Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving On!

When I tell people that I am still dealing with the Flood issues I feel as if it no one really understands how this crap that happend way back in APRIL, could possibly be dragging on into September! Well , it just's like a recurring nightmare! But today this happened: Yes, the Pod that was housing what little could be salvaged from the flood was hauled away. I am sooo grateful not to have that reminder staring at me every time I look out the window. It looks small in the picture but trust me, that thing was huge. The truck is humungus so the Pod looks tiny but that was no tiny container! I am so ready to put this behind me. Just some insurance forms to fill and then I am moving on. I am so ready! =)


Strlady said...

Yeah!!! Doing a little happy dance in TX for you!

Jess said...

THANK GOODNESS! I can’t believe that's taken this long to deal with! Not sure how sane I would be!! Way to hang in there!

Karen said...

Horray!! Good-bye and good riddance! Hopefully you won't ever have to deal with this again. :0)