Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Nashua was hit, yet again, with a snowstorm last night. We were blasted with 10" of snow. If you have never had to shovel that much snow there is no analogy I can think of for you, but trust me, it's NOT good. Because this year one of my "non resolutions"/promises to myself is "to be good to myself", I have hired a person to come and remove the snow from my driveway. Wait, that's not all he does; he also uses a snowblower to clear a path from the driveway to the backyard garden gate for the Oil company to refuel our burner's tank, AND he shovels the backdoor patio so Pepper can do her "business".
After removing the snow from my car and having to do some tricky all wheel maneuvering to get the little Murano out of the driveway without banging into the tree (just barely), I waited like a Danzel in Distress for my Hero to come and rescue me from the big bad snow shovel.... It was getting a little late and I was getting a little worried that the other danzels (AKA the little old ladies in the nursing home he has to plow before coming over to my house) had zapped him of all his powers when who should come plowing into my driveway (and yes, I do mean that literally...)
My new love; Mr. Plow Guy himself!
Oh yes, he packs a hefty piece and he sure knows how to use it! Look at that driveway.... can you hear me sighing? Oh, this was so good for me I just had to share it. I emailed Joanna who asked if I wanted to kiss him... which pretty much summed it up nicely.
Oh, I think even Pepper wanted to kiss him after she inspected her "place of business", LOL!To think a Coach bag used to make me happy....
Oh, how naive I was....LOL!


wonderwoman said...

wow, that makes our weather look lovely!

Strlady said...

Pepper looks sooo cute with her little parka!!

Anonymous said...

Your little doggie is soooo cute! What kind of doggie is she/he?
Good for you with the amazing Plow Guy!! Is he cute too? LOL