Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekend Wonder, Done!

Well, if you are on my Quilt Shoppe's Mailing list you recognize this cutie. It is this weekend's Weekend Wonder, Buttermilk Basin's Autumn Bag, done! I send out weekly project suggestions and make up kits for projects that can be completed in a weekend. This week's project was this awesome woolly bag.
It measures 8"x 18", a full inch less on both sides than the pattern but I thought the pattern was too long and too wide for "my spot", so sue me! I lined it with the same homespun fabric I used for the back to cover up my stitches (not that anyone would see them inside the bag, but I had the time so why not?) I started and finished her in a day, between chores and she was on display by Monday. Proving once again, that this bag is indeed a Weekend Wonder! TADA!
I always feel so accomplished whenever I finish something, no matter how small or how simple. And I really needed to feel like I accomplished something this weekend, so while I was making up the kits for my customers I made one for myself. I just love the way it turned out. I even painted the rusty wire so it wouldn't get the rust on my wool, fancy- eh? LOL! Now I have to go to AC Moore to get some fake Bittersweet to fill it. The natura Bitterweet I collected last year was everywhere. The berries kept falling off as they were drying...what a mess! I think I should have sprayed them or something....but anyway, this year it's plastic or bust! I'm shameless, what can I say!?Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


trash said...

That is so pretty - truly you are a talent :-)

calicodaisy said...

Hi! I'm reading through your blog. The design here on this post looks like this embroidery design I have here: -- Michele