Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Chain Letter By Any Other Name...

Is STILL a chain letter, LOL!
So I receive this letter from a fellow quilter who was in a swap I had a while back and I think,"That's strange" but I leave it in the mail pile with all my other mail to be opened. Today I remember the letter and go pull it from the stash and what do I find? A Chain letter, wait, it's called a Purple Charm Quilt letter. Don't laugh at me! LOL! Man, I cannot believe my luck. And, Joanna will get a kick out of this one... it's a PURPLE charm chain letter. Can you guess what my least favorite color is? YEP! Purple, hahahaha! But, always the pleaser I dutifully pulled my purple fats and cut up the required squares and watch out there are FOUR "LUCKY" ladies who will be receiving them in the mail. LOL!
Why you ask? Because someone thought that I would enjoy this, because someone took the time to look for my address and send me two little pieces of fabric that she thought I would like. Because when someone thinks of you, it's a good thing! Because I would hate to be the one that breaks the chain and then someone's quilt is one block short because I was a party-pooper, that's why! So I had a good laugh, cut the charms and if there are no partypoopers on the list, everyone will have a crapload of purple to make a quilt! LOL! I don't know what will happen if I don't make the quilt but I think I will make it (if I receive more blocks) just because I have had such a good time laughing at myself. Thanks Buddy for thinking of me, your letter made me laugh today. A good laugh is priceless! B=)
OOps, mine are the two blocks on the right, the two on the left came in the letter, so my "quilt" has four blocks...four PURPLE blocks, so far. hahaha!
And I have to PIECE IT??? What is my least favorite part of quilting? The piecing! Let the laughing continue! LOL!


Gene Black said...

I wish I could piece for you and you could quilt for me in exchange. I Love the piecing part best of all.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I got a kick out of your story about the Bernina "to hem your husband's pants", in your profile. The rest is history, indeed! : )

strawberrycream39 said...

LOL! I'm not a fan of purple either! I know it will turn out beautiful if you're working on it, though!

lej619 said...

I also got the letter.
and am going to try it.

Carrie P. said...

I am surprised this is the first time you have gotten this "purple letter" I have gotten it 6 times so far over the years.

Unknown said...

I just received two of this same chain letter from ladies in my quilt guild!...thought I would research a little and see if it had made its mark online as well. Cheers and hope you get enough fabric for a quilt. Purple is my favorite color at least!
-Boulder, CO