Saturday, September 6, 2008

Homeschool, Now in Progress!

Yep, it's that time again and Homeschool is now officially underway!
With a new school year come new books and after seeing GP struggle with the new curriculum I thought it was time for a more "student friendly" dictionary. The regular dictionaries have small print and much text and to an autistic child that can become overwhelming (he had to look up so many new words this week his little hands did more flapping than writing! Oh, he does this little flapping and hand-scrunching "thing" when he gets stressed out, and Boy! was he stressed out!). Well, we can't have any stress around here...homeschool is for learning not for off we went to our favorite non fabric store; oh, I meant MY favorite non fabric store, it's GP's favorite non electronics store, LOL!
Well, I found one awesome dictionary, two thesaurus' and two misc.
"must have" grammar books...BUT, that's not all I found, hello!
Look what I found!
Well, as if that didn't break the bank (why, oh why, are these Australian magazines SOOOO expensive?)....I came across these!
which brings my sept reading list to something close to this:


Marie said...

Oh Brenda your sweet young man is lucky to have you for a mom! Love your new reading materal!! . I want to subscribe to the Aust. Mags. too but golly I would break the bank for sure Thanks for all your great thoughts along the way. Blessings, Marie

Jess said...

I've seen the mags at the store... I’ve been so tempted!!! But they always seem to sneak in some delicious recipe, that I try to avoid... so I've resolved to boycotting them all together :o) can’t wait to come over to look at them in the comfort of your leather couch!! Miss ya!!