Monday, November 5, 2012

Stand Up For What You Believe, VOTE!

In this day and age when there is a rampant sense of entitlement, many women forget that the right to vote was EARNED, not given to us. It was a right we had to fight for. It was less than a hundred years ago, ninety-two to be precise, when women were finally granted the right to vote in all the states of the union. It took a constitutional amendment to give us that right, yet so many squander it. It baffles me when women say they are not going to vote. When they use the "It doesn't matter who is in office, it's all the same" adage.
I just don't get that thinking. 
I cannot understand people, especially women,  who do not value the democratic process enough to get involved. Democracy is what makes this country so great. It gives us a say in how our country is run. It's your "two cents".  Your contribution to the decision making process.  Don't you have an opinion? Don't you KNOW where you stand and what you stand for? I sure do. 
I make it a point to vote in every election. My candidates may not always win, but I know that my voice is heard. I know that I did not stand by the sidelines while others stood up for me. I stood up for myself. I put in my two cents and let my vote be counted among those who had a say in how their country was run.
Tomorrow is election day and I truly hope that you too will stand up for what you believe in and get out there and vote for your candidates. The people who you feel will do right by you, for you. Don't let others talk for you. Don't squander this right that so many women fought so hard to earn...
get out and vote!
And may my candidate win! =)