Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GP says, "Nashua Schools are closed!"

I just had to share this one... we are having a Severe Winter Weather Alert tonight for the ice storm that is headed our way.
So GP goes to take a shower and as soon as he is in his PJ's he announces he "must check on the snow storm" before he goes to bed. That sounds OK...I'm thinking he is going to look out the window to see if it's started to snow (which it hasn't). But NO! He wanted to "check the news". OK so I tell him to turn on the TV and check channel9 (The only local NH channel that has the weather every couple of minutes.)
Well, wouldn't you know it? GP was checking for school closings. I hear a "YAHOO!" coming from the family room and I go to find out what's happening, and GP announces, "Nashua Schools are closed!" and I just had to laugh... The kid goes to "Home" School in Nashua, so if the "schools" are closed, well... Home School must be closed too! This "Homeschool is just like any other school" business does not always work out as well as parents expect. How do you explain that your school is open, without making it seem like you're getting the short end of the stick by being homeschooled? It can be tricky.
He was just checking to see if he had the day off!
Just one more sign that he's Autistic, not stupid!LOL!
I'll be aiming for half a day of Homeschool tomorrow... wish me luck!


wonderwoman said...

well it seems only fair!


Nancy said...

I am with GP. If ALL Nashua Schools are closed and he attends school in Nashua then his school is closed.

Clever boy!!

Fiber Babble said...

LOL! Absolutely perfect! What does he get to do if there's no school?

Mildred said...

If the government says schools are closed, schools are closed. Besides you will have the day off too.

Julie said...

I am wondering how that went and betting that the half day didn't happen. LOL.

strawberrycream39 said...

GP has a good point! :-) My kids had a snow day too on Wednesday, then a teachers' conference on Friday...enough with the days off already! LOL --Jen

Michelle said...

Our homeschool is open on the days when public schools are closed because of bad weather -- then we take off on sunny days for a field trip to the coast. It works for us, but we also school year round so it all evens out eventually.