Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I Want To Be The Next Micheal Jackson!"

My heart dances with joy every time I hear my Prince sing. Words fail me as I try to explain how my world goes silent and I can hear him as the sole sound in an otherwise noisy room. I can hear him from two rooms away; I can hear him in the shower even if the dishwasher and the washing machine are both running in the room that separates the office and the bathroom. The sound of his voice in song is just my absolute favorite music.
I suppose the years of silence have everything to do with this feeling of unabashed giddiness that overcomes me when I hear him singing. It seems like yesterday that he was "silent", yet today he is a songbird. A new phase that is THE funniest we've ever been through.The other day he gets in the car and as we are driving along, rushing around, running errands, he turns to me and says, (as if this were the most natural thing in the world), "I want to be the next Micheal Jackson!" Just like that...OMG! I could not stop laughing! I said, "You want to be LIKE Micheal Jackson?". And he replies, "No, I want to be the NEXT Micheal Jackson". LOL! Now we are both laughing and I ask him what his favorite Micheal Jackson song is, and he says, "Beat it!". But it was the way he said it that was funny; as in, "Isn't that everyone's favorite?" To this I say ...HMMM...I don't know that one. What does it sound like?" and yes~! GP burst out in song and sings, "Beat it, Beat it, Beat it, Beat it!" OMG! It was soooo funny! After that I just agreed, "I think that's a great idea!". I think they even look alike, don't you think? LOL!


trash said...

the role is empty now so someone has to step up. Go GP! I'll buy tickets to his concert.

WoolenSails said...

Too funny, but he really doesn't want to be just like him, the poor boy was messed up, but he sure could sing.


Anonymous said...

Go for it GP!! I will buy your album!