Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoppe Talk!

Thought that if I were to post about anything this week it would have to be the reality that is my life and that is all about playing Catch-up. This weekend was about making kits and adjusting to the new schedule, my body does not like this daytime schedule! LOL!
On Saturday I received all these wonderful skeins of Hand Dyed Embroidery Floss from The Gentle Art...these are just some of the ones that came in, the Limited Edition ones. They release these in one batch, when they sell out, that's it. No reorders, they are discontinued. Needless to say, when they release new colors I'm all over them, hee-hee. They are so perfect for for those of us who love working with handyed wools, doing punchneedle and just plain ol' embroidery gets kicked up a notch with these guys. I just love them.
Now tomorrow I have to take the daylight pictures and post them. They are all set to go live as soon as I add the pics. WHEW! That took a while, and yep, that was what I did today after Homeschool! Hope your day was fun too.


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I am searching your picture for the perfect color, how to choose just a few. Thanks for sharing the preview.

Julie said...

Brenda, these look yummy!
BTW, I received my book. I love the little extra you put in! Thanks so much.