Saturday, January 24, 2009

I know it's not Fall!

Arden's pumpkins made my heart happy so I had a little pumpkin quilting party last night. I couldn't help myself! LOL!
I stitched up a Bunch of Pumpkins. This kit flew off the shelf all Fall and when I couldn't see any other color but orange I pulled it from the catalog. I did save one for myself, and made one for my Pumpkin Lovin'
sister Jessy, when she came to visit in October. It is so cute! I'll have to make up some more kits for it this Fall. All the applique pieces are flannel, even the little cart! I have to clean it up a little too. I used pencil for my guide lines... it was way too late to stress about finding the chalk, LOL!
I still have to hand stitch the binding on the top and the bottom along with adding the embroidery to the sign and wheels. But I'll be doing that today, woo-HOO! then I'll have to do the laundry, and all those other chores I love....can you see me rolling me eyes? Again, I just can't help myself. Thinking of chores makes me eyes do that, LOL!
Hope your day is filled with lots of crafting and only a few chores. Have fun!


trash said...

loving those pumpkins - that wonderful magazine got me all inspired and I started an Easter hanging the other day :/)

Susan in SC said...

This is adorable! I just love pumpkins!