Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If you have never suffered the Winter Blues or been clinically depressed you just would not understand how hard this is to believe sometimes. When the days turn into weeks and you have not seen the sun's bright shiny light you start to feel helpless and hopeless. Every single little problem gets blown up and seems insurmountable. Really. It's hard to explain and even harder to think that a rational person who otherwise seems perfectly happy and content, would feel absolute despair because of the weather, but it's true. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and although it can be treated (Change all your light bulbs, buy a sunlamp!), it cannot be cured.
I read a story yesterday about a young girl who committed suicide and no one knows why. "She seemed happy, she was a happy girl" ,stuck with me all day and I thought of her and how no one will ever know what happened, and how every Winter for as long as I can remember I think and have to consciously remind myself that "The sun will come out tomorrow"... and how God knows when you have had enough and if only you hang in there, just one more day, just one more does. My heart breaks for those parents and for that girl who was too young to know you just have to hang in there ... the sun WILL come out, and you WILL survive this (whatever this is!)
Today it's sunny in NH, the calm before the storm. If you are feeling tired and blue, sit outside in the sun for a little while. I will be stepping out into the cold to recharge my soul with hope and will count my blessings that someone told me, a long time ago, that "the sun will come out tomorrow", and it was true. I look out my window and it's there, proof that there is a God and he knows when I've had enough. I feel blessed. =)
Hope your day is filled with sunshine, but if it's not, remember... the sun will come out tomorrow.


WoolenSails said...

I have had those days, when it rains non stop, we do need sunshine. I try to get out a few times a week, so I don't go stir crazy.


carla said...

I am one who always has to remember and it can be such a long winter.... but Spring will come and it will be wonderful...I can almost see the fresh colors when I think about it and feel the warmth...hugs

Anna said...

How timely your post is, DH and I were just talking about that very thing this morning. January is a challenging month around here, but today the sun is out and I am taking Enzo (dog) for a long walk in the crisp air, took by Vit. D and will the spend the rest of the day chillin in my quilt room! As DH says...a permanant solution to a temporary problem.


Barb said...

What a sweet post....and just when you are about to give in....the sun appears and life is good.

andsewon said...

What a loving and touching post Brenda. Yes in my world the sun can fade at times too but I do hold on cause "the sun will come out tomorrow"!

Sheila said...

I'm right there with you Brenda. We changed out all our light bulbs to "daylights" awhile back. They do help. My hub suffers from SAD, thankfully not as bad as others. He worked in WA state a few years ago and had a very difficult time-just not enough sun. We've been having a few dreary days here in Idaho, today being one of them. UGH! Usually we have lots of bright sunshine.
My heart aches for this young gal. I think this happens more often than we realize.

Jenny said...

I wish I could send you some of our sunshine here in Arizona Miss Brenda.

I'd be happy to send you a box of lemons if that would help. Don't remember if Vitamin C helps with SAD or with scurvy, but either way they're mighty pretty!

E-mail me your snail mail addy if you want some!

Hugs and Happy Thursday,

carol fun said...

I know what you mean - I can take the cold if the sun is shining. It just makes you feel more energetic and hopeful, doesn't it? And we all need hope - hope that Spring is just around the corner - LOL - its Ohio, its January and I'm on my way out to shovel snow for the
2nd time today - but I still have hope for a better or at least less snowy tomorrow!

Cath's Pennies Designs said...

Hi Brenda,
Indeed these winter months are dreary especially for those who suffer from seasonal disorder. I have a very close someone who suffers at this time every year. The lamp doesn't really work for her, but we give her lots and lots of support and hugs and help to get her through it.
It's tough, I know.
Hang in there. We in blogland love you!

Sharon said...

January has always been the LONGEST month for me...and yes, it is even harder for anyone who suffers from clinical or seasonal depression. Sometimes I just have to take a long nap, tell myself that tomorrow will be a better day...and yes, God will take care of us!

Lynn Barbadora said...

So sad about that young girl....and what a wonderful message you have shared....thank you girl friend...REMEMBER..If you always face the sun then the shadows will fall behind you:)

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

And once again you show what a wonderful woman you are......thank you for putting a smile on my face. I really needed it this week.

Love you

Jenny said...

I heart you.

You are really a lovely person.

libbyquilter said...

i know i'm a bit slow but i've just seen/read your post and had to tell you that i DO understand.
i suffer from depression and in the winter months it's worse.
i'm thankful for my art. even on the days when i have to force myself to dig into it i'm happier because i did.

the good news: we're now sailing into february and the groundhog has apparently predicted an early spring this year . . .


Karen said...

I know exactly what you mean. I suffer with this also. The sun is shining here in IN today, and I'm loving it!