Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shall we do this???

OMG! I feel so bad...
OK, so we'll wait until NOON and THEN, that's it!
GP will draw a new winner.
Let the countdown begin!
Barbara, where are you???? Hellloooooo???


Lynn Barbadora said...

Pick me:)
Have a great day!!!! LOL

lej619 said...

no pick me!! hehehe

Marie said...

Oh please pick me too . We are too bad are we not Brenda??
Hugs, Marie

Strlady said...

Okay, it's past noon!! I want a new winner!! Maybe me?

You shouldn't feel bad. You explained the rules and you have been more than generous by giving Barbara a few days to claim her prize. I suggest that for the giveaway, you throw into the drawing only those that have name and email on the comment. This means that when you draw the winner you will always have contact info for sure. It makes it fair for everyone that left the contact info and saves you the guilt. Just an idea. Love ya!!
The heartless sister :)

trash said...

The time difference has me thrown. Is it past midday yet? Is it me?

WoolenSails said...

LOl, we are all waiting anxiously.
Will she or won't she?

Once I entered a contest and forgot to bookmark it and have no idea what site it was, so if I won, I lost out on that one;)