppe Owner reply, "I don't know what the name is. I just know that it goes bruuummm,bruummm when I press the pedal!" I swear that's what I told her, LOL!
I guess knowing what sewing machine you have is a BIG thing for some folks but I honestly don't know much about machines. I just like the ones that go BRUUUMMMM, BRUUUMMMM instead of CLACK,CLACK (that's literally the sound my Singer made. REALLY!)...don't laugh at me!
So I bought the one Sandy said was going to purr and that was that. I did not however buy one like Sandy's because she has a BIG Girl machine. Hers purs AND does tricks. LOL! No, I don't know what kind she has...I just know that my machine wants to be like her machine when she grows up, LOL! Another digit ($$$$) and I could have one like hers but I like to stay in the triple digits, thankyouverymuch!
Anyway, I had to take my little Brum,Brum (her new name now that I have shocked the world) to be serviced because if she made any more noises she would qualify as a clunker. Well, I decided to "look around" and look what I brought home... OMG! She is the cutest little thing! Yes, she is a smaller machine (the salesperson said she was good for classes.) and I thought she was good for piecing my new swap blocks! Woo-HOO! I even received a 1/4" foot with the little guide "thingie" (as a freebie/bonus) to make sure my blocks are not wonky. Hee-hee... I'm so fancy. I have TWO sewing machines, LOL!
OK, and if I could only remember their make and model maybe I can play with the Big Girls...wonder if I need to know the serial numbers too...HMMM??? Well, I do know that they both go BRUMMMBRUMMM when I press the pedals, LOL! Does your machine go BrummmBrummm or do you actually KNOW the make and model of your machine right off he top of your head??? C'mon, be honest! Do you???

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tweaking here~

I don't like the comment moderation thing so I've changed it back to the usual...
I will however delete any comments promoting other quilt shoppes.
I consider that spam.
Please don't spam me!

Cupcake Art Quilt, Done!

I spent the afternoon yesterday doing my first beading ever. OMG! It was horrid...but can you dig it? It's amazing! Did I mention I will not disclose the amount of time it took to put that little sprinkling of beads on there? No, I will not, LOL! Oh, my cupcake quilt looks like a piece of candy. I love it! But now it must go to its new home. Where a very patient swapper will enjoy it.
It really is square, It looks wonky (This is a term Joanna taught me, thankyouverymuch... she is a REAL quilter so she know all the technical terms, LOL!), but that's only because my photography skills are not very good (how about that for political correctness?). This is the real color, it is kind of pale, not pastel colors, just pale yellows and greens, and shades of pink. All flannel, even the sleeve is flannel... well she might like it well enough to hang it, you never know! See? It's square...but the color is off, duh! I tell you, I don't see Time Life Books calling me anytime soon, LOL!
Anyway, I just wanted to share my accomplishment, and show you my awesome beading work. I'm so fancy, LOL! My Cupcake Art Quilt is DONE! Now I have to get to work, bummer! =(
OOps, I forgot to mention that the cupcake is an original design by Joanna, she has four different ones, one just sweeter than the next. When I saw them hanging in her kitchen I just knew I wanted one for my swap quilt and she was generous enough to allow me to use her original pattern. Thanks Joanna, I could not have made this cutie without your cupcake! B=)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm Working Here!

I bet you thought I was goofing off, didn't ya? HA! The nerve! I'll have you know that I have been slowly inching along in my move back into the Pumpkin Patch. I am reclaiming my space, one shelving unit at a time, LOL!
I might not be fast but I am steady so here you go...Wall#2, TADA! OK, so it's not all that much but you know what they say, "Rome was not built in a day!"
Now I am taking the rest of the day to complete the cupcake quilt...don't ask, I have beading to do... again, don't ask, LOL! I promise to share but I have to figure it out first . The quilt is soooo wonderful. All in wooly Flannels, just adorable. But now I must embelish it to make it "fancy/art-sy(Is this even a word? LOL!)" Anway, I'm just claiming it as an adventure, my walk on the Art Quilt Wild Side, hahahaha!~ Stay tuned! B=)

Something Screwy is going on around here....

LOL! No, not that screwy...just a little change. I have changed my comment settings.
I love all your comments, please do continue to let me know what you think and share your funny stories.
OMG! I almost forgot to tell you that I finally figured out why I didn't get my comments ... I fixed that too so now I can email you back. OH, this techie stuff is a journey without any set destination. That's about all I know, LOL!
There are sooo many different ways to cut fabric that it gets confusing. Now some companies like Moda and Marcus & CO, along with Maywood and even Lecien are saving us the trouble of slicing and dicing our own. It's kind of like going to the supermarket and buying the bag of premixed greens instead of buying a bunch of spinach, and then the lettuce.... you get the picture. It's not for everyone, this precut fabric thing. But if you love all the fabrics in a collection this is most certainly the least expensive way to "have it all" . Here are some of my favorites:
Dessert RollA bundle of fabrics in coordinating "neutral" prints (varies by collection) that measure 10.5"x45". Great for borders and backgrounds and you can even use them for straight binding of smaller projects. All my projects are small so these work for me! LOL!
Honey Buns:A bundle of fabrics (the # of strips varies by collection, usually it contains one of each print in the collection), measuring 1.5"x45". There are my new love. If you love little quilts, this is the way to get that MINI look without driving yourself nuts. Stitch them side to side, square them up, add a coordinating print (think Dessert roll here) and and you have a table warmer, woo-hoo!
TurnoversOMG! Now this is freakin genius, LOL! If you really want to spare yourself the cutting grief, get a load of these...well, you might not need a load, just a couple will probably do. These ar little bundles of half square triangles. They contain one print of each in a collection and measure 5.25". When you sew two of them together you will have 5"squares; hello! This is the best thing since sliced bread, LOL! Well, maybe if you've never sliced your finger with a rotary cutter you aren't feeling my joy but trust me, I don't really like to spend too much time doing that "cutting" thing!There are of course, more precut fabrics, but these are the newer cuts. As Martha would say,"Precut Fabric, it's a good thing!" LOL!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gobble Gobble, In Stock!

