Sunday, August 16, 2009

There are sooo many different ways to cut fabric that it gets confusing. Now some companies like Moda and Marcus & CO, along with Maywood and even Lecien are saving us the trouble of slicing and dicing our own. It's kind of like going to the supermarket and buying the bag of premixed greens instead of buying a bunch of spinach, and then the lettuce.... you get the picture. It's not for everyone, this precut fabric thing. But if you love all the fabrics in a collection this is most certainly the least expensive way to "have it all" . Here are some of my favorites:
Dessert RollA bundle of fabrics in coordinating "neutral" prints (varies by collection) that measure 10.5"x45". Great for borders and backgrounds and you can even use them for straight binding of smaller projects. All my projects are small so these work for me! LOL!
Honey Buns:A bundle of fabrics (the # of strips varies by collection, usually it contains one of each print in the collection), measuring 1.5"x45". There are my new love. If you love little quilts, this is the way to get that MINI look without driving yourself nuts. Stitch them side to side, square them up, add a coordinating print (think Dessert roll here) and and you have a table warmer, woo-hoo!
TurnoversOMG! Now this is freakin genius, LOL! If you really want to spare yourself the cutting grief, get a load of these...well, you might not need a load, just a couple will probably do. These ar little bundles of half square triangles. They contain one print of each in a collection and measure 5.25". When you sew two of them together you will have 5"squares; hello! This is the best thing since sliced bread, LOL! Well, maybe if you've never sliced your finger with a rotary cutter you aren't feeling my joy but trust me, I don't really like to spend too much time doing that "cutting" thing!There are of course, more precut fabrics, but these are the newer cuts. As Martha would say,"Precut Fabric, it's a good thing!" LOL!

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