Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Rotary Cutter Holder?

Yesterday I made up a really cute kit for one of my U.K. customers, Primitive Pieces by Lynda's Rotary Cutter Holder. Well, after making one for her I was all psyched up and thought, "What the heck! Let me make one for me too! LOL!" hey, I was already way past my elbows in wool so why not, eh? It was such a fun project to make, I just couldn't put it down and get to bed until I had it finished. I made it a few inches longer and wider than the pattern called for because my RC is an Olfa and it has the 60mm blades. Only after I had it finished and ready to use did I realize that even with the extra wool it was still too small for my cutter...I'm so bummed! Oh, I even added a hanging loop ... it's so cute!
Now I have to make one the right size for my cutter.


Nancy said...

Hey, MY RC will fit in can send it to ME!!! LOL

I am a sucker for anything with a house on it.... Love it...

Vanessa said...

This is gorgeous, what a shame your RC wouldn't fit. But a good excuse to make another one!