Friday, January 16, 2009

Wooly, Almost Done!

OK, so I couldn't ignore the orders, the laundry or the Solar System (yep... that's this week's homeschool subject; it was amazing that GP could see that Challenger was not always an opponent on GameTap, and he actually had a good time watching all the PBS films we picked up at the library. I, on the other hand, felt like a bobble head...but if I didn't sit there, you know what would have happened) and it is important to make sure he doesn't miss all the details so every now and again I would throw in "what did he say?" to make sure GP was still with the program. The things one must do for science. Will he ever use this knowledge? Probably not, but it sure is important to let him know that things weren't always this good! the worksheets were even worse than the movies, but I'll spare you all the might start doing the bobble head thing too! Needless to say, my poor Wooly was finished except for the embroidery, which I couldn't seem to sneak in today. It's still in progress but I will share it, since it might look better before I add my stitchery. Have I mentioned I'm not too good at the embroidery thing? It's a skill I'm still working on, so just be gentle with the comments, after WS's pastry and the first Moon Walk, I'm not too sure I'm feeling like myself this week, LOL!
If it weren't zero degrees I'd take it outside for a really good picture but since the wind chill factor is below zero, you can just imagine how cute it looks, LOL! Sorry...maybe it'll warm up to ten degrees tomorrow and I'll make a quick dash outside to get a better pic. Trust me, the colors on this one are way off...the sheep is actually a mottle caramel color; oops~
Now I have to get to bed. Hope everyone had a great week and that you're already thinking about what you're going to be crafting this weekend. =) OOps, almost forgot to mention that the applique is Wool Felt, then felted wool on top and then flannel for the houses...I even stitched down the teeny-tiny windows. They're so cute!


Anonymous said...

hiya B!! Your sheepie project is turning out so HOT!!
So didn't they recently say Pluto isn't a planet?? I assume you know now because you are an expert on Space and can share your vast knowlege with the quilting world! =) hehehe

Fiber Babble said...

Awwww, how cute is that! It looks like you're doing a stellar job on the stitching so far! (heheh. stellar. *snort*)

wonderwoman said...

aaah, its lovely and so's your stitching.


strawberrycream39 said...

It's beautiful, Brenda! You're doing such nice work. I'm sure your embroidery will be lovely! --Jen

Julie said...

So cute!!