Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Favorite Snowmen Are Made Of Wool

As you may or may not know, I am not snow's biggest fan. I appreciate the need for snow and understand that my garden has a crush on it but I personally, well... not  a fan. 
I prefer warm days and crisp nights as opposed to cold days and freezing nights.  I hear snow is coming and I feel a chill up my spine. I get so stressed, "What if the power goes out? Do I have enough wood? Do I have enough groceries? Are my flashlights where I can find them?"  UGH, There's so much drama in my head, you'd think it was a Tsunami alert. Yeah, I'm bad, LOL
Having confirmed that the pantry is full, that I have a stash of batteries that rivals Home Depot's inventory stock, I can now move on to how I spent the last few nights. I spent them making this cute little snowman pocket.

It's made of wool, lined in flannel, embellished with hand dyed buttons and even has a little painter's blush to complement his embroidery smile. A fast, fun and easy weekend project... or snowstorm nerve calmer.
Hope you're staying warm and crafting up a storm while you wait for Spring. Be well! B=)


LONA said...

What a cute snowman pouch- love it!

Terry said...

Your snowman is adorable! :0)

Me and My Stitches said...

Yep...this woolie snowman is the best! It's been snowing here for 2 days - you would NOT like it!

Susannah said...

Love the little snowman bag! He is so cute and it looks easy to do!

Anonymous said...

No snow here, but a power failure late one night this week had me reaching for my palm size flashlight. Will be gathering some purples and reds to go with the wonderful bkgrnd you sent from Zinnia's Garden line. Am enjoying your first Sat. of the month sew along..from afar. Darling, creative snowman idea.

andsewon said...

Goodness you say snow here and panic ensues! All bread and milk disappears in seconds! hahaha!Your snow fella is a cutie!!

Joyce said...

cute little snowman bag to hold all my little snowballs that need to be it!

Friendship Crossing said...

That is the most adorable snowman Brenda! How cute!!

Wish I lived closer so I could join your sewing circle~I need to get back in the mood to sew again! It keeps 'leaving' me~LOL