Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Belated Winner!

Ok, so I had a serious setback and am way behind in everything... can you say "Unexpected three WEEK visit by MOM?" Hello!
But fear not, she left this morning and I am catching up; one thing at a time. My Halloweenie Giveaway will be a Fall giveaway now and I will surely follow through with my promise to make it a fun surprise.
Now for the winner...drumroll please....
Random.org chose#17,Timestamp: 2008-11-04 06:24:30 UTC
and that would be:everythingquilts
who said... I would like to be enter in the give away. I"ll post a link to the give away. I haven't ever won anything in my life but you never know. I am currently in 2 other giveaways also. They are on my blog if you are interested in them.
Remember that I had extra entries for those that posted on their blogs so she is not the 17th comment but she is the winner according to the post#...JIC anyone needed an explanation. =)

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