It's here! Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics. Precut fabrics and my favorite prints (yardage) from the collection have arrived. All priced on sale and ready to move! Did you see them on my slideshow? Hello! I'll have the patterns listed later tonight. First come, first serve so don't procrastinate!

Get them while you can! Woo-Hoo! =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pincushion, Now in Progress!

This morning was filled with work and frustrations but before all the mayhem I was able to work a little on my Pincushion. The fact that I was up before the sun had "nothing" to do with the fact that I moved right along...but you know that saying,"It's like riding a bike?". That's crap! LOL!
Anyway, I'm just keeping my mojo so here's a little progress... Oh, did I mention I am painting two at a time? I'll send the better one. Remember what I said about riding the bike??? This is how to get around that, hahahaha!

Painting a Pincushion...

Life has been too stressful. It has overwhelmed me and run me over like a truck. I have decided that taking out the sewing machine is too stressful right now and I have promises to keep so I am adapting, being creative, working at my own pace and allowing the process to calm me. To that end, I am working on my Pincushion... Don't jump to conclusions. I promise you that I have not fallen off my rocker or slid off the pumpkin. I am painting a pincushion...see??? =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Moving In...

Very slowly! Remember this little corner I showed you? HERE!
Well, this is what it looks like today! The cabinet is chock full of Moda Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Sweet Sixteens (Maywood Flannel cut fabrics) and even a few Fat Quarter Bundles. No, I cannot show you inside, if I open the doors it might not close again, LOL!!!!

I have to upload these goodies but you know, it's just little old me and this is a big job ladies. Please be patient.

As you can see, I'm definitely moving in; corner at a time!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Have A Winner!

This is how it was done. I printed all the entries, 36 pages to be exact. I checked the ones that said they had posted on their blogs (OMG! NO cheaters in our batch...HOORAY!). I circled all those who had a referral and wrote each referral on a seperate piece of paper and tossed those in the hat along with all the credits for posts. THEN, I cut all the posts and WHALA! A basket full of tiny folded papers materialized for a super drawing!Now the drumroll please.... tadaaaaa...

Yes, Jenny of Elefantz (yeah, I know...I misspelled it; I can't help it, I was thinking elephant as in big trunk and the such!) and Stephanie from Stitches by Steph were the lucky winners of the two Wooly kits.

Thank you to all who joined in the fun! Brenda=)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wooly, He Could Be Yours!

Only four days left. Have you posted about the giveaway? Did you tell your buddies to mention you in their comments? I'm very excited to be giving away these two kits. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this little quilt. It is sooo much cuter than the picture will ever depict. I just know the winner will have a great time making it and then treasure it forever...
I wont be making any more of these kits for the shoppe any time soon (my plate is just too full of inventory that needs to be uploaded. Yes ladies, the patterns will all be back soon!) which makes these a real find. I'm psyched. Someone is going to have such a good time! W00-HOO!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post Taumatic Stress Disorder, I have it!

I know I have it, I checked it on Google (as any legitimate hypochondriac would!). Here, read it for yourself. I got this information from (that sounded legtimate enough for me, LOL!)
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a pattern of behavior that develops after a traumatic event. Traumatic events capable of causing post- traumatic stress disorder include kidnapping, natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc). This is the reason that when I went to fill an order and picked up a pattern that was WET, I froze, looked up and felt a chill run down my spine. I ran upstairs, got the phone and called SIX plumbers until I found one that would come "NOW", "Today", "IMMEDIATELY". Not in two hours, not "as soon as we can get someone out there"... no, I would say "I need them now!" "Thank you for your time, I will continue looking". It took twenty minutes of phone time but I found someone who was in my home in twenty minutes and in less than an hour the leak was fixed.
After I scheduled the plumber I got my handy dandy camera and went to document the "disaster". LOOK!
You see that little drop? That is a flood waiting to happen... that is what threw me into total panic mode. It made my skin crawl, my hands go cold and my heart race. That my friends was a pipe no more than ten feet away from THIS:
And that is only a partial view...there is a mirror image on the other side...
I think I dodged the bullet this time; but I know I have PTSD. Wouldn't you? LOL!