Friday, September 4, 2009

It's like Christmas!

The Tylenol and Red Bull have kicked in an I am unpacking the boxes. It turns out that I had other boxes of stuff mixed in with the fabrics. OMG! Who knew I had ordered so much cool stuff!?
I love cotton ribbon but it is so hard to find. I swear the shoppe owners hoard them as soon as they are release. It seems as if every time I come across them and want to order some I get the same message:
"This items is out of stock! " It's January and the Fall ribbon is sold out? Hello!? Anyway, I did manage to score some Xmas ribbons and they are gorgeous! The colors in the pic are off, it is like a rust homespun color. it looks bright red on my monitor, maybe yours looks different. In reality it does look like a piece of red homespun that has been bleached out by the sun. It's gorgeous!
Just had to share my excitement. Now why the heck did I order just four? HMMM. Another one of life's mysteries, LOL! Well, it's back to work... I have some great quilting related wood signs too. AGHHHH. I can't wait to load those too.

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WoolenSails said...

Lots of new goodies in stock. I did get the new whimsicals book from the spring market, so hopefully I will have time to make some of the fun pieces.