Monday, September 14, 2009

Driven To Distraction

Have you ever heard the one that begins, "A funny thing happened on the way to..."? Well,I was going to post some fabrics...
I had a plan. I was to fill the orders, make some kits and then post the kits along with the new fabrics that came in last week while I was wrapping up the Pumpkins and Spice backorders.
I filled the orders and cut the kits but somehow, I was caught up in the Buggy Barn- Harvest Moon- Homespun "mesh", and next thing you know...WHAM! I'm making this! LOL!
OMG, how bad is that? I tell you, one minute I was right on track and next thing you know I fell off the wagon, LOL! It was like the kit pattern and the Homespuns were just meant to go together...and I just couldn't help myself.
And the worst part? This took me all day, LOL! I got the Bernina home and the light was out (OK, so how do you stay calm when the machine that was just tuned up, for the "Bargain Basement" price of $85 is taken out of the bag to reveal a damaged cord and a dead lightbulb? HELLO!) and a trip to Home Depot was required... along with an hour of tinkering (let's leave this for a later post) and next thing you know, the posting of the fabrics???? Never happened!
Now it's Monday and I am up at 4am trying to RedBull myself into consciousness so I can get the fabrics uploaded before Homeschool, LOL! Do you think I need professional help? Riddlin? Maybe I should post s sign in front of the cutting table, "FOCUS!" LOL! OK, now I have to go and get those cute homespuns uploaded... lest I be driven to distraction, yet again! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I wondered where the energy comes from! Can't the machine go back? Side tracked was good...because look at that block! LOL

Quilts and Cats said...

Don't feel bad, my Bernina shop charges $105 for a basic tuneup. And I must add...Thank goodness for Red Bull!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun "House!"