Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like ....

Black Friday marks the official start of the Holiday Season in my little world. I give myself permission to whip out the decorations and just go nuts. One thing I do every year regardless of how I am going to decorate my home, is buy ornaments. I will never confess to how many I own because like Longaberger baskets, they should never ever be counted, LOL!
So, today being Black Friday and all, I had to do a little shopping and guess what I bought. Oh yeah, I bought myself two new ornaments I had on my "Wish List". I was sooo good. I only bought the two, they were on sale and they had free shipping; I mean really? What more do you need to put those babies in the cart and run for the checkout? HAHAHA. OK, so I could have logged off or closed the tab but it's Black Friday, you just have to stimulate the economy! LOL!
I just love Pottery Barn! I'll post a pic when they come in.
As if on cue, my Crate and Barrel moose ornaments came in on Wednesday.
I shall blame my sister for my little wooden moose obsession. She gifted me a set of these cuties a few years ago and I check for new additions every single year. They don't make them every year so you have to watch for them because they are all different. They're out for that year and then they "retire" and good luck finding them. This year they issued a new set and as soon as I saw them I was on them like bees on honey. Are they adorable or what? This year's theme was Winter Sports so the little guys are snowboarding, ice fishing, skiing and of course, playing ice hockey. Aren't they cute? I love them. I have a few sets, they make my heart happy.

I also have a thing for Mercury Glass ornaments, these are tiny, about 2".

and oh yes, I heart candy canes

Now I shall sit and wait for my new wooden finial ornaments... Oh, it most certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! =)


WoolenSails said...

So you collect moose ornaments or wooden moose ornaments? LOL I need to go through my boxes and clean out the old things I don't use anymore, but don't think I have any moose.


Brenda said...

Neither, I only collect the Crate and Barrel ones. They are a "series" exclusive to Crate and Barrel. I love them. =)

Jessica said...

Those are the cutest moose ornaments. My daughter has a thing for them, I kind of do too!

I love the other ornaments too. Haven't seen the mercury ones before.

Candy canes are a favorite decoration of mine. :)

Lynn Barbadora said...

I've been decorating away for almost a week its beginning to look like Christmas here too! Michelle stopped by today with some paint....she could not believe how much I makes my heart happy too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda!I just saw your birds you sent to Painting tyme Needfuls.I adore them.I was hoping you may have some extras to go around.I love anything with birds.I even have a small collection too.If you have more of these adorable birds please let me would so appreciate your response,becky

Friendship Crossing said...


Those moosie ornaments are adorable! My whole family room is decorated in a lodge/moose/bear theme and that's where we put our tree. I have a few cute moose ornaments, but never knew about the Crate and Barrel ones. thanks for the tip!