Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the Winner is....

Yes, we have a winner! But first I have to say that if you were here for the drawing you would probably want me to have one every week. GP was so excited! He even decided we should have second and third place winners too so for those there will be something special too...just not a quilt, LOL! You can thank GP for that.
These are the entries waiting for GP to get out of the shower.And then GP draws the winner....drumroll, please~and Trashalou, our non subscriber who always check in on us is the winner!
But the fun doesn't stop there...GP draws two more names that made him LOL in delight....because he knew who they were, no doubt.
Our second place winner was:Joanna! I'm convinced this one came out just to get GP all worked up, LOL!
And then, as if Joanna's name wasn't enough to get him all worked up....
This happened! The highlight of the's T-SANDY!
You just had to be here to enjoy this one.
It was one of those belly laugh moments he has... it was so cute!
"IT'S T-SANDY! YAHOO!"Yeah, TSandy is a subscriber, but not a mystery one so I put her name in the bag ...just in case it was her lucky day, and it was! Woo-Hoo! or as GP would say,"Yahoo!"
Thanks to those who came out of the shadows to say HI...I'll have another drawing soon!

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Joanna said...

WOO HOO!!!!!! Way to go GP!!! I am only too glad to provide some comic relief in your household:) We are having a snow day today - no school. So I think we will bake up a storm, and clean bedrooms. Do you ever have snowdays when you homeschool?! It's one of the mysteries of the universe to!