Thursday, September 3, 2009

Funtown USA, Here We Come!

I promised my Prince that I would take him to this Amusement Park, Funtown USA. It's in Saco, MAINE!
As with every single field trip I plan, I wonder, "WHY?"

Well, I'm still trying to figure that one out but the day has come to bite the bullet and take that walk on the wild side. He is sooo excited, and I am sooo nervous...

Please say a little prayer for us. I need all the backup I can get! It's a long way from home and I'm going all alone with GP.

It's so scary! New places... I really don't like taking him to new places. I don't know where the nearest exits are, what measures are in place for Special Needs Children. How loud it is (his sensory system could go nto hyperdrive if its too loud), how smelly it is (if there are food carts the smell will make him irritable), will they have food that he will eat or will we have to exit the park to find him food and come back to find all the handicap spots taken (which will mean immediate meltdown...). It's all uncertain. I need some St. John's Wort, and some prayers! HELP!


Unknown said...

Prayers are with you - finger crossed to hoping that it's going to go really well!!! and you're going to have a BLAST!

trash said...

WOW! That is a really big trip. You will both have a fabulous time and have great fun and make lots of lovely memories to share forever.