Friday, August 14, 2009

Gobble Gobble, In Stock!

It's here! Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics. Precut fabrics and my favorite prints (yardage) from the collection have arrived. All priced on sale and ready to move! Did you see them on my slideshow? Hello! I'll have the patterns listed later tonight. First come, first serve so don't procrastinate!

Get them while you can! Woo-Hoo! =)


Fiber Babble said...

ohmygosh-ohmygosh Lemme check the budget! I love almost all of Sandy Gervais' stuff - and those darned berries are so ME.

So, a couple of questions: I know charm packs and layer cakes and honey buns. What are turnovers and dessert rolls?

And... in case you didn't know, the berries on walnut & berries on moss are the same thumbnail pic (though they click to the correct colors).

Kaaren said...

They look wonderful, Brenda.

Same question...what is in a dessert roll? Haven't heard that one.

lej619 said...

(hand in the air wavying) I know!! I know!!
the turnovers are the pre-cut triangles and the dessert rolls are like the jelly-rolls, only they are cut 1.5" x 40" instead of 2.5" x 40". They are soooo cute!! I have not purchased any yet-- planing on changing that soon though. I like our idea of using them on miniatures. Which I just love to do.