Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Unexpected Delivery! Harvest Town By Jackie Paton

QUICK! Someone call my Mom and tell her I died a fast and painless death! I died with a smile on my face. You can also tell her I would be happy if she'd have my coffin upholstered in these pumpkin fabrics... LOL!
Oh, and please don't forget to call Gino, GP will be hungry in exactly four hours!
And all this happened before the UPS guy arrived with the Looking Back fabrics!


Strlady said...

So Funny! I was at the RR website and saw that line and thought... "Hmm wonder if Brenda saw these" LOL! Silly Me!

Terry said...

OMG...I love those fabrics!! I must resist...I must resist!!! LOL

Cat Haven Craft House said...

I could forgo spring and summer and jump right into fall for these fabrics!


OH Brenda:
Why do you keep tempting me with all these gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful, ... "gotta-have" fabrics????
Didn't I already tell you that you just simply crashed my paypal account ???? oh well, easy come..easy go... right?/
Drooling over the new fall ones. Hurry and get them out there so I can order... gotta be ready for fall.. but send my some orders for some dolls. I NEED MONEY...

Fabriholic Maurine

Rosa Robichaud said...


I just LOVE matching fabrics and those look AH-DOOR-AH-BULL!!!!

Have fun with these!

If you're anything like me, you'll probably spend a week or two (or perhaps even more), just Ooohing and aaaahing and stroking and admiring the fabrics before even LETTING scissors approach your fabric!


Can't wait to see what will happen to these fabrics! *grinning*


andsewon said...

O.M.G. Okay another order coming as soon as they are up!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Crows! I love fabric with crows!

WoolenSails said...

You crack me up, I can just picture you laying in a pile of all those yummy fabrics;) I am working on some chocolate bunnies, so will see if I can finish them off tonight.


Lynn Barbadora said...

Silly girl..........LOL! Those are gorgeous!

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

Again I are a riot......
Big Smiles
Hey I would like to come to Nashua with Lynn!