Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Work In Progress...

I ran away this weekend to claim some time for myself. Yep, I got in the car and told Gino I was off to the Post Office, which I was , but after the PO I just could not face another morning of Mommy duty so I ran away, LOL!
I'm so bad!
I spent the afternoon window shopping, I went out to dinner (alone) and then I went to the movies to see an R rated film, Up In The Air (George Clooney) ...save your $$$ ladies, it's a dud! The only redeeming quality of this movie is that you get to gawk at GC for a little while. Yep, it was a serious disapointment. Yep, better just skip that one! Go see Avatar!
On Sunday I got up early, ready for some stay at home fun and I made up some kits for Pumpkin Berries' In The Meadow quilt.
The kits are ready but my sample is not. I'm so sad... my embroidery skills suck. No really, they do. LOL! To make matters worse, I decided to ink the letters first so I could see what I was stitching and THEN, I realized I had misspelled meadow. DUH! What a moron! ARGH!>=( I had to use spot remover, scrub with a toothbrush to get the ink out and then toss it in the wash before I could correct my mistake. I was so mad! If I didn't have the kits cut out I would have chucked it and just made something else...
This is what I have done post crisis...nothing! Well, I did write the words (in chalk this time), which only means I can't stitch them on at night because I can't see it, even with my OTT light; I'm blind as a bat! I hope to steal away some time tomorrow to continue the wording. Then it's just the buttons and I'm done.
Yeah, It is quilted and bound...I'm weird like that, LOL! Stay tuned, it's a work in progress. What are YOU working on???


Terry said...

Oh I LOVE this! It's so cute!! My embroidery skills weren't so great back when I started, but they've definitely gotten better the more I do. Don't give up! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, how frustrating! :(
My eyes are not what they used to be. Now when I cross stitch I need magnification and a serious dose of light.
Hang in there, you'll figure something out!

MARCIE said...

That is such a cute snowman piece. So sorry about the mis-spelling. I hope it isn't rude to laugh since you can't hear me.

Barb said...

Glad you got some down time, we need that every once in a while...recharges the battery.

Love your snowman.

Willow Lake Stitches said...

I lOvE it ! I know what you mean about misspelling ! well, at least it wasn't stitched in yet.

What am I working on ? I am trying to finish binding and a cute label on a quilt. . . wish me luck ! It is for a quilt show that is coming up, and I really should have it in the mail tomorrow, and instead here I am blogging !

I had better get to work !

Enjoying your blog,

Beth in ND

WoolenSails said...

Another great pattern, but I do not want to make another snowman now, lol.


Linda said...

This pattern is really adorable! It's nice to know that even when I disagree with a movie critique (I thought Up in the Air was brilliant) we can agree on how fruitful your creative juices run! And the misspelling is just another way to remind us that we're human.

Sheri Howard said...

Very interesting...so great!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Brenda,
What am I working on...nothing. I could use the heat as an excuse, but it more indecisiveness. I am getting quite irritated with myself LOL
Though I have caught up on my blog reading and emails (well almost). Does that count :D ActuallY I've mainly been drooling over Rosalie's Quinlins new BOM. She has a giveaway of it if you are interested.
BTW, the snowman is very cute.
I'm glad you allowed yourself "ME" time, sorry about the movie though.

trash said...

Loving that you just up and ran away. Yay you!

Am also loving that snowman. I think this year might just be the one I actually do more than just admire your gorgeous kits from afar.

Unknown said...

Good on you for running away for a little bit .... might try it it sounds like fun !

Kaaren said...

"Me" time is important, Brenda...if even just to recharge our batteries. I feel like I might need one pretty soon as well.

When I first started stitching it sucked too but I persisted. Don't give up. It's very relaxing and I usually do it in the evenings because I just can't watch tv with idle hands.

I'm working on my Narch and April FFF's (First Friday Freebies), a string quilt for which I'm in the process of cutting a gazillion strips of different sizes and getting ready to start the first block of the Civil War Bride Quilt.


Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Your "run away" day sounds so nice! I think I may need one of those soon too.
Love your snowman! You should have just left the spelling that way and said, "I meant to do that, my snowman can't spell very well yet he is just a little guy." hahaha

Strlady said...

You can do it!! You already fixed the spelling, just a few more stitches and you are done!!
Thanks for the heads up on the Clooney film. I was actually thinking about going to see it but his movies have all been a bomb for me lately. I have no idea what he's thinking. Honestly.
What have I been working on?
My Schnibbles for January.
Almost done with the tiny flying geese. Then, it will be off to put the pieces together.
I'm thinking I might finish it over the weekend at the retreat. Decided to make it using Moda's Astor Manor line (the one I showed you at Cabbage Rose). It won't be as Valentine'ish as I hoped but I'll be able to get that fabric out of my system!

Jessica said...

We all need some ME time now and then! I just adore your snowman piece. Absolutely adore it!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hey Brenda!

Not sure if you read my blog on a regular basis, but I thought you might enjoy my lastest blog:



Hope you don't mind that I quoted you... LOL


Searchfamilies said...

Oh how lovely it really nice well done
Hugs Janice

Maggey and Jim said...

I know what you mean bout the embroidery skills. I have been working on mine and they still look the same,, I am just not good with hand sewing but Mr. Couple is really good. Love the pattern with the snowman,, cute, cute.. We all need that steal-away-time..