Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Love Handmade Gifts

As I was helping my sister finish trimming her tree before the big day, I spotted this little cutie already tucked in and hanging on it. I had to stop and touch it. It's so soft. It reminded me of the hours I spent making it (along with a few others because it's actually part of a set) that I made for her a few years ago. I remember having to ask my other sister how to make french knots for the eyes and berries because, at the time, I just could not make a knot for the life of me... In the end they all turned out well but it was a labor of love. 
I love gifting handmade. It requires A LOT of forethought, a lot of planning and discipline. You have to be sure your keeping the recipient in mind and you have to hope they'll love it enough not to regift it, and you have to be sure that once you make it you'll let it go. I can't believe that some people actually gift with a disclaimer,  "when you die be sure to leave it to XYZ". It makes me think the person who gifted it is actually "lending it". Either it is gifted, or not. I thought my friend's relative was weird but then someone else told me a similar story so I guess the practice is rampant, LOL. What is up with that? That's crazy!
Anyway, I truly believe that if you gift you need not lay claim to it after the recipient has died. That's just me and my thought on that matter...I always assume my "collections" will end up in a yard sale anyway so I am enjoying them now. 
I hope that next year my life will have settled down enough to make some lovely new treasures to gift at Christmas. I love handmade gifts, don't you???


Sheila said...

Making and receiving home made gifts is much better than a store bought gift any day!
Happy New year Brenda!

Karen said...

I used to make handmades quite awhile back and got away from it - that's one of my goals for the new year - to get back to that - and your right you've got to plan ahead which is why it fell by the wayside awhile back lol.
Happy New Year - Karen

Grandma Ellen said...

For about 30 years I made a variety of handmade ornaments to give to family. When I saw a small tree my sister-in-law had decorated with all the ornaments I had made, I was very happy & rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Brenda...Here I had visions of you freezing and without power at home! Happy New Year......

marie said...

I love to receive handmade, but don't always have the time to make for everyone. Hope to see you blog more often in the new year.