Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pumpkin Spice Fabrics Have Arrived!

No need to get too excited though, after the day at Funtown I was just barely able to drag them in.
So here's how it went down, I am pulling in at exactly 7:09PM (I was meaning to break my own record of 1:49 min to Maine and I made it back in 1:40 min, thankyouverymuch. Must have been the two Red Bulls at the rest stop, LOL! GP was snoring all the way home. More on that tomorrow, after I recover! Anyway, I pull in and see this stack of boxes and my heart goes "WEE!" and then my brain says,"Crap!" As if I can lift those things after 6 straight hours on my feet in scorching sun and four hours of driving, hello! Don't most folks work just eight hours? And I still have to wash the swimsuits and towels. Where's Zoila when I need her? (Do you watch Flipping out? HAHAHA!) Anyway, I managed to drag these babies in but trust me I am not touching them tonight.
I'll start filling the orders tomorrow, tonight I have a date with Mr Tylenol PM! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Can't blame you one bit for lack of energy this evening...get a fresh start in the morning! How fun!!

Karen said...

I hope your visit to funtown was lots of fun! I can't wait to see the new Pumpkins and Spice Collection.

Joanna said...

Yes I watch Flipping Out and I knew who Zoila was as soon as you said it! lol!! I love that show - it is so wonderfully dysfunctional!