Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm such a Techie, NOT!

"Tree Bird, a new kit coming soon to Pumpkin Patch Primitives"
So you know my computer is having a hissy fit and I have no intention on putting any more time, energy or resources ($$$) into it. I decided that I needed to go Mac and I did...almost three weeks ago, thankyouverymuch!
Well, while my new baby sits and waits for me to unpack and learn how to use it, life and business must go on. Today I had to post a pic of a kit I have on the cutting table that I will be listing later tonight and I had a Techie "moment". What if I put the little camera card in the little slot on the computer tower, like Sandy does? HMMM. Will it swallow my card? (OH stop it, you know you have that question too but are too chicken to stand up and say so!)...
Well, I'll have you know that it does not swallow the card, it pops up a window and OMG! Your pics are there. HAHAHA. How amazing is that?! Don't laugh at me! I'm trying to teach you something here!!!
OK, OK...so now that the pic is in the computer (and because the computer refuses to do any work on its own), I found a program online that crops, tags and resizes everything. so you can save the image exactly as you want it. TADAAAA. And it only takes 45 minutes to do one image, LOL!!!
OK, so it's not the fastest way, but I just had to show you... I'm so on my way to becoming a bonafide member of Best Buy's Geek Squad, NOT! HAHAHA.


Sheila said...

Love that new kit!
My daughter has a Mac and she can do anything-keeps telling me I need a new computer, so when my ship comes in it'll be first on my list! She says the same thing as your friend Sue said!
Have fun with your new toy.

Sharon said...

I really like this pattern and the colors you used, this will be a great kit!

Diva Kreszl said...

I am so amazed at your tech skills, I am so far behind!

Linda said...

Brenda, we have missed you in blogland...your narratives are such a hoot! Have been following you on Facebook though.

WoolenSails said...

I love that one. Have been looking through all my patterns and nothing motivates me. That would be perfect for my kids to have a little tree on the wall.


Donna said...

That is SO me! I am SO proud of myself when I figure something out like that. Congratulations!
And thanks for the giggle.