Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now Why The Heck Didn't I Think Of That?

Ever have one of those moments? I have them often but rarely when it comes to GP because I swear, I never stop thinking of ways to improve his quality of life. I try to always stay one step ahead of the challenges he will face when doing one thing or another but when I saw this video I had one of those moments.
I know many of you have children with Special Needs and I hope this will help someone who is just now reaching this crossroad. I have been there, done that; and I remember how sad I was when I gave away his first bicycle, then his second and lastly when I told Gino if he bought him a new bike I would lay it out in the middle of the road.... denial is a terrible thing.
I also remember the joy in my son's eyes when he finally, at the age of fourteen, got on a tricycle and zoomed through a store where there was an adult size tricycle on display. It took him five minutes to figure out how to go in a straight line but not once did he fall off. It was amazing. He did not want the tricycle that day, but every time we go to that store he looks for it and rides it and I am confident that one day he will muster the courage to take it home, knowing he will not fail., as he did so many times when he tried to ride a bike (he doesn't even want to try those,, and I will NEVER ask him to). I wait patiently, for that day that he will want to bring that tricycle home because although I did not think to remove the pedals from his stupid bicycles (I'm not bitter, do I sound bitter?), I did think that a tricycle would put the wind in his hair and a smile on his face... and it did.
Now it's just a matter of time before he decides the isles are not long enough ,
I can't wait! =)


Lynn Barbadora said...

I know GP will ALWAYS have a SMILE on his face with you as his Mom.....I KNOW the losses you feel as a Mom are felt deeply in that BIG heart of yours each and every day......but I ALSO know that God only gives SPECIAL CHILDREN to a Mom like you.....patience dear friend...as it is only a matter of thyme till you see that SMILE on GP'S face AND the WIND in his hair riding that bike........(((HUGS)))

Sharon said...

What an awesome Mom that GP has been blessed with! and don't you forget it...he is a special young man with a very special mother...hugs!

WoolenSails said...

Have you thought about the adult three wheelers?
Those are really neat and low to the ground, lots of people love them.

I am a clutz on a bike, lol. I ride on paths with lots of room;)


Anna said...

I want one of those tricycles!!! with a basket on the front!!! and a bell!!!!

We could have a tricycle parade!

You are amazing!

Joanna said...

What a great video! I watched the whole thing :) You are a wonderful Mom and GP is indeed lucky, but you are lucky too - GP is awesome:)

Jenny said...

It's so wonderful when people use their special talents of imagination and invention to help others!

Sweet post!

Sheila said...

Brenda, I found this video very interesting and encouraging! I saw a young boy riding a "balance bike" with his family just last year, first I'd ever seen, and my son-in-law said oh yeah, they've been around for some time.
GP is a lucky young man to have such a sweet and caring Mom. We all want our children to excell and he will with you beside him!
Bless you~

honeycreekprims said...

Awesome! Lynn's right--God gives "special" children to mom's like you. What a blessing. You're right--why didn't someone think of this before now? Everyone loves riding bikes.

sonia said...

I enjoyed your blog.
Kisses from Spain.